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10 Famous People I Would Most Like to Meet

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...Napoleon Bonaparte (Politician/Revolutionary) 10.Jesus Christ (Son of God) 1.)Name: (Eric Cantona), Nationality: (French), Date of Birth: (May 24, 1966) I Begin with Eric Cantona or as other Manchester United fans will tell you “Le King”. Eric Cantona is one of my all time heroes, a ... Read review

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Community Level 3Jamie2oo4


What a mixed bunch! Review with images

AdvantagesIn review

DisadvantagesIn review

"...knocked Foreman out and after 10 years he won his title back. Unfortunately Ali was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease in 1982 and has been in slow decline since. Anyone that was that big headed but right has got to be chosen, he was something special and that’s why I have picked him he changed boxing for the better. (Achievments) Olympic Gold Medal (1963) World Heavyweight Champion (1964) World Heavyweight Chamion (1974) 6.) Name: (Michael ..." Read review

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Community Level 3djdarko


Group Hug!! Eww, Hairball.

AdvantagesSome of them are pretty, and some of them are funny

DisadvantagesMost of them are neither

"...response to donnamarie2004’s challenge, my 10 Famous People I Would Most Like To Meet --------------------------- I am famous. That is, the most famous person for yards around, and not that many yards to be truthful. It’s a sure-fire bet that if you go down the end of my street, turn left then straight on until your head crashes into a wall, you’re bound to meet at least four people famous in some way, and in most ways, ..." Read review

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What a swell party this is Review with images

AdvantagesCongenial company

DisadvantagesThey might not think so

"Reviewing The Beggar’s Opera recently put me in mind of this piece. I appreciate that some of the names may have ceased to be ‘famous’ in the sense of being popularly recognised, but they were all justly famous in their day, and any small contribution I can make towards fanning the embers of that fame seems to me to be worthwhile. _______________________________________________________________________________ What a difference a single word ..." Read review

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Community Level 6milleniumz...


Jesus, Hitler, Margaret or plant?

AdvantagesSome superb insight

DisadvantagesNot many people would agree

"...to meet first, and number 10 the least of them. Some may surprise you. Remember that in this review I have the power to go back in time. 1. God. Jesus. Christ. Allah. Prophets. Or any other name a single entity God like being calls himself and people worship. (That is presuming this situation exists and I don’t know, although I personally have no evidence of its/his/her existence). However for the purpose of this exercise I presume it/he/she ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Shanksey


It Depends on Your Definition of Fame I Suppose



"I have met quite a few famous people from the world of Science Fiction. However, these people aren't really famous in the Hello/ OK definition of famous. Saying that, there might still be a few names on the list below that you haven't heard of. I warn you though that the following group of names is a tad eclectic. GREEN DAY Okay, this first one is a bit of a cheat as there are 3 of them in the group, but I'm counting them as one. Singer and ..." Read review

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