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1001 No Vac Foam Carpet Freshener Summer Flower

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published 07/11/2011 | tasmin_92
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Pro Beautiful smell, takes seconds to use, foam soaks into the carpet in seconds.
Cons You'll love it so much that one can won't last very long.
very helpful
Value for Money
Do you need to use much for each clean?
Irritable to skin?
Longlasting effects?

"Can't get better"

Before I moved into my flat with the boyfriend I hated any kind of cleaning at all. Basically because I knew that if I left it long enough then my mum would get fed up and she would clear up all the mess. Now that I have my own home I spend as much time as possible cleaning it, I actually find it really relaxing. Whenever I'm stressed out about something I'll go and scrub the kitchen or something. I'm also really weird and love the smell of hoovered carpets and get really exited when I find a new cleaning product that I have not used before.

The first thing that you notice when you walk into someone else's home is how it smells. It could be the most beautiful, tidy place you've ever been to but if it smells horrible then you just won't want to stay there. For this reason I really like to get products which will give my home a really nice smell.

I saw the 1001 No Vac Carpet and Upholstery Freshner on sale in Wilkinsons. I'm not sure how much the sale price but I have had a look at a couple of websites and it seems that places like Wilkinsons, Asda, Tesco, ect, sell it within the £2.50 to £3 price bracket so have a look around and see where you can get it cheapest.

As far as I know the product comes in 3 fragrences, these are gentle breeze, spring rain and summer flower. There is also a much stronger version of the carpet freshner specifically designed to mask pet smells. This particular review will be about the summer flower fragranced product as it is the one that I always use.

The product comes in a tall white aerosol can, it is on the Asda website for £2.52 for 300ml and this seems to be at the lower end of the price scale. The lid to the can is a deep blue and this looks like it is joining onto the 1001 blue logo that goes vertically down the top part of the can. The 1001 itself is in yellow writing. Underneath this it has the name of the product, the fact it is a carpet and upholstery freshner and then there is a small round picture of a pink flower, the picture is different dependant on the fragrance you have brought. It then says Summer Flower in pink lettering so that you can identify the smell.

The product promises to eliminate trapped odours without needing to hoover. It claims to "target and destroy tough and lingering odours. Treats everyday smells from pets, tobacco and cooking"

This spray is incredibly easy to use, although the product information says that there is no need to hoover I use this a couple of times a week at the end of my cleaning routine. I hoover through and then spray this lightly over each carpet.

The first time I used it I was shocked and horrified looking at my newly white carpet when it had been brown seconds before, this is because the actual cleaning product is quite a thick white foam, you shake the can and point the nozzle bit at the carpet from a standing up position and then spray it evenly over the whole carpet. The sight of so much white really did worry me and I thought that it might stay like that all day. However, within seconds the foam started to dissapear, it had soaked in completely within about a minute leaving no marks and absolutly no sign that anything had even touched the carpet aside from the fact it was a little damp for about 30 minutes. It may take longer to fully dry if you have one of those really nice, thick, fluffy carpets that I can only dream of owning :)

Once all the foam had properly soaked in I had a sniff, the smell from this is lovely and sometimes I'll use it even when I don't need to clean just because I love the smell. Its subtle and realistic enough that I've had guests who have thought that I had just put flowers out in my home rather than just cleaned up. Its really sweet and floral and just lovely. After I had been sat in the room for about 10 minutes I couldnt really smell it anymore and was really dissapointed. However, a couple of hours later when I got up to go to the toilet and then went back into the room the smell hit me as I opened the door so it did last quite a long time, it was just that by nose got used to it fairly quickly :)

I would definetly agree with the claims that the product does make, I can't say if it helps with pet odours as all I have is a hamster but my partner is a smoker, he only smokes in the office as I don't go in this room very often due to having quite bad asthma. Although he will only do it with the window open the door is always shut so the smoke does not filter into the rest of the flat, this means that the whole room can start to smell quite stale after a couple of days so I'll go in and give the carpet a quick hoover and spray, this removes all traces of cigarette smoke and makes the room smell lovely and fresh again.

Also, as I do have asthma I can sometimes struggle with products like this because some smells or fumes can be quite strong. With this however I can use it with the windows shut and it doesnt affect me at all which is great.

I would definetly recommend this product to anyone who likes a nice smelling home, its fairly cheap but if like me you use it in every room the can won't last more than a couple of weeks, perhaps a month so its something worth stocking up on if you ever come across it on sale. I love this as it makes such a difference to the home but is so quick and simple to use, you literally stand there for a couple of seconds and shoot foam around.

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  • beautybabiex published 08/11/2011
    sounds good
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