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A Good Day To Die Hard (DVD)

2013 film starring Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney and Sebastian Koch. The fifth instalment of the "Die Hard" franchise, in which New York cop John McClane...

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published 13/03/2016 | IzzyS
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Pro Very tense, engrossing, car chase scenes & general action, amusing
Cons Thin plot, best avoided if you suffer from motion sickness, subtitles
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"No credibility, shaky yet cheesy & amusing-not awful,not great!"

- Story -

From what I could fathom of the plot, it goes something along the lines of this - John McClane is spurred in to action after travelling out to Russia to help his son, Jack, who seems to be in over his head. It turns out that Jack is working undercover for the US government and things take a much more sinister turn after John becomes involved, forcing father and son to face some very dangerous men.

- More Info., Thoughts & Opinions -

I should probably admit that I haven't personally seen the previous 'Die Hard' films, although I'm (obviously) aware of them. I can appreciate a well made action film and when I saw this advertised I thought I'd give it a go. I expected this to be somewhat like the 'The Transporter' films - plenty of fast paced chase scenes, gunfire/fights, macho men and some female 'eye candy' and I was pretty much right.

The plot pace in this film is very fast. Almost as soon as John arrives in Russia, the special effects team are mostly in charge, in as much as I felt the plot was a bit(!) unclear and the focus was all on the action - think along the lines of crashes, chases and explosions, with cars flung across carriageways as if they were mere childrens toys.

I'd say that there are some plot twists present but then again, as mentioned, I did feel a bit lost when it came to following some of the finer details as far as the plot was concerned. Certainly plot elements seemed a bit cringe-worthily predictable, from a stereotyping perspective, in as much as the Russians being the villains, the 'them' vs 'us' scenario, plus of course there is the subtitling, which will put some people off. Not only are there various scenes in which Russian characters speak in (presumably) native Russian, hence the presence of subtitles but also, said subtitles appear quite small on the screen and thus may be a bit difficult for some people to follow, potentially?.

The dialogue is pretty cheesy, as I suppose I expected. I didn't have high expectations for this film, I just hoped to be entertained by it and it certainly did that. I couldn't help but wonder at times how Willis had managed to get through filming 5 of these films and stay in reasonable shape - the realist in me seriously doubting that McClane would have had any chance of surviving to live to see the escapades this installment of the franchise brings, let alone be physically capable to defend his son but thats to be expected. It made me think of the US drama TV series 24, which I was quite keen on for a few years but again featured a somehow supposedly mortal and yet somehow immortal main character, in the form of Jack Bauer. How he walked away from certain scenarios without needing a walking stick is anyones guess! I wonder how many stunt doubles Willis had? numerous, I'd have imagined.

Some of the sequences of event are really quite laughable but then I suppose you could argue thats part of the appeal or charm even of the film. Lets face it, when you reach the 5th installment, or 4th sequel, of any film (franchise), credibility isn't likely to be especially present, which is very much the case here. There are quite a few criticisms I could give, thats without being overly familiar with the previous 4 installments of the franchise (aka the other sequels and the original film) but I feel that to be totally fair and hopefully not come across as especially biased or what-not, I'd say that overall I thought this was a fairly entertaining film, with some undoubtedly impressive special effects, some engrossing chase scenes and a decent use of a (if basic) soundtrack. There was less emphasis on the characters than perhaps there should have been but then perhaps some of them featured in previous 'Die Hard' films. I suppose I wouldn't know, to be fair.

Camera wise, I can't not mention the fact that the main action scenes are so fast paced and frantic/frenetic that the camera work is very, very shaky or jerky and I'd imagine that, as a result of this, anyone who is particularly prone to motion sickness would probably be best avoiding watching this. It doesn't especially bother me but it was very noticeable never the less and I thought it only right to mention this in my review.

Content wise, unsurprisingly this film does contain strong language and moderate bloody violence. This film has a 15 rating, although previous films have the higher 18 rating.

Is this the type of film to be taken especially seriously? no. Is it particularly credible? no. Does it feature decent special effects and is it engrossing? I'd say so, yes, at least for me it was anyway. Put it this way - if your looking for a film to watch to keep you entertained for a while and your not bothered about keeping track of a complicated, multi-layer plot with in-depth character development et al, then this may well 'do the job'. I wouldn't say its an especially (if at all) memorable film or anything like that but for what it is, its alright. It has a sort of perhaps unintentional comedic element to it, which comes out in some of the aforementioned cheesy dialogue. I think as long as you don't take it too seriously, its ok.

- Would I Recommend It? -

I'm not sure that I'd outright recommend it as such - I suppose it depends on what your looking for, as it won't appeal to all. I thought it was an ok film, relatively amusing in a silly way, with no real credibility or realism whatsoever, plus it features some cringe-y stereotypes and so on, yet the (car etc.) chase scenes are decent enough, the special effects in general are pretty ok and I did feel it kept my attention for most of the duration, so I feel that I can't entirely mark it down. I imagine some people will find this fairly entertaining, so it may be worth catching if its shown on TV or similar but otherwise, lets put it this way - its not the most memorable film by a long stretch and I certainly wouldn't go out of your way to see it. I hope that helps clarify things.

- Availability -

If your interested in seeing this, you can buy it on DVD for £3.00 at Amazon UK or for £5.99 and also part of the 2 DVDs for £10 scheme currently on offer at HMV, at time of publishing this review (mid March 2016).

- Final Note / Thank You -

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you found it useful and thanks, as ever, for any and all rates and comments.

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2013 film starring Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney and Sebastian Koch. The fifth instalment of the "Die Hard" franchise, in which New York cop John McClane travels to Russia to help his apparently wayward son. Both father and son are soon embroiled in a conspiracy to steal weapons-grade uranium. Directed by John Moore and written by Skip Woods.

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