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... I need to find out details of where I can go with the family for a week's break this summer, and having checked through the ways you can earn ipoints, I found the website for 2busy2surf.com. I clicked on the button just out of curiousity and voila! a website offering to do all the ... Read review

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Community Level 5Salgirl


Just bring me what I want..

AdvantagesFast. Quality links.

DisadvantagesNone so far!

"...definitely going to be using 2busy2surf.com again, although I'm not sure that hubby will want me leaving information about new cars around the place, but there ya go. He shouldn't have married me, should he? I can always turn things into men's fault... But getting back to the point, this service has saved me masses of time trawling the net, and provided me with some top-notch sites into the bargain. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2suki2001


ONly the emails you want


Disadvantageslots of emails

"2busy2surf.com was something I coame across when surfing for beenz. They asked me sign for the emails I wanted to recieve for one week. I subscribe to pet shopping sites and music shopping sites. I got bombarded with emails about petstores I didn't even know were on the net. Some were useful and some were not. I got the same with music stores which was great because at last I could find cheap music cds on the net. What I liked mosr about the product ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 30/05/2001

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