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Advantageseasy to use, many choices, safe and secure

DisadvantagesThe range of choice makes it very tempting to overspend

"I first came into contact with when a one time beau unearthed a piece of mild erotic fiction - Plaisir D'Amour - and had it sent to my home address. I was almost as excited to find out about such a site as I was to reread those short stories which had fuelled my own imagination many years earlier. From then on, I was an AbeBooks addict. I have used the site to look for new and out of print works, have bought school and university ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Ki_caelum


Abebooks - something of a specialist site

AdvantagesObscure books at low prices

DisadvantagesNot that well-known, limited range, delivery varies

"As a student, I'm regularly faced with the task of finding textbooks as cheaply as possible - and this is where Abebooks shines. I've found several texts on there for less than half the price (which is handy when you consider the average textbook is anywhere from £40-60.) If you have the basic information about the book you want - Author, Title and/or IDSN, finding (or not) your book is quick and easy. Results are displayed with a brief, but comprehensive ..." Read review

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Community Level 1timboarsenal


Advantageseasily searchable

Disadvantagesdealing with people with variable knowledge

"right lets be honest to start with I sell books on abe so have a vested interest but from this viewpoint I can tell you the pros and cons of the system. seems to me to be the most comprehensive second hand book site. It has a very easy initial layout - you can search by highest /lowest prices- by country or world wide. The search is straightforward but you must remember a couple of things. If price and cheapness are your main criteria ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bllward


Brilliant resource

AdvantagesAccess to a huge array of books


"...right up. The books always arrived quickly and in the correct condition. If there ever were any problems, it is always possible to contact the individual bookseller. All in all, a very good resource for getting those hard to find books. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1loopylooloo


Want a book-Find it here

AdvantagesFind any book

DisadvantagesThey add charges

"...of your family members favourites. The website itself is well set out and with the advanced search it is quite easy to find the exact copy of the publication that you require. This includes signed copies, first editions, and those with dust jackets. As long the members have a copy of your book you will definitely find them cheaper than you would anywhere else. If your book is one that was very popular then you can usually find hundreds of copies ..." Read review

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Complete martial system - excellent for fitness & self-defence
...jack of all trades... master of none!!?? (*)
quick, relatively simple, plenty of clubs, effective
some poor instructors around, doesn't really deal with grapplers too well (*)
An effective martial art
You need a lot of training (*)
Covers only the things that work
Hard to find somewhere to train (*)
Full contact weapon based martial art without the pain (ish!)
Availability of Dojo, see the Dojo list at (*)
good for your body mind and spirit
makes you ache for the first few weeks (*)
it kicks ass
can be hard work (*)
Training mind body and soul
Motivating yourself to join a club! (*)
Loads - Fitness, learning defence, social.
Cost, time. (*)
Great cardio workout, fun, a full body workout, improves flexibility
Takes a lot of work & dedication (*)
Able to be practised by anyone, promotes health and spiritual growth, easy to learn
Not as stylish or impressive looking as Eastern martial arts, still relatively hard to find (*)
fun, good exercise, fun, sociable, club events, did I mention fun?
None (*)
Teaches good skills; learn through play
Not enough one-to-one tutoring (*)
Improved fitness, discipline, confidence... great fun
It ain't cheap (*)
realistic and proven, effective, benefits see opinion for more
no striking techniques, not many comps in the UK (*)
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