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About me: Site seems to be as crap as always. Looks like I won't be back this summer or ever. After a year away, I can truly say, I really don't care now. :P

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My 300th Review: Favourite Things


My favourite things and all about my 3 years on this site .

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For months I have been trying to work out what to do for my 300th review on this site and have not really managed to find a suitable subject until now. Many people have given me many ideas, but I thought why not talk about my favourite things, mainly to do with the subjects I write about the most on Ciao.

Currently Iím going through some very difficult stuff with my family, so writing this review is here to hopefully get my mind off all of that for a second, by talking about things I love. This review has been inspired by quite a lot of people on the site, and thanks to them, I came up with this idea. As this also coincides (sort of) with my 3rd Year anniversary on the site, it's extra special for me.

Top 5 Movies

I am as most of you know a very big movie fan. Over this summer alone, I have been to the cinema almost every week, wasting all of my money just seeing all of the big blockbusters that have been released. Films are amazing, I have seen quite a large number of them, but here is a list of my top favourites.

5: Cinderella Man

This is another film which I donít think anyone else will really agree with. Cinderella Man follows a boxer in the height of his career during the Great Depression, however when he looses his job due to an injury, how are him and his family going to live? The combination of Russell Crowe and Ron Howard is just fantastic, I think both movies that they have made together have been stunning, but this one beats out A Beautiful Mind, because of how awe inspiring it is. Itís all about providing for your family when everything is falling apart and for me, this makes me cry every time I watch it.
4: Inception

Itís only been released for around a month and it is definitely going to be one of my most favourite films of all time. I have already seen it quite a few times, and every time has enjoyed it even more if thatís possible. I thought the acting was just tremendous, and in my opinion itís Leonardo DiCaprio best film to date. The film is very smart, and keeps you thinking throughout and I have yet to meet anyone that wasnít a fan.

===3: The Green Mile===

This film is one of the longest films Iíve ever watched, itís quite long to watch and because of it, itís been a few years since Iíve seen it but I remember everything quite clearly. The film is about a gentleman on death row and the film follows him and the prison guard as they find out he is a miracle worker. It is truly one of the most beautiful movies Iíve seen, itís not got the most fantastic cinematography and to be honest the plot is not always pleasant to watch, but the whole idea of the film and the story is just amazing. It is just a bit too long however.
2: 10 Things I Hate About You

For most people this might seem a bit weird and even after writing why I think this one is the second best in my eyes, you wonít really be able to understand. 10 Things I hate About You has been a DVD in my household for almost a decade now and I have even gone through quite a few copies. When I was sick a few years ago and this DVD was always on, it never failed to make me smile. Itís not got the best acting in it, itís not the best romantic comedy, but itís brilliant at what it is and I havenít yet found anyone who doesnít enjoy this film.

1: The Shawshank Redemption

I know this is probably going to be quite a few peopleís top film of all time, and probably for the same reasons as well. This film which is now 16 years old was the first film that I saw that I could really truly say that it was the best film Iíve ever seen. The message of eternal hope that it conveys is just fantastic and if you have yet to see this film, then itís around £3 the last time I saw on many internet sites.

Top 5 Songs

Here are my top 5 songs and why:

5: Permanent- David Cook

Due to the nature of the lyrics of this song, when it came to writing this part of the review, I couldnít go and listen to the song. That being said, I know that this is one of my favourites, sung and written by David Cook who won American Idol, this song is just pure beauty. He sings about his brother who eventually died from cancer and how he would give his life, just to not see him in pain. Itís a gorgeous song, and one at the moment I think will make me cry for a few days if I listen to it.
4: I Donít Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith

The first time I heard this song was on the film ĎArmageddoní which is fantastic, and the song is just brilliant. Itís very karaoke, I myself have preformed many renditions to the song, however it is just an absolute beautiful song, and Steve Tylerís voice is amazing. I do think itís the best Aerosmith song, which Iím sure a lot of people wonít agree with.

3: Everything- Lifehouse

This song when I send it to mates, I tell them to listen to it twice at least before they give me an opinion. The song starts of relatively slow, but builds up towards the end and is just absolutely amazing to listen to. Jason Wade has this beautiful, husky, gorgeous voice and I think itís probably one of the best Lifehouse songs ever. Please take the time to listen to it.
2: I Donít Believe You- Pink

Taken from her latest album Funhouse, my favourite Pink song has to be I Donít Believe You, Pinkís voice is just beautiful in this song and for me the brilliance of this song has to be the lyrics. I have seen the video of her singing this song live and I know how much she struggles to even get the first verse out, and usually ends up crying on stage, as the lyrics are so raw and pure. Just beautiful.

1: Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol

It was named the best song of the Noughties and I completely agree with it, the song is effortlessly beautiful. Itís not got a lot of tricks to the song, itís all stripped back and simple however it really is a masterpiece of a song. From the first moment I heard it all those years ago, I knew it was going to be a favourite of mine for years to come. The song lasted 134 weeks in the chart, so Iím not the only one who agrees that this song is amazing.

Top 5 Books

5: A Child Called It- Dave Pelzer

I remember reading this for the first time in hospital a few years back; the nurses were really worried as I was sobbing like a baby over this book. This ďreal lifeĒ book is written by Dave Pelzer, about his life growing up with his abusive mother. I have heard that the book is supposedly a lot of fiction, however it sounded very realistic and it is a very strong and emotional book.

4: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason- Helen Fielding

Everyone finds it weird that I have this book in the car all the time, but whenever I have to pick up my younger sister, which usually ends with me waiting hours, I pick up this book and no matter how many times I read it I love it. Itís so much better than the first book and I found it a real shame that the film adaptation was terrible. Itís very funny and the situations are just brilliant, itís really a lot of fun.
3: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows- JK Rowling

I love the Harry Potter series but I have to say I do think the last book, which Iíve just completed again recently, is the best. I must have read it about 3 or 4 times now and each time I pick up new information and I really canít wait for the 2 films that are being made out of this film. I grew up with the Harry Potter series, so as the books became more mature, I sort of became a lot more mature. Itís a great read, and I think the films should be brilliant.

2: Noughts & Crosses- Malorie Blackman

This series of books are brilliant, I think the idea of Ďreversed racismí, is fantastic. The Noughts are White coloured people and generally they are considered to be the lesser race, they struggle to get into good schools and are generally the nannys and maids. The Crosses are black coloured people and are the higher race. The whole idea is fantastic, and I found the whole book and the gorgeous, but heart wrenching love story to just be a fantastic read. I did just read the 5th book in the series on holiday, and it was nowhere near as good as this one.
1: The Notebook- Nicholas Sparks

98% of books written by Nicholas Sparks are fantastic, and this was the first book I ever read. This story, which is an old man reading to his friend who has Alzheimer's, the story follows a young couple Ally and Noah as they begin a summer romance and fall deeply in love until they are split apart. Some of you might have seen the film, but itís very different to the book and I would really recommend giving the book a go if youíve just seen the film.

Top 5 Things I Couldnít Live Without

5: DVDís

I think my mum is really going to hate me when I go off to Uni in a few weeks, as I donít think sheís really realised how many of the DVDís we have around the house are actually mine. I love my DVDís, Iím always the one that takes them when I go to other peopleís houses and Iím always using the money I earn from different sites on things like DVDís.
4: IPod

I have recently just purchased a new IPod Touch, mainly because my 8GB one was not holding any songs and I needed to find a reason to use up all of the ones on my Laptop. The IPod Touch is fantastic, it does not connect to the internet unless there is WiFi, but the games you can download and the things you can do with it is just amazing.

3: Sat Nav

Since passing my test in December 2009, the one thing I have loved, even more than my car is my Sat Nav. My sense of direction is atrocious, after working at my new job for two weeks, my colleagues were quite shocked to hear that I still needed to use my Sat Nav. Yes it has attempted to take me down quite a few one way streets (the wrong way) and even if I hit diversion it will take me back to the same place but itís been great, especially this summer going to places around where we live.
2: Camera

On last count I had 7 cameras, one of them is a film

Pictures of My 300th Review
My 300th Review Picture1 - My 300th Review
My 300th Review
camera but the rest are digital. I have not been able to afford an DSLR yet, however these little cameras have been brilliant and all have their uses. My favourite cameras have to be both of my Fujifilm cameras, the Fujfilm S8000fd is a bridge camera which is fantastic for the price I paid for it, my Fujfilm A180 I use it every time I go out clubbing. Itís not got the best pictures, especially when I take them when Iím drunk, but itís small, compact and does a good job.
1: Laptop

As a self proclaimed nerd, my laptop seems to always be attached to my hip so to say. At the moment itís been playing up, and I hate the idea that I might have to get it sent off for fixing. I have everything on here, I donít use my phone often, due to the fact I canít afford a contract or to top it up much, so the likes of email and FaceBook are a god send.

Top 5 Ciao Members

I was umming and awwing over whether to write this section into this review, but I thought really who cares? If people do, well itís not my problem really: D These 5 people however, have been picked because of the amazing things they have done for me through the whole 3 years on the site. The people, who would have been chosen in the top 10, know who they are, and everyone else on the site, I also want to thank you for the ups and the downs I have had on the site.

5: OllyPlimsol

This fantastic bloke started a conversation with me around my 2nd anniversary on the site last year, and I quickly knew I would consider him a friend. We spent hours talking on the likes of FaceBook and MSN and I really enjoyed talking to this man who has really been a great person to talk to, and I really do hope everything he hopes to do with his acting career and publishing career happens.
4: Amy69

Amy is a fantastic young girl, and quite inspirational as well. I canít say I understand her fascination with all things Sabrina and Doctor Who, but Iíve always enjoyed reading her reviews and think she is a fantastic young girl, who will really go on to so many good things in Television or Journalism and I hope to see more of her in a few years on our TV screens.

3: MizzMolko

MizzMolko is a member around my own age, so we immediately struck up conversation over school and interests. She is a brilliant writer, probably easily one of the best writers Iíve read on the site, and I really wish her well with everything she chooses to do in the future as she truly deserves it.
1: Karimkha

I couldnít really choose between my top 2 members on Ciao, so Iíve put them both as equal, karimkha or the wonderful Ami has been my friend on the site since I first really joined. She has been there for me when I have my lows, in my personal life and mainly when Iíve had trouble on Ciao. As well as that, I really do think her reviews are brilliant, and every time she posts a new review, I canít wait to read it. A fantastic member on Ciao and really someone I consider a good friend.


I was having a look in my guestbook a few weeks ago, and saw that this wonderful gentleman was the first member to introduce me to the site, and his comment was pretty much telling me off about the fact I had posted too many. Since that time however, Iíve spent a lot of my time on my site reading his amazing reviews and talking to him. He is truly one of the most well respected members on the site, and Iím sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say all of the praise he gains on the site is rightly deserved. A true gentleman and a very good friend, even if heís spent the 3 years telling me off to reacting to members :D. I cannot thank him enough for being there when I wanted to ramble, especially more recently.

Final Opinion

Again I want to thank everyone for everything they have done for me over the last three years, there have been quite a lots of ups which have been caused by the members above and a lot of other members, and then a lot of downs as well, which the people above have helped me through as well. I really have enjoyed my time on Ciao, the site infuriates me a lot of the time, as itís full of quite a lot of things I hate (bullying, cheating and lying) however, the 3 years have gone by so quickly, and I have made some brilliant friends, and I have written 300 reviews in my time and I have enjoyed pretty most things, especially more recently with the free printer.

Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed reading this review.

(C) Kirsty 2010

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Luvlylana 17.02.2011 21:39

Can't believe I didn't get to read this at the time! Better late than never though! xxx

eve6kicksass 07.10.2010 16:11

Now im in tears because im not one of your fav Ciao members; oh well, at least Avatar wasn't in your 5 fav movie list...Excellent write-up sweetie! Chris :} P.S. I just watched A BEAUTIFUL MIND last night!

wantaratgirl 26.09.2010 11:56

Great review. Hope you sort stuff out. Well done on reaching 300! Ratty :¨) xx

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