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... The recent release of the cinematic version of ‘About a Boy’ coupled with a lot of spare time due to half-days at work whilst I recover from a broken ankle made me want to re-read the book that spawned it all. When I’d read it first time it’d taken me a little less ... Read review

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Community Level 6Angelus


Hornbys Done it again

AdvantagesMore of the same

DisadvantagesDon't be daft

"...High Fidelity and Fever Pitch, About A Boy being his third novel released and his third novel to be taken to the silver screen then I’d say that the smart mans money is on ‘How To Be Good’ becoming a Movie soon as well – but we’re not here to talk about that – we’re here to talk about ‘About A Boy’. Will is cool, he must be because the magazines say so, it doesn’t matter that he’s ..." Read review

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Permanent Puberty

Advantagesgood characters, good plot


"...the third perusal will take about three weeks. Even if you've heard that the book is good or if you've read it yourself and are of the same opinion, you may think that it isn't worth so much attention. Let me explain: I read it the first time because everyone did then, I decided to read it in class with my (German) A-level students of English which will take some time and so I read it again quickly to brush up my memory. The plot: 12-year-old Marcus ..." Read review

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A witty tale that's "About A Boy"..

AdvantagesAn enjoyable read!

Disadvantagesnone for me!

"...OPINION * What I liked most about this book was the authorís writing style. So easy to read and completely captivating, the author has used quite intense imagery in a lot of the storylines, which really helped to convey the charactersí facial expressions and feelings to me. This resulted in me becoming quite engrossed in each of the characters and their involvement in the story, so much so that I struggled to put it down and read all 278 pages in ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Dream_weaver


Role Reversal

AdvantagesGreat Characters, as is usual with Hornby

DisadvantagesSome may find the plot a little contrived

"...nestled between two weighty tomes about football and music, I saw the magical words: 'Nick Hornby's Latest' Shaking and clutching the precious thing in my reading-stint-deformed hands, a hobbled to the counter, back bent from my comfy chair at home. Ok, so this is an exaggeration, but it gets across the excitment I felt at getting 'About a Boy'. Without giving too much away (you'll have to read it yourself to know what happens, that's what ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Hannahlady


How to kill a duck with a Sandwich.

AdvantagesReally good read funny and touching.

DisadvantagesCouldn't put it down and read it too quickly!

"About a Boy by Nick Hornby You probably all know this one either from the book or the film but this review is of the book. My partner watched the film one night and I thought I would read the book first because I had wanted to do this but hadnít got round to it. So I bought the book on ebay, very reasonably and there are loads of copies on there at the moment I assume because of the recent film. I have to say itís a really good place to get them ..." Read review

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Will trades his lack of enthusiasm toward children for a date with a truly beautiful woman who is also a single mother.

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Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Title About a Boy
Author Nick Hornby
ISBN 0140285679; 0140293450; 0141007338; 0575066598; 3426616904; 3462027379


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