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A Modern day fairy story.

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... It would be Beanstalk Agro-enterprises, with sky-high prospects. Jack sat back in an anticipatory glow. Soon he'd be tearing up his 'My Other Car's a Tractor' sticker, and buying that Porsche he'd always dreamed of. 'Young Farmers do it in Style' the sticker could say in future. Talking ... Read review

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Twice upon a time

AdvantagesTwo fairy tales for the price of one

DisadvantagesOne fairy tale for the length of two

"...without warning and he'd lost a set of unsaved spreadsheets that had taken him days to compile. With so little spare time after he had finished all the stupid chores his mother dreamed up for him around the farm, that hurt. It hurt doubly because with modern machinery the chores could have been handled in seconds rather than hours, but would she let him borrow the money to buy the machinery? No way. She had some crazy down on debt, being too fossilised ..." Read review

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"...all she had. She was a prisoner in her own home, forgotten by the outside world, alone and lonely. Turning from the window she moved her wheelchair back into the deeper gloom of her world, those four rooms that made up her entire existence. Pushing her way past the battered sofa she reached out for the light switch. It was only midafternoon but it was getting too dark to see properly. It took her a few seconds to haul herself up to reach the switch. ..." Read review

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Little Red Riding Hoodie ... R.I.P



"Once upon a time, Rose rose early … habitually, every single weekday morning. Indeed it wasn't uncommon for her to be seen leaving the house before dawn ... particularly if Dawn had been out partying the night before, and had returned home the worse for drink. Rose struggled into her burgundy cagoule and fastened the toggles of the hood tightly under her chin. Not for nothing had she earned the knick-name 'Little Red Riding Hoodie'. The tiny emaciated ..." Read review

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The magic of lightning on sand

AdvantagesIt was fun

DisadvantagesIt's very long and It might be a bit rubbish

"...and yellow as she took a breath and placed the blow hose between heat chapped lips. Exhaling slowly and evenly, she twirled the pole, watching intently as the tip glowed orange and began to expand into a perfect bubble. Patiently, with great delicacy and skill, she began to shape the bubble of glass, caressing it with tools wielded in clever hands encased in thick heatproof gloves, until it became a beautifully serpentine shape, reminiscent of ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Elffriend


The Sleeping Beauty.

AdvantagesA chance for writers to adapt thier skills.

DisadvantagesOnly limited by imagination.

"A few weeks back I asked Ciao to introduce this category for several reasons. My first idea was to take a fairy tale and adapt it to modern-day stories thinking this would be a challenging experience for many of the excellent writers on Ciao. My second reason was to allow people from different cultures to share their own folk stories with us. My third and maybe more important reason was to see if a writer could come up with a story to suit the times ..." Read review

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Sometimes turns out to be Mission: Impossible. (*)
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Emotions are as powerful as words (*)
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