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10 Most Annoying Sayings

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published 16/03/2016 | SirJoseph
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Farewell chums... Our reviews will hopefully help consumers unless they take down the site completely... Perhaps one day someone will recognise the hard work we've done and come up with a better way to utilise it than the French ;) ta ta
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More Ciao Cafe subjects means less moolah for me at the end of the month but considering the previous decent Premium Funds i've scooped, I can't really complain. I don't know what it is but I've just grown tired of writing long-winded pieces on Blu-Rays, CDs and video games. It could be the recent disaster which I'm coining 'Draft-Gate' in which Ciao 'updated' their website and simultaneously managed to delete everyones drafts. Ok so I had a 2500 word review lost into oblivion and they got back to me with a measly 600 word version. This is probably the reason for my reluctance to write anything meaningful along with music being exempt from premium fund munnies. So here's a bunch of phrases that always bug me without exception although I was reaching with a few as they aren't all 'sayings' as such but there is a good mix of basic, old ones and current ones creeping into everyday conversations. I fully expect someone to write one of these in the comments section.

#1 Fair Enough. - What a f*cking cop out. Not only is it anti-communicative but if you're in a debate or argument, you've given up and most probably given off an aura of self-importance, reluctance to change, unwillingness to learn from your bone bloody idleness and stubbornness.

#2 Sh*t Happens. - Thanks for captioning my pain with your bullsh*t way of announcing you that you simply don't care. Much like the above, this one seeks to eliminate any talk or thoughts by blurting out an expletive and denial of empathy or any emotion for the human condition.

#3 Women are paid >INSERT ANY PERCENTAGE< less than men. No you are not, that is illegal, here are the facts. The wage gap argument just won't ever seem to die. The truth is that the study conducted to 'prove' these statistics doesn't take things of importance into account - such as hours worked, job type or if they've asked for a raise. Throw in even more variables like different life choices - children - and you can see how ridiculous it is to claim women are paid less. WOMEN EARN LESS, THEY ARE NOT PAID LESS. Go on, link me to a Guardian article by some blogger.

#4 Pinch and a punch, first of the month. - How about I just dropkick your face? My mother was always guilty of this one. She'd deliberately say and do it but the one time I return the favour, it's always 'wrong.' Apparently you can't defend yourself or hit back. You also can't say it in the afternoon. Load of rubbish.

#5 Grow a Pair. Yes, alright, I'll form a second set of testicles and tea bag you. People who work blue often have very little ground to stand on and resort to cheap shots and low blows. I'd say they're better than that (and that is my usual response when hearing it from those I know) but the fact is a lot of people aren't above reducing someone by Freudian insults.

#6 Feminism Means... Yes, yes but the definition seems to change with every one of you wretched hand wringers. When a self professed feminist declares what the definition means (to them) it is usually in self defence, damage control to those around you being swayed by criticism of the agenda.

#7 Just Saying. Well don't just say. Chances are, nobody asked your opinion - that or you are simply wrong, incredibly so. This is the kind of 'don't hurt me' and throwing up of the arms sort of expression after one has shared an unpopular opinion or a straight up awful thing to say.

#8 What a beautiful baby! What a filthy lie. That is a human in its parasitic stage where it screams and gets what it wants whilst looking very fat, dribbles and excretes every 35 seconds. I'm aware I'm in the minority here - I refuse to do 'baby talk' because your child is staring at me with those dimwitted, uncompromising eyes.

#9 Check Your Privilege. Go back to your safe space you douschebag. This one is more of a modern put down used by people who believe themselves to be helpful by pointing out how they or an even more underprivileged class of person, is a victim by some means and you are perpetuating behaviour that worsens this fact. It is nothing more than white guilt and intolerance, taking social justice too far into Orwellian realms best left on Tumblr and the monstrously stupid videos Buzzfeed forces down your throat.

#10 At the end of the Day. The sun sets and you shut the hell up? This is the kind of thing footballers resort to when served up predictable questions from the media. "Urm yeah urm, at the end of the day, it don't matter who scored, urm it's a team game and urm I'm happy for the 3 points. Urm, it's fantastic." - throw in more fantastics if it's not their first language. Is English so very difficult you can't form a coherent way to summarise a situation? Bottom line, the point is, what I'm trying to say...

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  • Dentolux published 25/03/2016
    If companies could get away with paying women less wouldn't all men become unemployed?
  • cr01 published 21/03/2016
  • RICHADA published 17/03/2016
    Oh well, it is what it is I guess. R.
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