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...then I moved in and realised that with a six year old, a dog and other visitors it wasn’t exactly practical! A few months ago my sister brought her house rabbit down to my house because we were all having tea at my house and she thought the rabbit would like to accompany us! He was quite ... Read review
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OTO (1001) Shampoo Cleaner 450ml OTO44825

OTO (1001) Shampoo Cleaner 450ml OTO44825

OTO (1001) Shampoo Cleaner 450ml OTO44825This OTO44825 shampoo cleaner is ideal for ... more

carpets and upholstery. With fibre shield
protection, it wipes out general grime from
household dirt quickly and effectively then forms
a strong invisible shield around...

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1001 Carpet shampoo

AdvantagesDoes the job on small areas

DisadvantagesNone really

"...looked in poundland and spotted 1001 foaming carpet shampoo which was obviously on sale for just a pound and so I thought I would give it a go. The product stands out on the shelves in the shop because it comes in a bright yellow plastic bottle with a dark blue lid. It features a label with the product name and a picture of a hand cleaning an already very clean looking cream carpet (!) and tells us that it is suitable for large areas of carpets and ..." Read review

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1001 Carpet Shampoo

Advantageseasy to use, cleans well


"...rescue clutching a bottle of 1001 carpet shampoo but to be honest I didn't hold out much hope at all.1001 carpet shampoo comes in a very bright yellow plastic bottle so instantly jumps out at you from the supermarket shelves. The bottle is slightly rounded, almost oval shape and has a blue plastic lid. On the front of the bottle there is a large sticker which has the name 1001 up the side along with a picture of a hand cleaning a cream ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


It brought my rug up lovely

AdvantagesIt worked very quickly

DisadvantagesNothing at all

"I have been using some 1001 carpet shampoo for my bedroom rug which spilled half a cup of cold tea on. I was carrying it across the bedroom to take it downstairs when the phone range and I got a fright and spilled the tea. The rug is cream coloured with dark flecks in it so the tea showed up badly against it. My daughter gave me some of this 1001 to clean it up. The bottle costs just £1 and it is a large plastic yellow bottle with a screw off ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Amy69


A miracle product!

Advantagespackaging, works well, price


"...friend recommended I use 1001 shampoo to try and remove it, so I went to find a bottle. I am very impressed with the results, having how used it on the mess I'd made. The bottle is a bright yellow colour so it is easy to catch your eye on the shelf. There are various options - some in spray cans - but I went for the bottle with a blue cap at the top.It says that it is a 'large area cleaner for carpets and upholstery', and this is exactly what I was ..." Read review

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The carpet is actually cream!!

AdvantagesEasy to use, smells nice, gets grime out


"We use to live in a little two bed house that was so small downstairs that the stairs were in the front room and the front door had about a metre gap between it and the front room, the kitchen adjoined the front room and we had an extremely boggy back garden. Add to the lay out of the house the two dogs who liked to run round in circles in the mud and you end up with one very dirty front room carpet especially as it was cream. I tried numerous ..." Read review

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Type Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Freshener
EAN 5032227448254
Manufacturer 1001


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