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EAN 9781841591605
Type Fiction
Genre Classics
Title A Few Quick Ones
Author P.G. Wodehouse
Edition Hardback
Publisher Everyman's Library
ISBN 1841591602


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Fiction - Classics - ISBN: 0099532816, 1411403622, 0848814592, 0791059235, 0583112315, 0449911497, 0431081751, 0370318579, 0370303024, 0370000765, 0330302906, 0316739928, 0224042203, 0099483475

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Beautifully written characters, possibly his greatest work
None I can think of (*)
Introduction to a Masterful Writer!
A Long Review! (*)
Historically relevent, touching, darkly humourous at times
Often overlooked as a 'political text' (*)
Very interesting romantic story set in 18th century England, lots of humour
May not be interesting if you are not into novels with such themes (*)
witty and insightful - gives an insight into our own rural heritage
the language used can be dificult (*)
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Beautifully written, addresses so many real life issues, something for everyone
None! (*)
It got me an A in Higher English
I spent a year reviewing it! (*)
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Well written and funny
Lack of sympathy with characters (*)
Wonderfully witty - a classic
none at all! (*)
It's Oscar Wilde! And a lot of it too!
You wouldn't want to be carrying it around in your handbag! (*)
An insight into the human condition
Many adaptations has marred Wells 1910 version (*)
One of the funniest of the Blandings books
The series sometimes seems a little second-best to the Jeeves and Wooster stories (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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