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10 Things that Make Me Happy

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Review of "10 Things that Make Me Happy"

published 01/07/2003 | Nadiajane
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Pro They make me happy of course
Cons They are more than likely all cliches
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"You can quote me happy...happy happy happy"

What makes me happy, it sounds such a simple question doesn't it, but then you start thinking about and suddenly realise that its like trying to put a ship in a bottle. Trying to define that one small thing that makes that great big happy feeling is not so easy after all.
So I decided to start with the obvious simple things first, and then head off on my normal tangent.


I am totally blessed with one of each, Micheal who is 9(just) and Sophie who is 4 (but as she keeps reminding me almost 5). They are so special because I had major spinal surgery when I was 17 and was told I probably would never be able to bear children because of the weakness of my spine, but here I am with two, both natural births and I'm still walking. They drive me round the bend with thier arguing and bickering but just looking at them can make my heart sweel to bursting point with pure joy.


He's a star, we've been together 19 yrs this July, since I was 14 and him 17. We've been through every kind of rough patch in the book and have still come through it all together. I've not been the best partner in the world at times and at times he's been a pain in the butt to live with, but my stomach still turns happy cartwheels when he walks in the room.


Simply great, they have always been firm but fair, have given me enough rope to hang myself and then gently ezplained where I went wrong and how not to get it wrong next time without sounding like a dictator. They accept me warts and all, and am proud of whatever I do, no matter what it is. I know they are there for us whenever I need them and whenever I don't need them too.


I know its a wacky title, but you know when its been a good morning, the kids have gone to school without an argument and the shoppings done and the dog aint chewed the carpet and your walking down the road on a sunny day. Take a deep breath, hold it for a second and really look around, and the world suddenly seems brighter and theres real peace in your heart. Its a great feeling and if you've never felt it just try it one day.


Any type of flying, and I've flown in helicopters, military planes, commercial jets etc etc and that feeling in the pit of your stomach as the plane accelerates down the runway and the wheels lift off the ground is truly amazing and normally has me grinning like a total fool.


Give me a rollercoaster and a an unlimited rides ticket and you give me the world in the palm of my hand. I like nothing more than scaring myself stupid on the biggest baddest white knuckle ride I can find. After I'd recovered from spinal surgery I asked the consultant if I could ride rollercoasters, his answer was...
"well start off with the smallest and work your way up, if you have any advers sypmtoms then don't go on any bigger ones!"
so there you go I am simply following medical advice, and I haven't found my upper limit yet.


I like to psh myself past the point at which I'm comfortable with, be it with an exercise class or something I'm genuinely scared off (like heights). The adrenalin rush that you get when you realise that you endured more than you thought you could and survived is addictive and intoxicating.


This is my happy place, the place I go to in my head when life gets a bit hard. Its the first place I walked to when my back was better. I was on a sixth form geography trip and was given the choice to climb to the Cwm lake or stay at the mini bus and I chose the climb. The view from the top was breathtaking and they is a rock outcrop that overhangs the lip of the Cwm sit on the top of it and you feel like your hanging over the edge of the world looking all the way down to the valley floor. I feel calm and at peace here and beg every couple of years to go back to sit on that piece of rock and recharge my happy batteries.


The kids are sound asleep in bed, we are well fed and happy and curled up together on the sofa with a big bag of doritos and salsa watching a movie, breathing in synch and laughing at all the same parts......utter bliss.


Its obvious I know but the thought that I have brightened up someones day, perhaps by carrying a shopping bag, or cracking a quick joke, or just giving a needed hug is all I need to know that some days its really worthwhile to be alive.

So there you go....quote me happy and realise what a hippy demented, peace loving wierdo I can be at times!!

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  • kcjack published 29/11/2003
    Just cant get my head round the flying thing!!
  • sharonamy published 07/07/2003
    You sound like a gutsy lady, well done for not being afraid to push bounderies. Your e very lucky to have great kids, great hubbie AND great parents!
  • Kirsty1 published 06/07/2003
    It made me happy just reading this :o) Kirstyxx
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