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1 CD(s) - Film - Label: Interscope - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 17/11/2002 - 606949351229

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published 22/03/2003 | shadyem
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Pro Great tracks, Great artists, nice collection of hip-hop.
Cons You might not like this if your not into rap.
very helpful

"A shady Aftermath showcase"

First of all I'd like to explain the title of my op. Shady/Aftermath is two labels run by Eminem (shady) and Dr. Dre (Aftermath). This soundtrack really isn't the soundtrack to the film, okay you have ''lose yourself'' but that’s pretty much it. The rest of the album is new tracks from Shady/Aftermath artists mainly to show the talents of Obie Trice and 50 Cent, the newest recruits.

I actually brought this album when it was just released which means I got the limited edition Shady/Aftermath sampler. This included a few more tracks from the artists including the excellent ''rap name'' by Obie trice and ''Stimulate'' from Eminem. It’s a shame these tracks weren’t put on the album, as they are great. The 2-disc set now seems to be unavailable but I have seen a few on Ebay for great prices.

You may pick this album up because you loved the music in the film (and who wouldn't?) but all songs (apart from lose yourself) are 95' hip hop classics and what your getting on this album is completely new songs, some of which have no relevance to the film apart from the fact their both rap.
And incase you were wondering the actual film score is available on a separate CD called ''More music from 8 mile'' I highly recommend this Cd also.

Many Eminem fans will want this album because, well its Eminem. Please note this is NOT an Eminem album. He features on 3 solo tracks, 1 with Obie and 50 and 1 with his group D12. So now you know.

Track lising:

1. Eminem ~ Lose yourself
2. Eminem/Obie Trice/50 Cent ~ Love me
3. Eminem ~ 8 Mile
4. Obie Trice ~ Adrenaline rush
5. 50 Cent ~ Places to Go
6. D12 ~ Rap game
7. Jay-Z feat. Freeway ~ 8 Miles and runnin'
8. Xzibit ~ Spit Shine
9. Macy Gray ~ time of my life
10. Nas ~ U Wanna be me
11. 50 Cent ~ wanksta
12. Boomkat (Taryn Manning) ~ wasting my time
13. Rakim ~ R.A.K.I.M
14. Young Zee ~ That's my n**** fo' real
15. Gangstarr ~ battle
16. Eminem ~ Rabbit run

All the Eminem solo tracks are strong, obviously you have heard the no.1 ''Lose yourself'' this is so good its even up for an Oscar for best song and lets hope it does well. In ''8 mile'' Em takes on the role of his character in the film, Jimmy. He talks about the stresses of making it in the rap world plus his everyday life. The beat is great you may have heard it if you've seen the film as Em's character actually tries to make the song in the film (If you know what I mean). ''Rabbit Run'' is a 4-minute angry rap again from the mind of the films main character. It has no hook and the lyrics are great. Its great to hear Em rapping from another person’s perspective even if he is similar to him in real life.
''Love me'' has to be one of the best on the album, a simple beat and chorus sang by a woman. I particularly like 50's flow on this song, real smooth.
Em's group D12 make an appearance with ''Rap game''. The hook is great with 50 Cent singing it but this is probably of the worst D12 tracks i've heard. It just doesn't do anything for me although I love their album.

50 CENT:
50 appear on 3 tracks as well as singing the hook for D12's song.
50 had an album due out when this soundtrack was first released (its now out and has done very well) and everyone was eager to know what 50 sounded like on the new label.
(Back story: 50 has been on the underground rap circuit for a while now, he was also shot 9 times before signing to shady records) Sorry about that.
''Places to go'' has a really catchy hook and basically 50 rapping about rap and how good he is (lol). Its not excellent but worth a mention.
''Wanksta'' is another fave track and was the no.1 requested track in the US. Great hook, great beat, great lyrics, you get the idea. By the way Wanksta means fake Gangsta.

Obie is a fellow MC from Detroit found by Em although he had a few underground tracks. ''Adrenaline rush'' is one of those thumping rap tracks, great if your anything like me. Lots of F words though so beware if you have sensitive ears.
Obie also features on ''love me'' (look in Eminem section)

Bring you one of my faves on the whole album. Eminem actually produces this track and he definitely has skills in this department also (is there no end to the talent?) ''8 miles and and Runnin'' sounds like a reference to the film but nope the song is basically about, well Jay-Z and Freeway. Freeway is a new act signed to Jay-Z's label and definitely proves himself here. I'll definitely be copping Freeways album.

Is a member of rap group Outsidaz, but he has always done some solo stuff on the side. Rumours of the rapper being signed by Shady records have been fuelled by this appearance. ''That's my N**** fo' real is really catchy with a great beat. I love Zee's voice as well. Another great track but nothing to do with the film.

If you’re a hip-hop fan you will know Gangstarr are one of the most respected groups out. With Guru's laid-back rapping style and the mixed beat, this tracks a winner. ''Battle'' refers to the main theme in the film, battling so I guess this song actually does have something to do with the film.


Despite owning all Xzibits albums this track, ‘‘Spitshine’’ isn't one of his best and compared to other tracks on this album one of the worst. Don't get me wrong great beat and it surprisingly gets better with every listen (another great thing about this album). Xzibit is also a rapper in the film.

Nas brings us a track from his latest album 'God's son'. ''U wanna be me'' is quite a plain track but you can't deny Nas' lyrical ability. This is probably the only time I’d say A Jay-Z track is better than a Nas track.

Rakim is one of the best rappers out but there’s nothing fresh about this offering. Again this track is better each listen. ''R.A.K.I.M'', if you hadn't noticed spells out his name.

Boomkat (Taryn Manning) actually is an actress and plays Em's ex in the film. This is the first time ive heard her sing a track and recently found out she has an album out which this is taken from. ‘‘Wasting my time'' is an R n B ish song. At first I wondered why the hell this track had been included but after listening to the album a few more times I found myself singing along and I actually quite like it now.

Macy Gray I hear you say (that rhymed), well yes and I actually quite like this track. I’m a hip-hop fan and I haven't been interested in Macy's stuff before but this is a really catchy tune. It’s a happy and some might even say cheesy compared to the rest of the album. I must admit it does feel out of place but I’m glad it’s been included.

This is an excellent collection of Hip Hop and 2 RnB tracks and as I purchased this for £9.99 (from play.com) with the bonus sampler it was a bargain.

If you’re an eminem fan or a hip-hop fan in general buy this album. It’s definitely been a worthwhile purchase and I wouldn't be with out it.
Remember to check out the ‘‘more music from 8 mile'' album for the actual film score.

~~~~~~AN OVERALL WINNER~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  • joe-survey published 17/01/2008
    Great review. I remember listening to this with my mate when it first came out. =]
  • whitedevil published 11/07/2003
    I like most of eminems songs and I liked this cd too. This is a great op.
  • whitedevil published 11/07/2003
    I like most of eminems songs and I liked this cd too. This is a great op.
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