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AdvantagesMilder than alcohol-based, little other choice, effective

DisadvantagesLittle competition, aroma

I neglected going to the dentist for years. It all caught up with me, eventually, of course. On the down side, it cost me a small fortune. It had its compensations, though. Two root canal fillings gave me a useful insight into pain, and gave a strong inc

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“Schleich Apatosaurus”

published 23/08/2017

AdvantagesHigh quality, detailed, scaled version, lifelike.


== First impressions == My nephew has a lot of toys, but he also has various collections of things, brought on more by family than perhaps his own desire. One thing he ‘likes’ to collect are the Schleich figures, and his collection consists of a few exti

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AdvantagesPiloting stages are fun

DisadvantagesThird Person stages are bland, Racing stage awful

While in this day and age Star Wars is a brand you’ll find with an overwhelming presence in literally every field, with everything from stationary to foodstuffs available bearing the visage of one of the series’ recognisable faces, there was a point in th

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Alphabet Challenge

From 08.16.2017 to 08.28.2017

The Alphabet Challenge focused on "Beauty" is over! Let's start with a new letter!
For the next two weeks, you can write three reviews on products for which the first letter is drawn in the
following video. The selected category is "Games"! The last reviews will be accepted on August 27th at 00h00. Don't forget to send your reviews to validate your participation at the Ciao Support mailbox!
Congratulations to the member beautybuff, winner of the last alphabet challenge. £7 for her!
Are you ready? Go!
Good luck Ciaoers! Your Ciao team.

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