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“Eh oh”

published 25/05/2016

AdvantagesHarry loves it

DisadvantagesNo way to change battery

When I was pregnant the one thing I was determined about was that my baby would not be watching teletubbies. Only because they really annoy me and I find them more than a little bit creepy. Fast forward 14 months and I have a son who loves them more than

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AdvantagesFree money! (Useful for regular and high cost purchases), Choice of retailers, Generally reliable

DisadvantagesMany low cashback amounts, Retention fee, Cashback sometimes takes a while to confirm

I have been a member of Quidco for a few years now and have earned £400+ through them. When I first joined, it was completely free to use. It still is free to use but they now have 'basic' and 'premium' account options. Basic accounts are entirely free to

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DisadvantagesLots on the page

My dream writing job is to be a TV and film critic. Sports writing doesn’t pay that well and I always enjoy those caustic critics in the newspapers that hey stuck into what is pretty poor TV these days. I love being opinionated (you noticed) and why I - a

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