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5 Life Changing Events in my Life

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Review of "5 Life Changing Events in my Life"

published 01/12/2009 | tazzywazzy
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"5 is my new lucky number!"

It’s been months since I last sat down to write anything, and it’s down to all the change that has happened in my life, even though this topic is called “5 life changing events in my life” this is technically “5 life changing events this year that all happened within 5 months of each other” - the number 5 seems to be a running theme throughout this year, so I guess this review is fitting...

I guess I should start at the very beginning of this year, my 25h year, my life was pretty much plodding along, then in the fifth month of this year (May), it was announced at work that we would be facing yet another set of redundancies...


I had been with my current employers for 5 years, and had been through 7 redundancies. Each time we went through redundancies the process was pretty much the same, we had our meeting, were told about the proposed company restructure, how many people we would loose, and whether or not the redundancies would be open for voluntary.

Each time, I was put into a pool with my colleagues and made to reapply for my own job, there was bitchiness, back stabbing, hushed conversations in the kitchen and general discomfort. This time round, things were different, we had been having redundancies every 3 months or so, and this time, our boss was to be leaving + 5 production controllers – we were told that voluntary redundancies would be considered and we would have a week to decide whether to put ourselves forward, if not enough people put themselves forward, then the remaining controllers would be put into a pool to fight it out.

When the voluntary window opened, I arrived at work early and put my request in at 9:10, May 12th 2009 – by 19:18 it was accepted!

After 5 years of working a 9-5 (sort of) I no longer had a job...

...I never felt better!


I finally left my company (with a fat wallet and tears of jaeger bomb) on 31 of July 2009, I thought life would be great, but it was tough not working, I found plenty of things to do around the house to fill my spare time, but jobs were scarce, I thought it would be a full time job finding a new job, but shockingly there were really only about 3 new jobs a week, I secured an interview, it was a pay cut and only maternity cover, but I went along anyway only to find that a girl who had volunteered redundancy along with me was there – she had 9 years experience, that’s when I realised how bad the jobs market really was.

After about a month, I gave in and signed on, that was a terrible experience, and something I hope to never have to do again, and as I was living with my partner at the time, who was employed full time, it turned out all I got was my NI kept up to date.

I don’t think I had ever felt so low, I wished I was working, but I couldn’t even get a shop/bar job as I didn’t have any “recent experience”, the worse was yet to come...

2. The Break Up

At the end of August things were getting tense and The Boy and I were fighting and bickering a lot – he was working all hours and seemed to be more concerned that a friend of his might get made redundant and be out of a job – what about me?! I already had no job and was finding it impossible to even find a job to apply for!

Anyway, we ended up having a massive row on a Thursday night, the next thing I know is he walks out to go to work on the Friday morning, and that’s the last I saw of him. He called me on Monday and told me it would be best if I was not there when he returned home – after 5 years together, he ended it in a phone call. I begged and pleaded for him to come home and tell me face to face, but he said he needed to get back to work and we’d talk about it some other time, the only thing he could say was that he was no longer in love with me.


I was in shock and had no idea what to do with myself, so I called my mum, she was brilliant and came up as soon as she could and helped me, along with my sister’s boyfriend to get all my things together and move out, and into her house, in Kent. I didn’t hear from him for about 2 weeks, when he finally decided to come and see me – by this point I was starting to feel a lot better, things were looking up and all very quickly!

3. Getting Back To Work

Two days after getting back down to Kent, I got a phone call telling me that there was a short term contract with a Contract Publishers who did some nice glossy magazines, I jumped at the chance, the money was great and I could do it with my eyes closed! Things were getting better already!

I went up for the interview on the Tuesday, and found out it was right next door to my old work (well technically my local pub was in-between, but that’s just a technicality) - I got it and was at my new desk by Thursday, drinking with my old work buddies by Friday...

4. New Love Interest

This was soon for me, and after 5 years the last thing I wanted was to get into any sort of relationship, I had too many things to think about, getting a permanent job, finding somewhere to live – the commute was killing me, but things happen when you least expect them...

... I bumped into my childhood sweetheart (literally). We first met when we were 8 years old and sat next to each other all year at school, he got stayed down a year and that was that. When we were 15 I went to his school for a fencing match and bumped into him in the dining room, then a couple of months later we both ended up at the same party, we ended up seeing each other for 6 months (that’s a full blown long-term relationship at 16!!!) - we started being rebellious teens, he “cheated”, I “cheated” but we were always unofficially together – the last time we saw each other (as a “couple”) we were 19 years old.

Then at 25 we met up had a couple (strike that – lots) of drinks and ended up seeing each other yet again, this time it was different, we were older and we had a lot of common history, also the shock value was fun – so we are just playing it by ear for the time being!

5. Finding Home Sweet Home

I was desperate to live in the same area I was in when I lived with my ex – I was not going to let the fact that I may or may not bump into him put me off, so I started the search and I found the most beautiful little house, it is my dream house – a 2 up 2 down in a gated community with front and back garden in East London on the edge of Victoria Park – I move in on the 5th


P.s. In Thailand we believe that the 25th year of your life is one of the most important, everything that happens determines the path that the rest of your life will take. I have learnt to take risks, be brave and even when things around you are going badly, it gets to a point where it can’t get any worse, so keep your chin up – I have never been happier than I am today, and can not imagine that my life could get any better – on the job front, I am typing this review at the desk of my new full time job (yes production is cushty!) with more money than I had before, with a great new team and am thoroughly enjoying my new life – every last second of it – wish me luck for my move on Saturday!!! xxx

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  • Jake_Speed published 21/09/2011
  • duskmaiden published 04/02/2010
    In a nice way your life in 2009 reads like a plot for a chuicklit novel. Girl loses job and boyfriend but gains old sweetheart and dream house. Well done on picking yourself back up.
  • RICHADA published 18/01/2010
    What a breathtaking roller coaster of a six months! You seem to have had an extraordinary amount of luck on your side, during what, for many of us has been a terrible year. Let's hope that your 25th year has set you up for the next 75! My very best wishes to you - Richard. xxx
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