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Advantagescan soothe the heart and mind

Disadvantagesno negative values and you will not regret

Danau Toba or Toba Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, especially in Medan, North Sumatra. Danau Toba is the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia, even in the Southeast Asia. Which make it more special is taken from the Samosir Island

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“Book of Life”

published 29/04/2017

Advantageshumans and animals were created not to hurt each other

DisadvantagesThere is no negative value from the article

In the story, which starts with the obligatory cute prologue about an precocious boy, the family decides to move from India to Canada, bringing many of the animals with them. When the freighter carrying the family hits a storm, the stage is set for the ma

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“NCIS Season One”

published 29/04/2017

Advantagesa good series

Disadvantagesno back story throughout

NCIS Season 1 Price: £6.99 Released: 2003 Certificate: 15 My parents watched this religiously as I grew up alongside CSI, I on the other hand was too obsessed with the soaps at that time but now I have now packed all my dvds in boxes ready to move hous

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