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Those unexpected little moments in life

30.06.2002 (01.07.2002)

Great for reading about afterwards

Not so great when it is happening at the time

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Well, I know that these can be a bit boring to read when they haven't actually happened to you, but here goes!!!!


When I was at school myself and two friends liked a particular maths teacher and we helped him and his colleagues out about 3 lunch times a week doing odd jobs. One day we had eaten our lunch there and drank some coffee and we went into the toilets to use the sinks to wash the cups up. One of my friends decided it would be funny to do a great big poo in one of the teachers cups. It was a big sausage shaped one that hung over the edge. One of the teachers came in to see what we were doing and she had to hide the cup down one of the toilet bowls so she didn't see it. We were so close to getting caught.


Again at school. I was in chemistry and this very same maths teacher came through our classroom to get to his office. Out of the blue, he shouted out aloud for the whole class and science office to hear "Hi Angie, thanks for a wonderful night last night, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, can we do it again sometime". He walked away chuckling. I don't know what was worse, the feeling of total embarrasment from me, or the look on my chemistry teachers face. Even the class looked horrified. I had quite a lot of explaining to do. Luckily he believed me that nothing happened and didn't go any further.


Don't know if it was a co-incidence or not, but a few weeks after this incident, one of the tutors in my year (also a science teacher) pulled me to one side and asked me whether I was pregnant. She said that she had heard some rumours and wanted to know if it was true. I am sure that she had heard about the above incident and was fishing - seemed too much of a co-incidence. I was then accompanied to the head of years office and he asked me whether I was on the pill!! I suppose I should have taken offence to it, but I found the whole thing very funny. To think what could have happened if one of the teachers had taken the matter further. We could have been hauled in front of the Headmaster with him thinking that we had slept together. I am actually still in touch with that particular maths teacher today as it happens.


I was in a queue in the bank and I was sort of absently looking around and talking to my boyfriend (now husband). I decided to cuddle up to him (as I continued to talk to him). Something didn't seem right. I looked in front of me and there was my boyfriend. I looked up and I was cuddling up to a rather nice looking and understanding young man (total stranger). I was so embarrased and my boyfriend and this other man thought it was hilarious. To add even more cringeability to it, the zip on my skirt kept coming loose and it came loose in the queue and my button wasn't done up and my skirt fell round my ankles. I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. Hubby often jokes what a hussy he married!!


Again at school. We were having group discussion in tutorial about sex, in particular methods of contraception. My tutor had got hold of a box full of contracpetives and we were passing them round and having a good look at them. I can't quite remember why, but I was asked to take a couple of the diaphragms, caps and condoms to the next class as they wanted to have a look. On my way the fire alarm went off and I hadn't got time to go back, I just had to carry on to the sports field carrying these contraceptives. I got rather a few funny comments out of that one too.


Well they do say school days are the best of your life - they must have been the most embarrasing for me as guess where number 7 happened!!!

I was in forensic science lesson and the teacher had set up three baths with the solutions in that you use for developing your own black and white pictures. Stopbath, something or other and Fixer if I remember rightly. We were developing our own fingerprints and all went well. At the end of the lesson we all had to help tidy up. I grabbed one of the baths to empty down the sink and there was some negative paper floating around in it so I put my hand in to retrieve it. Normally this would have caused no problem at all, but somebody must have put some fixer into it and it caused a chemical reaction and my hand immediately went bright blue and stunk of vinegar. The science teacher was trying all these chemicals to try and get it off, buit wasn't having much luck. I had to dash to my next lesson as I had a maths test (was it is with maths and science). The maths teacher thought it was hilarious. When I had finished I had to go back to the lab where a solution had been prepared to remedy the problem and luckily it worked!!


When I was pregnant with Adam (about 7 months), I went to the dentist for a checkup. Didn't feel like waddling there so I got a bus into town. On getting off the bus I decided that I needed to pee so I went to the nearest loo in the bus station. By this time I was desperate. Found that I needed to go to the information kiosk for the key. I did so and hurried back. Just as I got into the cubicle I just couldn't hold it any more and wet myself. Luckily I was in navy trousers and shirt so it didn't show. I didn't know whether to carry on or go home. I decided to carry on as it wasn't obvious. I got to the dentist and by this time I was sticky, smelly and very damp. I got in the chair and I was sticking to the leather. I was so embarrased that I started to cry (hormones!!). The dentist was so sympathetic, she paid for a taxi home for me bless her. I was so grateful and sent the money to her with a card.


When I was at secondary school (again!!!!) I used to go to youth club. I was 13 years old and had gone to youth club this one night and unbeknowns to me had come on and had leaked blood all over my pale lemon skirt. One older lad came up and told me. He was so kind to me. One of the teachers bought me home in her car as I was upset as a lot of girls were teasing me. I thought that was bad for girls to tease as they could have been in the same situation.

I can't actually think of any others that may be of remotest interest to other people so I shall leave it with the above 7.

Hope this gave you a good laugh!!
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bpg2504 28.02.2005 11:26

7 and 3 must be really embarassing moments. We all have had some embarrasing moments like these. Its good to read about them and laugh but we would not like to be in that spot..

funkydee13 17.02.2005 16:25

The poo in the cup made me laugh !

Sarah_Louise 18.11.2004 23:40

Hehehe! Ahhh yes, school days certainly have some embarassing moments attached to them don't they! I can't even begin to imagine how embarassing the bank incident must've been though!! lol.

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