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published 07/07/2011 | lilloulfc
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Please read my depression review my wonderful partner is doing a 10K for Mental Health charities https://www.justgiving.com/joefrancis93
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"A-Z Challenge! and what a challenge it was"

This is me at a wedding like a few weeks ago.

This is me at a wedding like a few weeks ago.

More About Me But an A-Z Challenge

Right so here is a little challenge I thought I would take part in seen as I have only just come back to Ciao. So I thought a nice easy start to break me back into it but now I'm having a few doubts. I've come back to Ciao because I miss a few people and to be honest I really need the money to help my fund raising for South Africa in February. I believed I wanted to do this review about myself just so anybody can read more about me. The A-Z wont be about me but things that basically mean something or have some interest to me. Okay so now I am just waffling on about anything I will start!

So A this has to be Archie!
Archie is one of my dogs (I have 2) . Archie is now 1 and is a shih tzu he's still my baby. I had him for Christmas and what an amazing Christmas present he was! We already had a rough collie whose about 5 times the size of Archie yet Archie is the boss between the two. At 9 o'clock every night Archie jumps up onto the sofa and has a cuddle off me and if he doesn't he will sit in the kitchen and sulk I think he's a mummy's boy! He loves going through the hills and also loves being adventurous. He is also 'mardy' he will cry and look out the window for Murphie (Rough Collie) if he has gone out for a walk and he has had to stop behind.

B is for Bouncy Castles!
Okay so I will admit I am 17 yes but I am probably the biggest child you will ever meet. I will always be a child and will never change my ways. I absolutely love bouncy castles at fairs or fun days you can guarantee that I will be bouncing along with other children or at the top of the ones that are slides I love them. I think if my back garden was big enough I would have a huge one like an obstacle course and I would just live in it. I remember once I went to a wedding with a bouncy castle and I spent most of my time on it. I still jump on my bed like its a bouncy castle but I have to be careful I don't break it.

C is for Childcare Student!
I am currently studying a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education at a local college it's a two year course which could see me going to University, working in a private day nursery,being a nanny or a teacher assistant. At the moment I want to go to university to be come a Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher in a Primary school. I have now just completed my first year with 6 assignments complete. 3 at grade B (the others yet haven't been marked). I can say it hasn't been easy it has been difficult that is why I have been concentrating on those instead of reviewing on here and dooyoo. I enjoy the course as it is something I want to do and I believe that your only do you best something if you really want it. I believe children are fun too work with as each week they develop in all different areas and I love to help them become the best that they can. People never really understand why somebody would want to work with children and I get asked all the time and my reply everytime is that you won't understand until you do it.

D is for Daddy!
Some of you may know that recently my dad hasn't be very well and has been in hospital for 3 months, but now he is out and is having regular physio therapy at the hospital. My dad was in hospital due to a stroke and other things and is only 40. The stroke has left him with no feeling down the right side of his body. When I first found out about this I was in shock and I just couldn't cope but I never let that show. Before it had happened I hadn't been talking to my dad for several months (my mum and dad split up when I was 2) due to an argument but I believe that it has now bought us together and I see him regularly. My dad taught me all I know and how I play football which is a huge part of my life. However, he didn't influence my choice in team, thank goodness or I would be supporting Stoke city. My dad for me is a fighter and I will now look up to him, he is always here for me and has made me aware that life is too short to hold grudges or regrets. So my dad has to be the D in my life.

E is for Energy!
Some days I have lots of it others I just simply have none. I believe when I have lots of energy I am a happy person which is most of the time. I only have my energy from sleeping and I absolutely love sleeping a nice long lie in till dinner time or later then that makes me alert and very hyperactive. I am a very energetic person and do active things just in the spear of the moment. Some people don't like really energetic people but I love them and they tend to be more fun.

F is for Feisty!
I got told by my college lecturer that I am a feisty person and to be honest I didn't even know what it meant until my mum told me. Now I totally agree with her I believe you just have to go with your heart and have to have a strong determination otherwise you won't do something to the best you can. I won't quiet until I do what I set out to do.

G is for Gym!
I recently well a few months ago enrolled in a gym for £16 a month for three years. At first I thought I would never enjoy it and never want to go. After a few weeks of settling in and a few thousand calories lost I am absolutely loving it. I go to the gym every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and give myself a target each time achieve. I believe if I didn't do this then this wouldn't make me enjoy it as much as I wouldn't feel like that I am achieving anything. After dropping a dress size I feel greater than ever and feel like it has given me the confidence to try new things. Every time I tell friends that I am losing weight they always say that there is no need for me but I feel I have to as I got to the stage that I felt really unhealthy as I had stopped all the exercise that I was taking part in. I believe that going to the gym is making me feel happy within myself and plan on keeping it up.

H is for Home!
For me you can't beat the comfort of your own home. For me my home is in Stoke-on-Trent there is not much to do and it isn't a particularly nice area but it is where I have been raised and wouldn't want to really live anywhere else. I love my home I live with my mum,nan and grandad and can honestly say I wouldn't have it any other way I get spoilt by all of them but enjoy having fun with them all. Home life has never really been better and home has made me who I am. Home is where I feel I'm the best I can be and wouldn't change where I live for the world. For me home and family is the most important thing in life.

I is for Italian Food!
Italian food for me is the future its beautiful. I love pizza, pasta just everything about Italian food. I guess the amount of pizza I eat isn't healthy but I can't actually say how delicious it is. My favourite pizza has to be just a simple margherita pizza which is just cheese and tomato very plain and boring but simply gorgeous! I love lasagne too but vegetarian ones because I am not too keen on meat. There is not much really to say about Italian food really it is just amazing and you have to try it yourself to see how lovely it is.

J is for Junk Food!
I believe junk food is the best food and without it the world everybody would just be health freaks. The important part of junk food is knowing your limits and knowing when enough is enough. I eat junk food a lot and I know it isn't good but who cares it tastes too good. My favourite junk food has to be chocolate and kind of chocolate I will have but the only chocolate I don't like is dark chocolate that is too bitter for me. Galaxy has to be the best chocolate around its just thick and creamy, perfection! I also love McDonald's I could live on them but I guess that if I did I would probably be dead in about 5 years maybe not even that. I believe that junk food can be addictive but it is about knowing what's right and wrong when it comes to food.

L is for Liverpool Football Club and Lilly Mae!
Most people on here probably know that I am a huge Liverpool fan as well as a Port Vale fan. I know I am not from Liverpool and may be seen as a glory hunter but I have been supporting them for as long as I can remember. I am proud of my club and can't wait for this season to start with King Kenny Dalglish in charge who is a hero of mine. I try and go to as many Liverpool games as possible and this season I am going to try to go to more. I have a great passion for Liverpool and always have they have some much great history and legends that their future looks promising.
Lilly Mae is my other L because she is my little star! She's my half sister (we both have the same dad). Lilly is 2 and never fails to make me smile she is growing into a lovely little girl just like her big sister! Anybody that sees Lilly Mae can see how much of a happy,loving and adorable child she is. Her imagination has to be the best I've ever seen in a child and her vocabulary has to be better mine. There are man funny stories I can tell you about Lilly but my favourite has to be this one. One day I was sitting watching the television and she jumped on her little trampoline took her trousers off so she had her nappy on and put some of my socks on and put herself a glittery top on. She then got a skipping rope as a microphone and said “look everyone I'm lady gaga!” Just lets hope she doesn't turn out like her!

M is for Music!
I love listening to music all sorts really as you can probably tell from some of my reviews. I genuinely like all kinds of music. I love Mumford and Sons, Kings of Leon, The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys, Jessie J, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Ndubz, Oasis, Queen, Biffy Clyro, Pitbull, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Adele, Lady Gaga, Take That, Westlife and so much more. I always find listening to music can just change my mood and just listen to it to chill it. I don't think my family like it when I blast my music out though as you can always guarantee that I am singing my heart out you can't beat it really.

N is for Nice!
I guess I am a nice person, I don't want to hurt others I look out for people who mean something to me. I am nice to people who are nice to me it is simple as that really.

O is for Original!
I love original people and people who are themselves even if other people don't like it. I see myself as original and don't tend to follow a trend. I believe your born as yourself and shouldn't change who you are for anybody just to make them happy. It's true though why should you copy off someone? It surely doesn't make you happy.

P is for Pets!
Well you all know about my two adorable dogs Murphie and Archie. This is just the half of my pet family though. I have two tortoises and a guinea pig too. My tortoises are called Turbo and Flash and are approximately 3 years old. I love these because not many people realise you can keep them as pets. They can go into the garden if it is a certain temperature and can be hard to maintain as they have to have a much warmer climate than what we live in. they also cost a lot of money and so far they have probably cost about £1,000 which is a lot but definitely worth it. My guinea pig is 6 years old so is old in guinea pig years. He was my first proper pet as well as my hamster which died. I love my pets and care for them the best I can even though it can be hard.

Q is for Quiet!
For anybody that doesn't know me I am a very quiet person but anybody that thinks that just doesn't know me properly. I'm quiet at first but once you get to know me you would wish I would shut up. I often get called quiet by others in my college group but they don't realise the real me as I find it hard to be myself around them. I don't think I am very quiet though.

R is for Range Rover!
I want this car when I am older they look so posh! I would love a white one with black tinted windows. I have always wanted one of these cars for a long time now but to be honest at my height I don't think I will be able to reach the pedals. Or if I had enough money I would get somebody to drive me around.

S is for Stuart Tomlinson!
For anybody that doesn't know who him he is Port Vales goalkeeper and without a doubt I will marry him but he just doesn't know it yet. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen play football and I haven't been afraid to tell him this on twitter, and he thanked me and said I was sweet that moment my life was complete. He's got black hair and his muscles are huge. I sound really shallow but seriously he is gorgeous. He's a part of me because he play for Port Vale and I just think he is amazing. He isn't a good goalkeeper but his looks make up for that. So he is my S.

T is for Trust!
Trust is probably one of the most hardest things to build and to receive of somebody. I find it very hard to trust as many people have broke their trust with me and know I find it very hard to trust but if that isn't the case then I tend to trust somebody and then they show me why I shouldn't. I only trust a certain few people in my life right now and to be honest that is all I need. I go by the saying 'trust takes years to build,seconds to break and forever to fix'. I have never seen a saying that is so true. Trust is a very important thing to have between two people and with it or without can make or break a relationship or friendship with anybody.

U is for Unique!
Everybody is unique in their own way so my U is for unique. I believe I am unique as there is nobody else like me they could be similar but not identical. That sounds really big headed but I guess it is true.

V is for visual learner!
Well I will be honest I found it hard trying to find V so I thought of this from my school days. I found out I was a visual learner by completing a questionnaire. This means that I learn best by seeing something and then doing it for myself. I didn't know this at first until it come to revising for my GCSE's I wrote all key facts on a huge piece of paper and then because I saw it it helped me to learn the useful information.

W is for Woody!
I absolutely adore Toy Story and Woody has to be my favourite character. I think if woody was real he would be my best friend, he is just a hero to all toys. Okay so I am actually realising how much of a child and a strange person I am now. Woody is the best toy story character for me because he doesn't have has much gadgets as Buzz but it shows that you don't have to have everything to be happy or to get noticed.

X is for X factor!
This has to be one of my favourite television programmes going. I am going to the X factor auditions in Liverpool next Thursday ( 14th July 2011) and I really really can't wait. They will be so funny. If I could sing I would go on but I wouldn't want to win I would want to come second because usually the people that finish second do better than the person who actually won it, like JLS. For any of you who don't know what the X factor is, it is a singing competition that have to go through many rounds to see if they are good enough to win a 1 million pound recording contract.

Y is for Young!
Well this is another letter I struggled with I guess I am young I am 17 and feel young most days unless I have had a good few hour work out at the gym. So I guess you could say I am young.

Z is for Zumba!
Recently I have started local Zumba classes at a local church hall for £4.50 an hour session. I heard about Zumba about Christmas time and it seems to be the latest craze in exercise for women and even a few men. The best way to describe it is a European form of aerobics with different dance style moves. While doing it you don't realise that your burning so many calories or even toning up and losing weight from all areas of your body. Advise if you go take a towel and a huge bottle of water because I have never sweat as much as I do there which just proves to me how much hard work I am doing. I love Zumba it is such an enjoyable form of exercise I have never met somebody yet that doesn't like it.

Now I would just like to apologise for how long this is and I am sorry if anybody fell asleep. Hope you all found a bit more about me.


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  • purple_lady_ published 08/04/2012
    Fantastic review :)
  • jjcross published 27/07/2011
    What happened to K????
  • jjcross published 26/07/2011
    I will start doing one of these!!!!!! Thanks for allowing us to understand more about you! I am sorry to here about your dad!!!!
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