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published 27/01/2017 | sellerleygirl
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I just got in trouble for sticking a piece of paper with my name on the TV while watching a film!!!!!
Pro A lovely, feel good little film
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"4 out of 5 for 5 to 7"

5 to 7 (DVD)

5 to 7 (DVD)

:-• 5 to 7 -•-:

:-• Film Only Review -•-:

“you’re never more than twenty feet away from someone you know, or someone you’re meant to know.”

:-• Tagline -•-:

Love in the moment
:-• Genre -•-:

• Comedy
• Drama
• Romance

:-• Film-•-:

"Put aside your notions about how people are. The world will surprise you with its grace if you let it."

'5 to 7' is a 2014 American romantic comedy and the debut film for writer and director Victor Levin. The basis of the film is said to be inspired by a French couple in an open marriage whom Levin had met in the 1980s.
The film stars the late Anton Yelchin; a young Russian actor who was tragically killed in a freak accident outside his home in Studio City on June 19, 2016, aged just 27.

I watched this film on Sky Cinema and so this is a film only review, the DVD does contain a making-of featurette and a trailer too.
Film Details

Directed by Victor Levin
Produced by Bonnie Curtis, Sam Englebardt, William D. Johnson and Julie Lynn
Written by Victor Levin
Music by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans
Cinematography Arnaud Potier
Edited by Matt Maddox
Release date April 3, 2015
Running time 95 minutes
Country United States
Language English and French

:-• The Story -•-:

“Some of the best writing in New York won't be found in books, or movies, or plays, but on the benches of Central Park. Read the benches, and you understand.”

The film starts with a panoramic view of New York as the lead character Brian Bloom (played by Anton Yelchin) proclaims the above words; and various shots of plaques on the said benches of Central Park are shown full screen – some poignant some funny.

The next shot is in Brian’s apartment; Brian is a 24-year-old aspiring writer whose parents want him to give up his writing dream and head to law school, however the walls of his apartment which are decorated with rejection letters from publishers demonstrate his lack of success. One afternoon while out walking and telling us that in New York “you’re never more than twenty feet away from someone you know, or someone you’re meant to know”, he spots an attractive young woman(played by Bérénice Marlohe) across the road, smoking outside the St. Regis Hotel.
He crosses the road and lights up a cigarette himself; from the smell of the woman’s cigarette Brian decides that she is French and starts a conversation in French about what it is like to be a smoker in New York. It turns out that the woman IS French and her name is Arielle, which sparks off a conversation about the Little Mermaid. After a lengthy conversation in French (with subtitles) and English, Arielle mysteriously offers to meet Brian again between 5 and 7.
And so, the love story begins! Arielle is around 10 years older than Brian, and has two young children and is married not unhappily to a diplomat, Valery Pierpont (played by Lambert Wilson), but she’s French, so she can take a lover, as Valery has. Arielle explains the concept of "cinq a sept" affairs – a tradition in France, where a married person's whereabouts are not questioned during the period after work and before home.

As their relationship becomes deeper it ignites Brian’s writing and in a rather tangled mess he becomes acquainted with Valerie and their children, meets editor Jane (played by Olivia Thirlby), who just happens to be Valery’s mistress, and his mum and dad (played by Glenn Close and Frank Langella) meet the Pierponts for dinner.
But can this blooming relationship last on a 5 to 7 basis?
If not who will Arielle chose – Brian or Valery?

:-• Cast -•-:

Anton Yelchin as Brian Bloom
Bérénice Marlohe as Arielle Pierpont
Olivia Thirlby as Jane Hastings
Lambert Wilson as Valery Pierpont
Frank Langella as Sam Bloom
Glenn Close as Arlene Bloom
Eric Stoltz as Galassi
Jocelyn DeBoer as Kiva Bloom
:-• My Opinion -•-:

"I will promise you this. Your favourite story, whatever it might be, was written for one reader."

I have to start by saying that I am not a huge 'ROM COM' fan, and my husband certainly isn't; however - although described as one - '5 to 7' doesn't really come across as your average ROM COM, and both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this film.
I found the script to be clever and snappy - if at times a little clichéd - it is full of poetic and heartening moments as well as some surprisingly funny dialogue In fact, it is this smart writing that kept me curious right through to the end, if only to find out what could possibly become of this strange liaison between a beautiful, sophisticated French woman and a naive young New York writer - called 'Brian' for goodness sake!

Once I had got my head around how a young aspiring writer was able to afford to live in Manhattan with no job and being unable to sell any of his writing, I settled into the plot well. When Arielle and Brian first made their way to the bedroom I had flashbacks to The Graduate, and the song 'Mrs Robinson' went through my head. However, the sex here was more an old fashioned and glamorous romance than raw carnal desire of Mrs Robinson and Ben. This intentionally mild slushiness (you never see the couple in anything less than underwear) makes this film stand apart from a lot of today's love films.

This ROM COM is certainly idealistic and romantic– with the affluent New York setting, the French culture, the aspiring writer (although judging by the places he hangs out - not a starving one) and the beautiful, older Frenchwoman – but one thing that never gets explained to the viewer is why this beautiful and mature woman falls for quiet, unassuming Brian. Brian explains why he falls for Arielle – and it is such an emotional and romantic moment that inspires his best-seller – but Arielle’s motives for the romance remain a mystery to us throughout the story.

Both the director and cinematographer capture the story and New York wonderfully to make this a classical, earnest romantic drama that is rare to see today. With long takes of the leading couple walking through Central Park, lessons in culture as they view François Truffaut's classic Jules and Jim, in the Guggenheim, spend time together in the beautiful suite in the St. Regis Hotel or do blind wine and beer tasting.

Anton Yelchin gives a compelling performance as the budding writer.; he comes across as an endearing, sensitive, thoughtful and respectful - a 'nice Jewish boy'. However, he is upstaged by the wonderful and beautiful Bérénice Marlohe, who just glows with enthusiastic kindness and compassion.
And Glenn Close and Frank Langella as Brian’s stereotypical Jewish parents are just fantastic and bring a lot of humour to the film.

Overall I would say that this a touching, romantic and even thought-provoking film, and well worth a watch..

:-• Ratings -•-:

• Metacritic: 52% from 46 critics
• Rotten Tomatoes: 70% from 50 reviews#
• IMDb: 7.1 /10 from 10,915 votes

:-• Critics -•-:

• San Francisco Chronicle: "that rare category of romantic drama that seems aimed for a male audience"

• The Guardian: "A Woody Allen-tinged love story worth two hours of your time"

• The Hollywood Reporter: "sumptuous and romantic in an attractively old-fashioned way"

• The Playlist: "groan-worthy"

• Herald Sun: "Stay with film 5 to 7 and its guilty pleasure charms will grow on you"

• Washington Post: "There’s a fine line between winsome charm and grating too-cuteness, and the Manhattan-set romance “5 to 7” flirts with and finally crosses it once too often."

• New York Times; "5 to 7 is a New York romance set at the intersection of nostalgia and wishful thinking that takes off near the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street."

:-• How to Watch -•-:

As of 27/01/17 the one disc DVD of ‘5 to7 ‘ (which includes just a making-of featurette and a trailer) can be purchased from Amazon new from £1.94, used from £03.90
Some DVDs on Amazon are available for free delivery within the UK and are if you have a Prime account, if neither of these apply add £1.26 for postage
You can also rent the DVD from LOVEFiLM By Post or watch it instantly from £0.99 with Amazon Instant Video.
Amazon are currently offering £1.00 credit to spend on movies or TV on Amazon Video when you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray offered by Amazon.co.uk. A maximum of 1 credit per customer applies.
Offer ends at 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, December 20, 2017
It is currently available to watch free to subscribers on Sky Cinema and Netflix
:-•DVD Details -•-:

Format: PAL
Language: English
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 12
Studio: Signature Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 4 Jan. 2016
Run Time: 93 minutes
Extras: Making-of featurette and a trailer

:-• In Conclusion -•-:

Life is a collection of moments. The idea is to have as many good ones as you can.

I would really recommend watching this charming, inoffensive little film – at an hour and a half long it is very endearing and easy to watch. The acting by all is good with Frank Langella, Glenn Close and Bérénice Marlohe as the standouts, but Yelchin (hiding his Russian accent well) is also charming and believable.
The story is sweet, if a touch implausible, but all in all, this is an unconventional, small film which could well get lost amongst all the others on offer and it is well worth the watch. I think that it is a little gem with a touch of ‘The Words’, ‘Manhattan’ and ‘The Graduate’ and even the odd hint of Woody Allen and Neil Simon. A beautiful little film, perhaps more so because of the loss of Anton Yelchin.

4/5 stars from me

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Thanks for reading, I hope that you have found this review useful
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