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Review of "A-Z for Members Challenges"

published 28/12/2006 | daylehall
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Pro You get to read my A-z
Cons Its a very very long review....
very helpful

"Dayle's A - Zzzzz!"

I haven't done a members picks review for ages so thought I would give this one a shot. Got a funny feeling I am going to regret it though!

A is for animals. I love all animals big and small. I am literally fascinated by every living creature, I even like spiders. I am slightly scared of wasps for the obvious reason, I don't want to get stung but I would never kill one, I always chase them round the room trying to get them in a glass to stop everyone else trying to kill them. My boyfriend and I went to Alton Towers for my birthday back in May and while we were wondering about Alton Tower, we noticed that 7 ducklings had fallen into a pond and because the water level was so low, there was no way for them to get back out again. It took us 3 hours, but we managed to find a plank of wood which we made into a ramp for the duckling to waddle up and nestle into their Mum who was sat happily wondering why the ducklings were not coming out of the pond. It was so nice seeing them all waddle up the plank of wood one by one, even if we did miss having a go on the main rides because we were so worried about the ducklings.

B is for brother. I have an older brother, Darryl. He is two and a half years older than me and we get on so well together. Some of my friend hates their brothers and sisters and I feel blessed that Darryl and I get on so well together. We went through a stage of arguing when we were around 11 and 13 but apart from that, we have always been really close.

C is for my car. I have a little Polo which I love to bits, even though I got caught speeding in it last week which cost me £60 in fines!! I would be lost without my car now, I love jumping in my car with my dogs and finding somewhere nice to walk them. I used to live with my parents when I first passed my driving test and I love the feeling of freedom my car gave me, being able to go where I wanted, when I wanted.

D is for my Dad. I adore my Dad, he really is my real life hero. He has given me some of the best memories I will ever have, a wonderful childhood. He has always stood by me, no matter how far I have pushed him and my Mum. He is always honest with me, when I broke up with a boyfriend, I was sat in crying and wondering if my boyfriend would want to get back with me, and he was honest without being brutal and explained that there was a reason why we broke up anyway. Dad is always there to help me with things in the house, like decorating, sorting out bills I don't understand etc. He is literally perfect in my eyes.

E is for evenings. I love having evenings off work. I am a shift worker so sometimes can work a whole week without having an evening at home. When I do have an evening off, I like to go to my parents for something to eat with my boyfriend, and then take all the dogs out for a nice long walk before coming home and snuggling on the sofa with my boyfriend and doggies and watching a good film while eating ice cream! Mmmm, heaven!!

F is for friends. I have quite a few friends that I go a long way back with. They have always been there for me when I needed them, making me laugh when I needed them to, cheering me up when I am sad, making me laugh at the stupid memories we share. Some friends come and go, but real friends, that stick around forever, through thick and thin, those friends mean the world to me

G is for Goldfish. I love keeping Goldfish. Many people assume they are boring but I love watching them swimming around in their tank and all doing their own little things. I find them very relaxing to watch. I prefer goldfish to tropical fish as they have much better temperaments and are very accepting of any new fish that you put in the tank with them.

H is for my hounds Marley and Dax. As I have already said, I love my animals and especially my dogs. They make my life that little bit better, coming home from work and they are always so pleased to see me, whether I have left them for 5 minutes or 5 hours. They keep me fit with all the walks I have to take them on, they play with their toys and each other and make me giggle. My life would feel pretty empty without them.

I is for India. I went to Goa this year and it is certainly somewhere I would love to go again. The country is amazing and the people are so friendly and welcoming. The scenery and wildlife are incredible, boiling hot sunshine, white sandy beaches. The food is out of this world, I put on nearly half a stone while I was out there because the food is so nice you literally eat and eat!

J is for Jamie my boyfriend. I have been with him nearly a year and he's lovely. He loves animals as much as me, even to the extent that he understood my dog getting jealous of him when he first started seeing me and started coming round my house. He gets on great with all my friends and family and makes me very happy too. I think our personalities compliment each other as I can be quite moody sometimes and he's really laid back so when I am throwing a strop (about nothing in particular) he just calms me down from it, rather then arguing with me and making things worse.

K is for Kota Kinabalu which is in Malaysia. My boyfriend and I went there on holiday this year and had an amazing time. It has all the same advantages as Goa and the only disadvantage is the 15 hour flight to get there!

L is for Laughter. I think I have a fairly happy life and its full of laughter. Whether it my boyfriend Jamie, my family and friends or my animals, laughter is a very important part of life, there's no point being miserable all the time is there??

M is for my Mum, Rose. I love my Mum to bits and can totally be myself around her. She is always very accepting of all my friends and is always there to give me advice when I need it! She also still does my ironing for me (even though I moved out 2 years ago) Spoilt I know and she definately deserves a mention here. She also shares my love of animals and always looks after my doggies when I am at work as I don't like to leave them by themselves.

N would be the Net. I have been on the internet since about 1998 and have to say I would be lost without my computer! Nowadays I spend most of my time on Ciao. I have apparently been a member of Ciao for a couple of years but have only started writing reviews in the past few months and am finding it very addictive. I also love downloading music from the net, chatting to friends on myspace and researching info on the internet. When my dog, Marley was diagnosed with epilepsy, the internet was a great help to me in finding out more information about his condition. I used to be a major addict on eBay too but over the past recent months, it has started to bore me as there are too many people on there waiting to con some poor innocent victim. I have however, made a fair amount of money selling old items of mine and still occasionally look on there for bargains!

O is for Oranges. Strangely enough I am allergic to oranges, they bring me out in a silly red rash! Unfortunately they are my favourite fruit though so I still eat them anyway. My allergic reaction has got better over the years, when I was younger, eating one orange used to bring me out in a rash but now I only get a rash when I eat 2 or more oranges. I go through phases and can eat up to 8 oranges in one day during the summer which is not too great for my allergic reaction! Its bizarre though as I am not allergic to grapefruit just the orange family, oranges, satsumas and tangerines. (can anyone tell me the difference between a satsuma and a tangerine??)

P is for Perfume. I love perfume so much. Currently I have around 60 bottles and could still easily name another 30 scents that I want to add to my collection. It all started about 2 years ago when I smelt a perfume I really liked. I was bought that perfume for Christmas and the addiction started there. My mates love getting ready for a night out at my house as they always have a great choice of perfumes to wear! Since I have been with my boyfriend Jamie, I have got him into aftershaves and he has a nice little collection started now.

Q is for Quavers. I have an unhealthy addiction to crisps. Most girls love chocolate but I love crisps. The good thing about Quavers is that they only have 101 calories which is actually pretty good for a packet of crisps. I love the way the crackle on your tongue when you eat them and the shape on them means the flavour gets caught in the curves making them very tasty!

R is for Reading. I have read for as long as I can remember. I love getting lost it a book. I enjoy using my imagination, as a lot of reading is based on how you interpret the book yourself. Many of my friends have never read a book which I find shocking, they tell me they think its boring, yet they will sit in front of the TV and watch silly programmes like Wife Swop. Quite often, I would rather read a book than watch some of the junk they put on TV nowadays.

S is for Slinky. Slinky was my 1st ever Leopard Gecko. I got her about 4 years ago as I had always wanted a reptile but Mum and Dad were not too keen on letting me get one as I wasn't at home very much. They eventually let me get one as a Congratulations for giving up smoking (although that didn't last long). Unfortunately, Slinky became very ill earlier this year, she had a bacterial infection and a vitamin deficiency and sadly she died. I love my little Slinky to bits and don't think I will ever get over how sad I felt when she died. The worst part was that I had her booked into the vets for the day after she died. I guess I left it too late and will never forgive myself that that.

T is for texting. I have to admit to texting on my phone an awful lot. In fact, I text so much that I can easily send a text without actually looking at the screen of my phone, I know where all the buttons are without looking. I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or proud of that!!

U is for Uniform. I work as a Civil Servant and have to wear an awful uniform! Its very similar to a school uniform actually, with shirt. tie, jumper etc. The trousers are awful though, they feel like cardboard and the waist sits somewhere above my bellybutton so I have to fold them over to make them half comfortable to wear! The only good thing about wearing a uniform is that I don't have to worry about what to wear everyday and I don't need to ruin my own clothes at work and can save my money for buying clothes to wear in my leisure time.

V is for Vegetarian which is what I am. I decided to stop eating meat when I was eleven so have been a vegetarian for more than half my life now. Even from a very young age, I didn't like the idea of eating animals. When I was eleven, I was out walking and I found a sheep that was stuck in a bramble bush. I went over to try and help it and where it was so scared of me, it just ended getting more and more caught up. After a bit of a struggle, I eventually managed to get it free but I remember thinking it was so awful that this animal was scared of me even though I was trying to help it. I went home and announced to Mum and Dad that I was going to be a vegetarian from now on. They went with it, assuming that it was just a phase but nearly 12 years later and I proved everyone wrong. It does annoy me sometimes as people say that its pointless me being a veggie as it doesn't mean that animals will stop being killed, and I know that,=. But it is my choice to not eat them and I think people should respect that and not question me.

W is for walks. I absolutely love walking which is quite a good thing as I don't do any exercise apart form that. I love walking my dogs in the countryside. I come from a very close family and between us, we have 6 border collies and I love nothing better than taking all 6 of them out for a long walk in the countryside. My Mum and Dad live in the countryside and have loads of farm land behind their house which is perfect for dog walking. I even enjoy walking in the winter although its not as much fun as when its warm. In the summer, we can quite easily walk for 2 hours and not even realise it. When I have had a bad day, walking out in the fields clears me head and calms me, I swear, its better then therapy!

X would have to be for X Factor. I never really used to watch shows like this but got into the X Factor last year and watched it every week this year. I thought Leona who won it this year was amazing, her vice gave me goosebumps and I think shows like this are great as they give normal people the chance to do follow their dream which they might not necessarily get the chance to do otherwise.

Y is for Yawning. I have a bit of a problem with yawning, even someone saying the word makes me break out in a big yawn! Its quite annoying actually as most of my mates think its funny and will sit there for ages making me yawn, in the end I get big wattery eyes and get really fed up!

Z is for zoo. My family and friends joke that I have a zoo. I currently have 2 dogs, 4 budgies, a hamster, 2 fish tanks, 4 leopard geckos and a bearded dragon. I would love a cat to complete my 'zoo' but I live on a main road and would never forgive myself if my cat got killed. I will wait until I have my mansion in the countryside before I get a cat!

If you got to the end of this you deserve a medal!

Thanks for reading. xx

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  • sianybaby1986 published 17/09/2008
    Really enjoyed reading this. xxx
  • sugarmouse1 published 01/04/2007
    I enjoyed that 2. And my experience with vegetarianism is much the same as yours. remember supply and demand though the less people eat animals, ultimatly the less are killed.
  • rosehall published 25/01/2007
    P is for precious thats what you are to me. E is for excellent review.xxxxx
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