2-Power Notebook battery (CBI3061A)

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  • 2-Power Notebook battery (CBI3061A)

2-Power Notebook battery (CBI3061A)

High quality internal battery Get extra performance

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Product Information : 2-Power Notebook battery (CBI3061A)

Manufacturer's product description

High quality internal battery Get extra performance

Product Details

Product Description: 2-Power Main Battery Pack - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 5600 mAh

Device Type: Notebook battery

Weight: 313 g, 322 g

Battery: Lithium Ion 5600 mAh, Lithium Ion 6-cell - 5600 mAh

Battery Form Factor: Internal

Batteries Qty: 1

Dimensions (WxDxH): 20.5 cm x 4.8 cm x 2 cm, 20.5 cm x 4.4 cm x 4.2 cm

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

Designed For: Toshiba Portégé A600, A600 3G-12, A605, R500, R500 3G-11, R500 3G-121, R600, R600 -014


MPN: CBI3061A, CBI3116A

Device Type: Notebook battery

Battery Enclosure Type: Internal

Colour: Silver, Black


Quantity: 1

Technology: Lithium Ion, 6-cell Lithium Ion

Voltage Provided: 10.8 V

Capacity: 5600 mAh

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support: 1 year warranty

Service & Support Details: Limited warranty - 1 year

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 20.5 cm

Depth: 4.8 cm, 4.4 cm

Height: 2 cm, 4.2 cm

Weight: 313 g, 322 g

Compatibility Information

Designed For: Toshiba Portégé A600, A600 3G-12T, A600-003, A600-01K, A600-024, A600-02H, A600-02J, A600-122, A600-126, A600-128, A600-12B, A600-12C, A600-12H, A600-12M, A600-12O, A600-12T, A600-12X, A600-12Y, A600-132, A600-133, A600-134, A600-135, A600-137, A600-138, A600-139, A600-13A, A600-13B, A600-13S, A600-13T, A600-13X, A600-13Y, A600-13Z, A600-142, A600-143, A600-14C, A600-14R, A600-14X, A600-152, A600-15M, A600-161, A600-163, A600-16N, A600-16P, A600-16Q, A600-175, A600-17K, A600-EC1, A600-S2201, A600-SP2801C, A600-SP2801R, A600-ST2230, A600-ST2231, A600-ST2232, A605-P200, A605-P201, A605-P210, R500, R500 3G-11N, R500 3G-121, R500-00V, R500-02G, R500-100, R500-106, R500-10I, R500-10J, R500-10K, R500-10L, R500-10N, R500-10U, R500-110, R500-11B, R500-11C, R500-11F, R500-11H, R500-11I, R500-11J, R500-11K, R500-11L, R500-11N, R500-11T, R500-11X, R500-11Y, R500-11Z, R500-120, R500-121, R500-124, R500-125, R500-126, R500-127, R500-12B, R500-12H, R500-12I, R500-12J, R500-12P, R500-12Q, R500-12R, R500-12s, R500-133, R500-135, R500-136, R500-3G11K, R500-3G125, R500-S5001X, R500-S5002, R500-S5002X, R500-S5003, R500-S5004, R500-S5005, R500-S5006V, R500-S5006X, R500-S5007V, R500-S5008x, R500-SP1, R500-SP2, R500-SSD, R600, R600 -014, R600-02J, R600-02P, R600-02V, R600-037, R600-038, R600-03F, R600-101, R600-102, R600-108, R600-10B, R600-10F, R600-10M, R600-10Q, R600-10S, R600-10T, R600-10U, R600-10V, R600-10W, R600-10X, R600-110, R600-117, R600-119, R600-11A, R600-11B, R600-11Q, R600-11Z, R600-12F, R600-12G, R600-12H, R600-12L, R600-12N, R600-12R, R600-12T, R600-12U, R600-12V, R600-12W, R600-12Z, R600-136, R600-13X, R600-13Z, R600-140, R600-143, R600-144, R600-147, R600-149, R600-14P, R600-1E8, R600-S4201, R600-S4202, R600-S4211, R600-S4212, R600-S4213, R600-SP2801C, R600-SP2801R, R600-SP2803C, R600-ST4203, R600-ST520W, R600-VH3, R600-W4212, R600-W4213


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