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10 Things that Make Me Happy

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Review of "10 Things that Make Me Happy"

published 10/12/2008 | headcase44
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I'm back !!
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"Happiness is a gift."

Being a happy person I can list many many things that really do make me the bundle of contentment that I am today but I will give you just ten of them here.....

1) MY CAR ~~~~ Silly though it may seem I am not a BMW lover ...nah too flash ! I've had two in my time and to be honest they are merely gas guzzlers and a deep throaty sound as you roar away.... My Shogun ( hogun ) as he is so warmly known is my pride and joy. I sit up there above your average family saloon car and as long as I have Queen playing at 50 decibels and I am roaring around the country lanes ( in safety I hasten to add ) I am in my element..... Can you imagine how I felt when my ex partner stole my Hogun from outside my gaffers house recently, just to show me that he could !!?? He has since returned it to me after I had a few words in his shell like regarding a secret that I would share with his tax man if he didn't !!

2) CIAO ~~~~ well who would think that a website could give happiness to a person ? You lot out there, and there are far too many of you to list without really upsetting people that I should dare to forget, are my tonic ,and when I am fed up or glum I only have to switch on my laptop and get into Ciao and read some of the antics that are going on and my spirits are lifted ..... This is by way of a thank you to you all for making this scatty woman happy ....

3) MUSIC ~~~~ From Queen through to Vera Lynn or Dame Vera Lynn as she should be known... I love music in any shape or form .... I have music playing all day long. My most favourite radio programme is Steve Wright Sunday Love Songs and that is closely followed by Steve Wright in the afternoon ..... I bop and sing my way through each and every day and would be totally lost without music..... " If music be the food of love ... play on "

4) MAYNARDS WINE GUMS ~~~~ These are my comfort sweets .... I have been known to jump in the car when things were not good at home ( This does not happen now as I am not living at home ) and drive 3 miles into town to buy my winegums.... I would then sit on the seafront watching the waves crashing on the rocks and eat until I had finished the lot !! I suppose eating these was as close as I could get to having a glass of wine without being over the drink limit for driving LOL ..... Now I just buy them and have them to hand in case a crisis arises !!

5) MY WORK COLLEAGUES ~~~~ I have the best work colleagues that anyone could wish for .... my boss in particular is a diamond and has come to my rescue many times..... she has such a sensible head on her shoulders and her advice is always sound.... she has opened her home to me when the going got too tough to remain at home and has helped me to secure a flat in January to move on in my recent separation .....I work with two others, one of them makes me laugh as his sense of humour is very warped as my own is and the other woman I work with has become my very good friend.... I can confide in her and know that the information will go no further .

6) AEROBICS ~~~~ In my quest to lose weight I joined three aerobics classes ...... These have become like a drug to me.... I go into the class looking all demure and sophisticated and after an hour long workout I emerge purple in the face and head pounding .... It is doing me good and by gum I enjoy it !!! The hospital is situated right next door to where we do our aerobics ( thank goodness ! )

7) FOOD ~~~~ I enjoy food .... ( thats why I am dieting madly !! ) Pasta is my favourite as long as it has a really tasty sauce and either a crisp salad or some lovely garlic bread to accompany it. I was a veggie for quite a few years as my expartner ( oh how I enjoy writing that ! ) insisted that I gave up eating meat when he moved in to my house !! I now eat meat and have realised just what I was missing.

8) MY GRANDCHILDREN. ~~~~I have two Grandchildren.. a girl of 5 and a boy of 2 and a half.... they are delightful creatures and never cease to amaze me at their wit and charm and understanding of life in general ....They can make me laugh or cry and have such a way of wrapping every adult around their fingers when they want something. The world can be full of stress and bad things but children with their complete innocense just seem to put everything into perspective and come out of every situation smiling and happy ....

9) THE SEA. ~~~~ I just love the sea .... the sound, the smell the vastness of it .... I can often be seen walking along the beach where I live. I walk early in the mornings in the summer and after work in the winter I will often drive to the beach, park the car, tog up warm and just walk .... All my best thinking is done whilst walking along the beach and the waves are crashing on the rocks beside me.... I am so lucky that I have three or four local beaches to visit and I fully intend to make the most of these .... Happiness simple and free...

10) I have saved the best til last ...... One very very special person has entered my life within the last year .... He makes me so happy that I feel he was supposed to come along just when he did ... He is tall dark and very handsome and has made me laugh when I had almost forgotten what laughing was all about ....His voice on the phone is all that I need to get me through a day and his advice is sound and honest. I have learnt to trust him and can honestly say that he is one of the most caring people that I have ever met ... he knows me inside out and has become my best and closest friend. His life has been far from easy and this has probably drawn us closer together..... To him I say thank you for being there and I LOVE YOU.

Well thats it just ten of the things that make me happy .... there are of course loads more but they will keep.

I will not be writing another review this side of Christmas so.... to all of you may I say have a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and wealthy 2009... please remember to chat over Christmas to me as I will probably be the only idiot on Ciao reading and rating ( sad woman)

Thanks for the read

Julie xx

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  • danielclark691 published 12/04/2017
    very good
  • laurajeantinks published 11/03/2010
    I have rated this an E as I have to say I know I do not know you but YOU REALLY MADE ME SMILE!! You seem like such a lovely person. I am glad you have someone who is special and who makes you happy!!! Laura X
  • kevin121 published 27/02/2010
    I hope the things that made you happy then are still in your life now...Rachael.
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