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31 Dream Street - Lisa Jewell

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... I picked up a novel by Lisa Jewell called Vince and Joy and found that I just could not put it down so when I arrived back home I decided to read the other books she has published, hoping they would all be as good and that was when I started 31 Dream Street. *~*Lisa Jewell*~* Lisa was ... Read review
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My dream novel

AdvantagesA great light read that will have you hooked

DisadvantagesIts a disappointment when you get to the end

"...that was when I started 31 Dream Street. *~*Lisa Jewell*~* Lisa was previously a secretary and when she was made redundant in 1996 she received a bet from her friend Yasmin to fulfil her dream of writing a novel. Lisa was reluctant to set about this task as a lack of time, money and knowledge was holding her back, but when Yasmin bet her a meal that she wouldn't do it she felt she had something to prove and set about making her dream come true. After ..." Read review

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Community Level 8xdonzx


~* Dream Read! *~

AdvantagesFunny, Well written


"31 Dream Street is a chick-lit book by Lisa Jewell. The book was released in the United Kingdom in 2008 and so is fairly recent. The book is four hundred and eighty pages long. You can buy a copy of this book from Amazon for a price of £4.39 which I think is good value for money. Plot: Even though they have lived across the road from each other for many years, suprisingly Toby and Leah have never actually meant. Leah has always thought that Toby's ..." Read review

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31 Dream Street

AdvantagesVery addictive, and some serious issues dealt with sensitively

DisadvantagesEnding a bit predictable

"This book revolves around Toby, an unpublished poet, and Leah, who have been living across the road from each other for quite some time before they actually meet each other and become friends. This happens because a tragic event involving one of Toby's tenants, Gus, but a nice friendship begins from there, with each giving each other care and support. Toby has been given a house by his father, a present bestowed out of guilt as his father had now ..." Read review

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Community Level 1raeknox63

Quick review of 31 Dream Street - Lisa Jewell

"As an avid reader, I know I have been impressed by a book which I can remember the title and author of a week later! And I loved this book! It didn't take long for me to feel as though I lived on Dream Street, and the characters came to life so quickly - no checking back in pages before to remind myself of who was who! This is the first Lisa Jewell book I have read - it was actually the cover that caught my eye! (Note to self: never say 'never judge a book by its cover'!). And it certainly won't be my last.

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Community Level 1united11


31 Dream Street

AdvantagesInteresting.Heart Warming. Funny in parts. Fairly unpredictable. 'Page turner'

DisadvantagesNot her best novel. Becoming easier to predict outcomes with each book.

"31 Dream Street is the story of several individuals brought together after applying to a newspaper advertisement for 'creative people' to live in a house in London. A story which is funny in parts, sad in others and always thought provoking, but not heavy in any way. As is usual with a Lisa Jewell novel, you find yourself caring about the characters, as they could each represent someone you know. You become involved in their lives, eagerly turning ..." Read review

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In a rambling house, failed poet Toby Dobbs has created a refuge for people who need one. But when a quiet tragedy and an unwelcome letter interrupt Toby's sedate existence, he needs his housemates to find some direction in their lives. Leah Pilgrim has watched the tenants of the house over the road for several years, and when the owner of 31 Silversmith Road asks her for advice, he opens the door not only to the eccentric building across the street - but to five lives in various stages of turmoil. Can Toby and Leah help these misfits to grow up, move on and move out? And in doing so, can they make their own dreams come true?

Product details

Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Title 31 Dream Street
Author Lisa Jewell
Publisher Michael Joseph Ltd
Number of Pages 480
Edition Hardcover
ISBN 014101220X; 0718145984; 0718152034; 075317958X


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