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10 Things that Make Me Happy

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... 10) Writing makes me smile; I just love to do it and I can't remember a time when I didn't want to put pen to paper or, as is now more often the case, the words are tapped onto a screen. Even in school, once the English teacher gave the class a thread of an idea I just itched to get started ... Read review

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AdvantagesHappiness can be infectious

DisadvantagesBeing let down by someone who has once made you happy.

" ===FORGET YOUR TROUBLES, COME ON GET HAPPY!=== Things that make you happy '''I have recently read a few of these reviews about things that make you happy/smile, and have found that the reviews themselves usually make me smile.''' I enjoy reading pieces like this and especially find those written by the younger reviewers really lovely and interesting. After reading a few of these reviews I now feel tempted to have a go myself as one of the ..." Read review

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I dedicate my 250th review to HAPPINESS Review with images

AdvantagesThese things make me happy

DisadvantagesI can't drive while I'm asleep, can't paint while swimming :D

"...to share with you the 10 things that make me happy. The order of the things I list has no importance as all of them can make me happy any time. == 1. My sons == As you may know by now I have two sons: David is 3 years old and Peter is 19 months old. As I’m still at home with them I spend loads of time playing and teaching them. Luckily both of them are healthy, cheerful, active and cheeky boys. I am very proud of them and I love them more than ..." Read review

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Ten Things that are RIGHT in My World :o) Review with images

AdvantagesIt's a little bit of happiness

DisadvantagesSome people will find reasons to moan no matter what you say or do...

"1. UK Roads Despite the fact that we still experience traffic jams from time to time and the occasional annoying road closure; overall I'm really pleased with the road system in the UK. Round where I live I find that I can travel to most major cities and towns via smooth, effecient dual carriage ways and motorways. If I go on holiday, I can be sure that there are sufficient motorways and A roads to see me through most of my journey and all are ..." Read review

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Happiness is a gift.

AdvantagesJust enjoy the happy times.

DisadvantagesSomeone will always try to burst that bubble.

"Being a happy person I can list many many things that really do make me the bundle of contentment that I am today but I will give you just ten of them here..... 1) MY CAR ~~~~ Silly though it may seem I am not a BMW lover ...nah too flash ! I've had two in my time and to be honest they are merely gas guzzlers and a deep throaty sound as you roar away.... My Shogun ( hogun ) as he is so warmly known is my pride and joy. I sit up there above your ..." Read review

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Happy Monday!

AdvantagesBetter than moaning

DisadvantagesExcessive happiness causes crow's feet

"...out running between 3 and 10 miles depending on the weather and how I feel. Although I'm never happier than when with my family, I find that running is a superb stress reliever. It also: -gives me 30- to 90mins thinking time -keeps me fit -helps me lose weight -allows me to listen to my MP3 player -me, me, ME! Sometimes you get abuse from kids hanging around and - how I laughed! - singing "Keep On Running" to you, but overall it's an ..." Read review

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