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A Perfect Proposal - Katie Fforde

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... Can Sophie help the old lady or is the needle-in-a-haystack search destined to end in complete failure? From the blurb on the back cover, you could be forgiven for assuming that the bulk of the plot takes place in New York but in reality, Sophie's visit to New York (and America in general) ... Read review
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A Perfect Proposal - Katie Fforde

A Perfect Proposal - Katie Fforde

A Perfect Proposal: By Katie Fforde. Read by Jilly Bond. Sophie Apperly's family has never ... more

taken her seriously. So when her best friend Milly
invites her over to New York, she jumps at the
chance. She's on a quest - America holds the key
to solving her family's financial woes. Sophie's
determined to enjoy every minute of her big
adventure. So when an evening at an art gallery
throws her into the path of Matilda, a spirited
old lady who invites her to Connecticut for
Thanksgiving, Sophie willingly accepts, much to
the dismay of Matilda's grandson Luke. He
eventually admits defeat, but first he has a
proposal to make. He'll help Sophie in her quest
to save her family if she repays the favour. But
just what does she have to do in return...?

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Community Level 5dippykitty...


Not Perfect but I'd still Propose that you give it a go!

AdvantagesMostly likeable characters. Easy to get into.

DisadvantagesProbably too fluffy for some. Some of the colloquial phrases irritated me.

"Sophie makes ends meet as a waitress but really wants to do something along more creative lines. Fed up with being the dogsbody in her family, she jumps at the chance to visit friend Milly in New York, where she meets Matilda. While the old lady is lovely and charming, her grandson Luke is more hostile and wants to suss out why Sophie is so keen to help Matilda on her quest to track down a part of her past. Can Sophie help the old lady or is the needle-in-a-haystack ..." Read review

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Community Level 1twentiesgirl


I Propose this is worth reading!

AdvantagesGood plot, nice characters

DisadvantagesTakes a while for Luke and Sophie to have chemistry

"...better when she unintentionally befriends a spirited old British lady called Matilda. The only person not happy with Sophie’s relationship with Matilda is Luke, Matilda’s grandson because he believes Sophie to be nothing more than a chancer trying to get one over on his grandmother. After Sophie is invited to Thanksgiving, though, Luke is forced to concede Sophie will be there and tries to befriend her, but not without first asking Sophie for a favour ..." Read review

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Community Level 8xdonzx


~* A Perfect Read! *~

AdvantagesPlot, Characters, Style of writing


"A Perfect Proposal is a fictional romance book by Author Katie Fforde. The book was released in the United Kingdom in March 2010 and so is fairly recent. The book is four hundred pages long. You can buy your copy from Amazon for just £3.41 which I think is good value for money. Plot: Sophie's family take her for granted. So when her best friend Milly offers her a trip of a lifetime to New York, she can't resist. So, off she goes to New York. Whilst ..." Read review

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Sophie Apperly has been supporting herself since she left school, but as far as her academic family are concerned she's never had a 'proper' job. And because she's currently in between work she's despatched to look after Uncle Eric while his housekeeper is away. Here, whilst tidying his papers, she discovers a document relating to family business in America. Driven mad by her family and wanting to prove herself to them and bring in some much-needed income for them all, when her best friend Milly invites her over to New York she jumps at the chance - what's more she's lined up some nannying work for her to pay her way. However, she's hardly been in the country five minutes before disaster strikes. She suddenly finds herself with no work, nowhere to stay and very little money. Luckily Milly has a corner in her tiny apartment she can camp out in. A jaunt to an art gallery opening throws her into the path of Matilda - a grand old lady who is delighted to find someone who comes from the same part of the world as she grew up in. She is very taken with Sophie and invites her to her house in Connecticut for Thanksgiving. But Matilda's grandson Luke is very suspicious of Sophie - what exactly does this English girl want, is she after her grandmother's money? - and he's determined to nip this growing friendship in the bud.

Product details

ISBN 1846054494
EAN 9781846054495
Type Fiction
Genre Romance
Title A Perfect Proposal
Author Katie Fforde
Release Date 10.06.2010


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