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10 Most Useless Items

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... 10) GEORGE DUBYA BUSH'S BRAIN AND THE REST OF HIM Useless may not be the most appropriate description for his two brain cells, unused might be more apt. He quite simply has to be the worst American president since either his own father, or Ronald 'B-Movie' Reagan. Basically the ... Read review

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Community Level 6scampi1


Where's the nearest skip?

AdvantagesGets it off my chest


"Whether it's things we've bought ourselves, things we've been given, or useless things in general, life is full of useless things. We've already heard of chocolate fireguards, motorcycle roof racks or solar-powered torches, so here's my spin on the whole topic of uselessness. They're in no particular order, as uselessness would be hard to quantify. Victoria Beckham does not feature in this list, as to call her useless would be detrimental to genuinely ..." Read review

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What's the use?

AdvantagesLilies and Peacocks


"...a circular tarmac layer cake. 10. “The UK Freedom of Information Act. No use for Freedom or for Information.” As observations go, it’s hard to fault this one, but does it accurately characterise the offending piece of legislation as useless? On reflection I think not, believing it to be a useful reminder that we are not as far as we would like to imagine from Orwell’s world of doublethink, newspeak and a Ministry of Truth that deals in spin, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4unixgirl


Why on earth would I use that? Review with images

AdvantagesIf it made it onto the market its made someone money somewhere

DisadvantagesIts money out of someone else's pocket

"I felt compelled to write about this after a recent shopping trip. I spotted a few things that left me kind of like "Huh? Why?". Here's my top ten: 10) A dog umbrella - A what? you might say. This umbrella is about the size of a little girls umbrella and is clear and you clip it on to the dogs collar to keep it dry. Now all the dog lovers/owners out there will be able to tell you no dog is going to keep this thing on (it moves as the dogs walks) ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Shanksey


Can Anyone Tell me The Point?

Advantagessee op

Disadvantagessee op

"...gently by writing a Top 10 list. I've chosen as my subject '10 Most Useless Items'. When I say 10,I actually mean 8. Some of them aren't exactly 'items' per se, but I'm still including them. They aren't in any specific order, so without any further ado........ 8 - Remote Controls on Personal CD Players The whole point of a personal CD player is that you can carry it upon your person. This means that the controls a permanently within reach. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6water-witch


Brazilian wax anyone

AdvantagesNone, as far as I can see!

Disadvantagesthey are useless!

"...a guided tour of my 10 most useless items: 1. WILLY WARMERS I am happy to admit to having attended a few Ann Summers parties in my time. I have never failed to be amazed at the amount of otherwise intelligent women purchasing willy warmers for their partners. Now what are these actually for? They can't possibly have a function! Why would any self respecting man encase his pride and joy in a sheath of itchy wool or slimy ,silky nylon? Especially ..." Read review

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