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Abu Dhabi - M. Christopher Davidson

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Abu Dhabi: Oil and Beyond - Christopher M. Davidson

Abu Dhabi: Oil and Beyond - Christopher M. Davidson

Pages: 288, Paperback, C. Hurst & Co. Publishers

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Abu Dhabi: Oil And Beyond By M. Christopher Davidson (paperback, 2011)

Abu Dhabi: Oil And Beyond By M. Christopher Davidson (paperback, 2011)

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biography christopher m davidson is a fellow of
the institute for middle eastern studies at durham
university and a former assistant professor of
politicsat sheikh zayed university in abu dhabi
and dubai he is the author

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Abu Dhabi is a new economic superpower that will soon wield enormous influence across both developing and developed worlds.

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EAN 9781850659785
Publisher C Hurst & Co Publishers
Type Non-fiction
Genre History
Subgenre Asian and Middle Eastern history
Title Abu Dhabi
All Authors M. Christopher Davidson
Author M. Christopher Davidson
ISBN 1850659788


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