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1001 Mousse for Carpets and Upholstery.It has been a while since I have bought this and I still have the first can that I bought so a little must go a long way!!The original reason I purchased this is because I stupidly fell in love with a cream and black fabric suite for the living room, try ... Read review
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Let 1001 do the hard work for you!

AdvantagesEasy to use.

DisadvantagesThe smell.

"...up a bottle of this 1001 Carpet and Upholstery Mousse in Asda for about £2 - £3 to give it a try. I tested it first on the inside of the pouffe as this was the same material as the sofa and when that was fine and no harm was caused I was happy to try it on the arms of the sofa.I did as directed and at first I didn't think it had made much difference but when it was dry I was pleased that the marks had almost completely vanished, ..." Read review

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Fabulous and effective! Review with images

AdvantagesCheap, works very well, very quick and simple to use


"...shift. I decided to try the 1001 carpet mousse on it, as this was a product I had bought a while ago to remove a stain from the living room rug and been shoved in the back of the cupboard ever since, just waiting for the next carpet cleaning emergency! The product is a mousse foam and is suitable for carpets and upholstery. It says on the back that it is a ‘speedy solution for treating wet spills, stains and for removing dried in dirt.’ It also ..." Read review

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Cleans up those unsightly spillages

Advantagesremoves stains quickly, easy to apply

Disadvantagesstrong smell, bottle may break

"I've had this in my cupboard for emergency use for a couple of years now as I have cream carpets and upholstery - not the most practical of colours admittedly. Since having a baby in the house, I seem to have used this more and more and now feel that I have tested it enough to be able to share my thoughts! I purchased the cleaner for £1.99 in my local The Range store (this was, as I say, some years ago and it seems to be retailing at ..." Read review

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Type Carpet Cleaner
EAN 5032227448261
Manufacturer 1001


Listed on Ciao since 12/05/2010

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