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AdvantagesGood story. Great levels. Mario!

DisadvantagesBad repution given wrongly.

Its an ugly duckling in many peoples opinion but in mine it is a beautiful, elegant swan. The depth of this game is outstanding, right from the start we get a slightly different story to the normal Mario tale. I think that is perhaps why people don't like

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AdvantagesCan help prevent stores accepting fake notes

DisadvantagesShould be used in conjunction with a thorough check

I handle a lot of cash in my job - you'd be surprised how many tradesmen come into the store, make an order in the hundreds of pounds, and pay with notes peeled off a fat wedge in their pocket. I'm definitely in the wrong job. Naturally, we want to make

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AdvantagesIt is a simple, addictive puzzle game

DisadvantagesIt works a lot better as a handheld, not a home game

Whilst better known as the pack-in game for Sega’s under-appreciated handheld the Game Gear, their colourful Tetris clone was actually released a year earlier for their main household console the Megadrive in 1990. I genuinely didn’t know anyone who owned

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