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“Friend Request”

published 02/12/2016

Advantagesplot, characters.

Disadvantagesnot very scary

Friend request Price: £10.00 Certificate: 15 Released: 2016 Running Time: 92 minutes I've been wanting to watch this for so long and tonight I finally had the chance to when my boyfriend came over with the DVD and my son finally slept all night without

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AdvantagesNew game mode, new features, new engine that make the game better than ever.

DisadvantagesOnline servers still not good as it could be.

About 5 years ago, things were similar between football games. With '''FIFA 11''' EA took a huge step foward, leaving it's biggest rival Konami behind. While Konami still struggling to produce a decent game, EA kept the same recipe, adding new things to m

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AdvantagesStrong and durable, very easy to use

DisadvantagesExpensive to buy

Back in July, our local Netto had a closing down sale and everything went to 50% off. It was both amazing and carnage: I was in there nearly every day buying stuff as they were getting deliveries each day with no indication of what might arrive. Let me te

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Alphabet Challenge

Ciao Café Current Issue

From 12.01.2016 to 12.15.2016

The holidays are almost here! Most of us have probably decided how we intend on spending our Christmas break and are counting down the days in anticipation.
Do you look forward to frosty mornings and, with any luck, snowy evenings, surrounded by family and friends? Or do you wish to escape to a tropical destination for some winter sun?
So, dear Ciaoers,
Christmas Holidays: home or away? Whether your going home to visit family or seek new adventures, we want to know where you intend on spending Christmas this year.
Write your opinion here before midnight on December 14th.
Congratulations to stephbond1989 and emjaynehill who won the previous debate and win £5 each.
We would also like to thank stephbond1989 for her question sugestions, one of which inspired this current issue, and reward her with £1.50.
Good luck to all participants!
Your Ciao team.

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