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AdvantagesGood Camera, Faster Processor

DisadvantagesSame features, lacks innovation, poor Battery

Its been now 6 months that I have been using the Iphone7. I used to have a IPhone 6s Plus and decided to go for IPhone 7 as 6sPlus was bit bulky for a single hand use. However migrating to iPhone 7 was clearly a bad idea as the phone is a bit too small fo

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“A great piece of work”

published 23/04/2017

AdvantagesEqually useful for lawyers and students


The City law School has introduced this masterpiece. It has filled the vacuum of a nice illustrated book in the field of criminal litigation. it was always difficult for a new graduate to be a part and parcel of the lawyers community quickly. But , this

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AdvantagesStudents have a lot of exposure, High profiled staff, teachers are always cooperative.


Leicester University is indeed one of the leading learning institution in England. It has maintained its standard for decades. Renowned for its facilities worldwide. I think, one would always be proud to be here. It is research based university and payi

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Alphabet Challenge

From 04.10.2017 to 04.24.2017

Ciao Café Current Issue

From 04.13.2017 to 04.27.2017

We are in full Easter holidays but the sun is unfortunately not really there in England! Despite the bad weather, during this time, we plan to do a number of outdoors activities to enjoy the good weather (when there is!) or indoors to share moments with family and friends… With the arrival of Easter Sunday, chocolate and sweets will delight kids (and adults also)! For the next two weeks, share your opinion on the following topic:
Easter Holidays 2017
Your review should answer to the following questions:
1) Are you on vacation or at work?
2) Which activities (with or without kids) did you or do you plan to do?
3) What are you going to do during Easter ? Describe your day.
4) Your general impressions on the Easter holidays
Write your opinion here before midnight on April 26th.
Congratulations to 1st2thebar and antonblack who won the previous debate and win £5 each.
Good luck to all participants!
Your Ciao team.

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