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10 Things You Couldn't Live Without

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published 19/08/2004 | HotBlonde
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"The Essentials in Life"




Well where do I start? I have read other people's reviews on this subject. And I agree with every single one of them this is hard to write because there are so many things I live for!!! Well I don’t live for but I would find it hard to survive without. They are important to me.

To other people they might not be but, that’s what makes us all so special and different in life...if we were all the same wouldn’t it be boring??

My list is in no particular order as they are all important to me. Have fun reading

* **********Family*******************

Yes it has to be said and I know it always sounds soppy and cheesy. My family are my rock, they have pulled me together so many times in my life already that I don’t know where I’d be now if it wasn’t for there love and devotion. I am an only child so it has been quite lonely growing up. My parents have always been there for a shoulder to cry on and there has been moment’s ive needed that shoulder. They have given me such good advise and stuck by me. In my Education, Relationships and Driving lesson disasters.
Over the years I have made closer contact with my aunties/Uncles and cousins. They have been wonderful too. My dad was in the army for 25 years so we were always posted away or abroad so I never really got to know my family. Only on the occasional trip or holiday.

At present I'm waiting to start my own little family with my son. Who will hopefully arrive into the world in the next couple of weeks (18 days). I hope that we have the same bound as I have with my parents. That he can feel free to come to me with what troubles he has in life. I have to admit though it is totally mad how I have bonded with him already. Think I'm going to be a nightmare in being a very protective mother. WooooooW I’ve gone all emotional on myself now writing that. He just means the world to me. (Anyone who has children will agree with me here)

******** Strawberry Cheesecake*********

I am a total nightmare when it comes down to the desert. I absolutely love Strawberry cheesecake, who ever invented it needs a MBE or something in recognition.

My favourite make is SPAR. Yep not one of these expensive £7 jobs. The one from the spar is only £1.99 and just melts in your mouth. MMmmmmm the base is lovely and crumbles away too. This is what I call a treat on a Saturday night... a whole one to myself. Not that I’m greedy or anything, its too good to share!!! At £1.99 I cant say it is a real expensive treat, but it is however a calorie nightmare. Unfortunately my hips might have suffered over the years..... Then the gym is my new best friend lol
However if im ever feeling blue or had a bad day, this always cheers me up ;-)

I’m always up for trying new makes, restaurants, cafe's and home made cheesecakes. I'll never say no to a slice - Wink or two

*********** L'Oreal Foundation***********

Now this stuff is grand. I suppose I’m quite lucky not to have bad skin and don’t feel I have to wear loads of make-up. Although I do get the occasional shopping bags underneath my eyes. You know the horrible black circles, this need covering up pronto!!! I came across a wonderful Liquid Foundation that does the trick. L'Oreal, Ideal Balance. I use 16 Nude Beige its oil free and lasts up to 8 hours. Smells good too. So I’m confident all day knowing those horrible black circles are not visible to the world.
We all like to look our best after all, so I wouldn’t be able to face the world without this little beauty in my goody bag.

********* GHD Straightners**************

I really can't remember how I coped before I bought a pair of these. They are absolutely amazing!!! I first got introduced to them when I was in the hairdressers (Toni & Guy) getting my haircut. The guy said would you like me to use straighteners or brush? I said yeah crack on; I’ll give em a whirl. I looked in the mirror afterwards and the results were WOW! I had to buy a pair for future styling; they cost me around about £90. I had to justify myself of the price, but they are so worth every penny. They are only used in saloons and are not on retail sale. I had to buy mine in the hairdressers.
You can use them to straighten, make curls or curl the ends in or out. So they are really good for all hair lengths. The added beauty is that they heat up so dame quick and you’re away. Poker straight hair in 10 mins max. I have once or twice burnt my ears though and it hurts. You can use them everyday, but too much can damage your hair unless you have your hair regularly trimmed. I have to admit, where I go they go. That’s how important they are to me.


Since I was little I’ve always wanted to drive. So as soon as I was old enough I was straight in there with driving lessons. I must have spent a small fortune on them as well. I finally passed my test on the 4th time (parents support) and got my first little car - yeehaa FREEDOM!!!!! I was a way with the fairies. 2 Cars later im still loving the freedom a car brings you.
I’ve had my Ménage Coupe now for 2 years and what a little beauty it is. It’s taken me all over the UK. I really owe all my freedom to my parents as if they hadn’t supported me I’d probably had given up on my tests - Thanks xxxx
Not so long ago my car was in the garage for her MOT and I was completely lost without her. How do I get to work?? Shops?? The whole convenience had gone out the window. Oh I hated that day. Missed my car badly. I really don’t know how people get by without one, bus prices are sky-high and don’t take you right to the doorstep you want.

***********Mobile Phone**********

This is a massive part to my life. My Family are always making comments about it too. As my phone is always going Bing Bing Bing. I have so many friends scattered across the world it is the best way to keep in contact with them all. Cyprus, Germany, Bosnia and Iraq. Texting is the best thing, you don’t have the inconvenience of someone ringing @ the wrong time.
My newest phone is the Sharpe GX10, I got this as the girl I work with has it and she's had no problems with it. So I bought one and it is a life saviour, it’s got a camera on it. Great, to catch those special moments. Like when I’m out with my mates, fit blokes and baby pic’s. Send them onwards to other friends.

I'm that addicted to my phone I have been known to take it abroad with me and run up enormous bills. Tenerife £180, Greece £150 and Cyprus £300. The last one was partly my boyfriends fault we missed each other too much we talked every day for 2 weeks. Lucky enough he paid half, which was sweet of him.

**********CoCo Chanel Perfume**********

Now as anyone who has read my Op on Coco Mademoiselle. I love this perfume and highly recommend it to anyone. It smells divine and has a sophisticated aroma. I have the Bath Gel and Perfume. Great for a romantic evening with that special someone. It was bought for me as a present and a worthwhile present. A 100ml bottle is £69 so it is a bit on the expensive side but worth every penny. I have had no complaints yet towards it.

It is a kind of perfume that can be worn by any person, and will give of class. When I wear it I feel sexy, attractive and sensuous. So this is definitely a perfume to wear around my man x


I don’t really like television through the day, as there is nowt decent on. Until around 14.00 I quite like watching Quincy. Love watching murder thrillers, like to try and guess who done the crime.
I also love watching my soaps (typical girlie thing) 18:30 Hollyoaks, 19:00 Emmerdale, 19.30 Coronation Street, 20.00 Eastenders and 21.00 Silent Witness. These are all great programmes to watch. I have no contact with the world when these are on.
There are other programmes / Films I like watching as I've got Sky. We all take our televisions for granted, until you haven’t got one.


I would have to say that music is a massive thing to me. Im always listening to a tune, whistling or humming a tune. Some songs remind me of good times and they also remind me of sad times. Happy times on holiday and romantic ones of ex- boyfriends, which makes me sad for a few mins.
The one good thing about music is that gets you into the party mood before you go out. Once out you and your friends can live the night - dancing.

I would say I don’t really listen to music in my house as much as I used to. I listen to music more while I’m in the car. I love putting on my Wigan Pier CD's having the uplifting tunes pumping out of my car........ freedom!!!! Sorry I forgot myself there. I do also listen to other types of music, quite like the old stuff like the 60's & 70's I always find myself singing along at the top of my voice (probably out of tune lol) I do however listen to music when I’m doing the house work, and its got to be old cheesy stuff like 90's - Salt N pepper, Chesney Hawke’s ha ha ha what a laugh, and we all danced to them at Youth club lol. Go on admit it everyone knows the words "I am the one and only".

I think I’ll leave it on that note.

******************Sun beds*************

Last but not least Sun beds are on my list. As I’ve got a fair complexion I always feel lilly white and anaemic. I used to use fake tans but the just wash off or go patchy. Plus I haven’t got the patience. I think of my sun bedtime as a therapeutic experience, a pampering time to myself with no stresses. I don’t go on every day that would be bad. I find that twice a week is ample enough just to give me that natural glow and healthy spark.

I go on for 12 minutes a time and it costs an average £5. Which is equivalent to a packet of cigarettes (Which I don’t Smoke) so it is my little treat. I suppose my review would change if I lived abroad as I wouldn’t need them, as I’d have the sun. Unfortunately though I live in Great Britain when all it does is bloody RAIN!!!!!!

The List could go on here are a few runners up -: Chocolate, Pizza, Shopping, Hairdressers, Dumb Blonde Shampoo, BHS Pick-a-mix, sex, Travelling and strawberry cheesecake ice-cream Maybe another review.

Well I’ve finally got the end of my op and phewww it was hard work. You really have to think about yourself. I hope you all enjoyed reading x

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  • Expired-Account published 14/09/2007
    This is a great read, exceptional from me
  • mark1961 published 13/10/2004
    Very good insight into you. Some of the things I could live without, but that is only personal. Mark
  • charis18uk published 07/09/2004
    I was dismayed to see chocolate hadn't made the list, but at least it got a mention. I hope all goes well with the babe. I started writing on ciao when i was pregnant. My little lad is now 3. The time flies!
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