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15 Minute Pilates: Body maintenance to make you longer, leaner and stronger - Lesley Ackland

15 Minute Pilates: Body maintenance to make you longer, leaner and stronger - Lesley Ackland

Pages: 176, Edition: illustrated edition, Paperback, Thorsons

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Many fitness enthusiasts have found that working out in gyms have made their bodies less streamlined and elegant - the muscle they have built leads to a squarer stockier look. Pilates is different.Traditionally popular with ballet dancers and models it gives you a long lean physique better posture and general health. It is soft exercise combining low-impact but high energy movements with realignment of posture.Lesley Ackland (who has more than 200 weekly clients at the famous Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden) has developed a body maintenance" programme which helps a wide range of problems including back pain scoliosis RSI arthritis pregnancy and stress problems."

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EAN 9780722537763
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Lifestyle
Subgenre Health & Beauty
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Title 15 Minute Pilates
Author Lesley Ackland
ISBN 072253776X


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