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I am quite an angry woman although you wouldn't think so. I am very calm and nice and passive most of the time.
These things that make me angry do not ever ruin my days or make me mad to an extent I am upset in myself. They just annoy me, period!
Here they are.

Celebrity obsession.
Come on, why? The majority of celebrities, who are admired by zillions, have never done anything apart from sing a song someone else has written, and looked stereotypically good.
Why does this justify such admiration?
This goes hand in hand with the magazines that follow celebrity lifestyles and help people (maybe this is women only) look the same as said celebrity. Why would I want to look like someone I have never met? Do people not have their own style at all?
It does not just end with clothes. I have seen women's magazines explain to the reader how they can live like a celebrity, even to the point of decorating their house in the same way.
I just do not get it.

Reality TV.
I own a television, but I can assure you it is only ever on because somebody else is watching it.
I never watch it, because I am always working on here, or playing on here!
Big brother and such things are beyond me. Or maybe the opposite. I do not see the entertainment in watching a crowd of folk you do not know. Now I have typed it like that, it seems even more mad! Grr.


Here we go, typical vegetarian. But yes, the shiniest example of this lies with people declaring to be animal lovers, whilst still eating them. I understand I am in a minority by not eating dead animals, but, (and my family are the worst for this) it riles me when someone declares they love animals, and then eats them. Think about it. It's nonsensical beyond belief.
They should perhaps rephrase it, as 'I am a cat lover/dog lover/pet lover'
You are not an animal lover, if you are quite happy to contribute to their torture.
However hypocrisy does not end here for me and it is much more widespread than that example. People seem to use words to justify actions, which does not work with me, at all.

People's attitude towards their creditors.

I am aware we live in an indebted society now, however some arguments I have heard from debtors are unbelievable.
For example, one such person (owing around £7,000) told me 'Yeh but what do you do when your kids need new toys and you have the next catalogue sat there?'
Well, ahem. You buy them toys, with your own money, or at least if you must go with the catalogue, you ****ing pay it back.

I also know of folk to take out credit they have no intention of paying back. Why would anyone want to do that?
And, of people complaining because their creditors have not had their money back on time, thus are contacting them to inform them and/or ask for it. What do you expect?
But people seem to think it's perfectly ok to borrow money and not give it back.
Benefit fraud is another thing that annoys me. So many people do it, and although the DWP are now clamping down and collecting their money back one way or another, I have heard of cases of benefit fraud up to around £50,000. What is wrong with having a work ethic? So many people seem to think the world owes them money, for some reason.
Also following on from that, people who borrow money from me, then act as if I am in the wrong for wanting it back. You know who you are.

The 'Tips' in trashy women's magazines.

Ok so this is a love hate thing. There are always trashy women's magazines in the staff canteen where I work, and the lifestyle tips so crack me up. I feel like writing a book with them.


'Black bin liners with handles make great aprons. Just simply rip the bottom open, and use the handles as sleeves!'

£25 to Mavis for that little gem.

'Save margarine tubs. They make wonderful plant pots'

Right. Bet they look good.

'Instead of throwing away my socks, I use them to put over glasses to make attractive pen pots. Just snip the bottom off!'


'Use an old Siv to put your earrings in. Just snap off the handle, and it will look great on your dressing table'

Sure, use an industrial one for your dressing table chair aswell! Yay!

'If you don't have an expensive shredder, just pop your documents into a pan of boiling water. When cool, scrunch into a ball, and no need to worry about anyone stealing your identity'!

Voila. I am sure I do not want their identity. Shredders are what, £5?!
Just put dog poo on top of them in the bin. That's even cheaper!

'I save cash by always wrapping up presents in ********** (the magazines name) instead of expensive wrapping paper. It adds colour to any gift and my friends couldn't be happier.

Hmm. Just do what I do love and don't wrap them up. Then you'll save even more money by not having t buy magazines.

'If like me, you get your receipts jumbled up in your pockets, a great way to keep them organised is to put them in a photo album. It saves time looking for them'

Riiiiiiighhht. Take it the receipts look better than your family. And you are quite happy to carry a photo album around with you?!

I am getting carried away now aren't I. I am sure you have got the point.


I am one on my own here. But I do not understand them. I spend all my life improving things where I live, and with my friends and family, embracing my place in this world, and enjoying my life and home.
So, I know, let's bugger off somewhere else for a fortnight. Great idea?
I don't understand. What can you do abroad that you can't do here?
I am patriotic though, I love England.
And I hate flying, and hate foreign weather and culture.

I am impractical like this. My mother loves holidaying and I literally have a free holiday on tap, almost whenever I want. She is always wanting to take me. I wish I did like them sometimes!
And don't get me started on those folk who come back from holiday and want to tell you all about it! How a steak is only £1.99 over there you know that! Excellent. If you are thinking about money have you forgotten about the £2000 it cost you to actually get there? You have. Oh ok.

Folks getting my email address from wherever, adding me to msn, in order to ask me things like;-

'Cam with me babe, want to see that sexy body of yours'

You really think I want to show you myself! I have no idea who you are! I am a grown woman, grow up, or type 'Porn' into Google if you want to look at sexy women that actually do it for a living.

'Send me pics. You are sexy'

Please don't tell me you expect me to say 'Sure alright then, ill send you a few. No idea who you are though but why not! I don't mind random men perving over me for free.'

'I am naked, want to see?'

No I ****ing don't! Why would I Want to see a complete strangers privates! Grrr. One guy recently asked me to view his web camera to 'Check if it was working' which I did; he was naked and promptly put his erect member to the camera and began to jiggle it around. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE tell me why I would want to see that?!!?

It annoys me when people pretend to be ill or have things wrong with them....

When they don't! Anyone know people like that? I have a friend who is soooo like thatand it annoys me. I think folk have always pandered to her and her fake illnesses, thus she continues.grr.
Nothing like tempting fate and being ungrateful for your health. She always says she has 'A banging headache and cramping stomach ache. Whilst walking down the street. Surely should you not be in bed honey?!

People who are fat, moan that they are fat, yet eat loads of lard-esque food and never exercise

People who get drunk and talk so much rubbish its unreal, repeating themselves all the time. Where's the freaking off switch.

Automated/programmed household items.

When I go to visit my parents house, everything is ****ing automatic. I will be sat down of an evening, reading my book, and the lamp next to me will go off. Because it is 1030 pm. And woe betide me if I go to turn it back on, my mother gets very frantic because it will upset the whole cycle and she will have to re-programme it!
The washing machine is also automatic. It comes on Monday and Wednesday, at 10am. It wont work any other time, unless it is de-programmed (word?)

The central heating I can just about handle being automatic, but the rest of it is ridiculous!!

The microwave is also a grill and a fryer, and takes a whole load of fannying about before it will work as anything other than it has been programmed for. I am used to flinging something in the microwave if I want it heating. The amount of times I have grilled or fried a cup of coffee at their house is unreal.

There, I will take a breather now. I loved reading everyone elses, so there's mine!

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chocliteclair 25.05.2007 23:16

So much better reading that than watching the cr*p on tv right now! Great review :-)

vampiresthirst 23.05.2007 12:51

Cracking review, have an E

eve6kicksass 25.04.2007 20:36

An outstnading op there...well said...i agree with a lot of these...Chris xxx

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