2-Power Notebook battery (CBI3350A)

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2-Power Notebook battery (CBI3350A)

High quality internal battery Get extra performance

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Product Information : 2-Power Notebook battery (CBI3350A)

Manufacturer's product description

High quality internal battery Get extra performance

Product Details

Product Description: 2-Power Main Battery Pack - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 5200 mAh

Device Type: Notebook battery

Weight: 408 g

Battery: Lithium Ion 8-cell - 5200 mAh

Battery Form Factor: Internal

Batteries Qty: 1

Dimensions (WxDxH): 27.4 cm x 4.7 cm x 3.8 cm

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

Designed For: Acer Aspire TimelineX 8372; TravelMate 8372, 8372G, 8372T, 8372TG, 8372Z; TravelMate Timeline 8372T, 8372TG, TM8372; TravelMate TimelineX 8372, 8372T, 8372TG, 8372TZ, 8372Z



Device Type: Notebook battery

Battery Enclosure Type: Internal


Quantity: 1

Technology: 8-cell Lithium Ion

Voltage Provided: 14.8 V

Capacity: 5200 mAh

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support: 1 year warranty

Service & Support Details: Limited warranty - 1 year

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 27.4 cm

Depth: 4.7 cm

Height: 3.8 cm

Weight: 408 g

Compatibility Information

Designed For: Acer Aspire TimelineX 8372-464G32Mnkk ¦ Acer TravelMate 8372-464G32Mnkk, 8372-484G50Mnkk, 8372-5824, 8372G-5464G16Mnkk, 8372T-352G16Mnbb, 8372T-352G32Mnbb, 8372T-353G32MN, 8372T-353G32Mnbb, 8372T-372G25MN, 8372T-374G32Mnkk, 8372T-434G32Mnbb, 8372T-464G32Mnkk, 8372T-5055, 8372TG-353G50Mnbb, 8372TG-354G32Mnbb, 8372TG-5454G50Mnbb, 8372Z-P623G32Mnkk ¦ Acer TravelMate Timeline 8372T-352G32mn, 8372T-3602, 8372T-373G32Mnkk, 8372TG-5454G50Mnbb, TM8372-7127 ¦ Acer TravelMate TimelineX 8372-374G16Mnkk, 8372-374G32MIKK, 8372-374G32Mnkk, 8372-382G32Mnkk, 8372-383G32Mnkk, 8372-384G16Mnkk, 8372-384G32Mikk, 8372-384G32Mnkk, 8372-464G16Mnkk_UMTS, 8372-464G32Mnkk, 8372-464G50Mn, 8372-484G50MIKK, 8372-484G50Mnkk, 8372-5454G16Mnbb, 8372-5454G32Mnbb, 8372-5464G16Mnkk, 8372-5464G50Mn, 8372T, 8372T-332G25mn, 8372T-352G16Mnbb, 8372T-352G32mn, 8372T-353G32MN, 8372T-353G32Mnbb, 8372T-354G16Mnbb, 8372T-354G32Mnbb, 8372T-354G32N, 8372T-372G16Mnkk, 8372T-372G25MN, 8372T-373G32Mnkk, 8372T-374G32Mikk, 8372T-374G32Mn, 8372T-374G32Mnkk, 8372T-382G25MI, 8372T-382G25Mnkk, 8372T-382G32Mnkk, 8372T-383G32MN, 8372T-384G32Mn, 8372T-384G32Mnkk, 8372T-384G50Mnkk, 8372T-484G32Mnkk, 8372T-5454G32N, 8372T-5454G50Mn, 8372T-5464G50MN, 8372T-5464G50Mnkk, 8372T-564G50MI, 8372T-6829, 8372T-6871, 8372T-6957, 8372T-7353, 8372T-7805, 8372T-7925, 8372TG-354G32Mnbb, 8372TG-354G32N, 8372TG-373G32Mnkk, 8372TG-384G32Mnkk, 8372TG-384G50Mnkk, 8372TG-484G32Mn, 8372TG-484G50Mnkk, 8372TG-5454G16Mn, 8372TG-5454G50Mnbb, 8372TG-5454G64Mn, 8372TG-5464G50Mnkk, 8372TZ-P602G16mn, 8372TZ-P612G25MN, 8372Z-P612G25MN


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