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“On the case!”

published 29/04/2016

AdvantagesBrilliantly acted, excellent music, atmospheric, thought-provoking, gripping


RELEASED: 1967, Cert. 12 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 49mins DIRECTOR: Norman Jewison SCREENPLAY: Stirling Silliphant PRODUCER: Walter Mirisch MUSIC: Quincy Jones MAIN CAST:- Sidney Poitier as Virgil Tibbs Rod Steiger as Police Chief Bill Gillespie Wa

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AdvantagesGood entry level phone, super price

Disadvantagesnot so stylish, name not so well known

While my middle son is a complete techy and loves new shiny gadgets, my eldest one is not interested but can be persuaded into things if it can be proved they will make his life easier. My youngest son, however, takes great pride in being different to t

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AdvantagesIt very smooth, It's priced really well, It gets results

DisadvantagesThere was nothing to catch the dead skin

Let's just say I believe in having your feet summer ready, and this is definitely a way to get them that way. I've always used these types of products and loved my Pedi-Egg and then Scholl's and Amope' came out with these electrical versions and I couldn'

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