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The Acoustic Energy AEGO M speakers comprise of three parts. One sub-woofer and 2 smaller speakers, all of them with a white body and black front. The two smaller speakers are designed to act as a left and a right sounds, similar to headphones, with the sub obviously offering the bass and middle sounds. Acoustic Energy is a company that specialises in hi-fi and speaker systems, the company was founded in 1987 in West London and has been producing award winning speaker systems since 1991, with the first speaker system the company ever produced - quite an achievement. More information on the company can be found on which is where I have found my information.

The Product


The particular set of speakers that I own are the white version, which I will go on to describe, however they are also available in black. The sub-woofer and the pair of peripheral speakers are all of the same design. A box with curved edges, the main unit, as I said is white and the speaker part is black. On the main unit there is the volume control dial with a red LED. It is a very simple sleek desing that looks very stylish. The minimal controls on the front enhance this design. On the back of the main unit you have the other changeable options. These are a "loudness" function and a bass setting (which there are 3 of).
The other 2 parts of the system set are almost exactly the same as the main unit, however they do not have the control dial on. They also have a small slant at the back which means they sit at a slight angle, to give them extra sound projection.
  • Sound Quality - With some speaker systems, the louder you have them, the more crackly they get and lose the quality they have at lower volumes. Sometimes we sacrifice sharpness of sound for loudness, however, with these speakers this certainly is not the case! No matter whether they are on very quietly or extremely loud they still hold the same quality of sound. You can hear every beat and note, every vocal and all of them are heard clearly.
  • Bass - There are 3 bass settings on the speakers, levels 1,2 and 3. Level 1 reduces the bass, level 2 is a medium setting, and believe it or not level 3 enhances the bass. This is one of the good features on this product as I found it useful to be able to change the settings depending on what type of music I am listening to, or even from song to song. The bass comes mainly from the sub-woofer but can also be heard from the other smaller speakers.
  • Melodies - The melodies can be somewhat overpowered when the bass setting is turned right up along with the loudness feature. However if you can get the settings right for your songs then there is no issue. The melodies, along with everything else, can be heard clearly.
  • Volume - As I mentioned before, the volume does not affect the quality of the sound. The volume control of the speakers is affected by 2 things. For example if I am playing music from my laptop, and turn the volume up on that, the volume through the speakers goes up. Also, by turning the speaker volume control clockwise, it has the same effect. Therefore, if the device you are playing from has a louder volume capacity then you do not have to turn the speakers themselves up as far. My laptop is the loudest device I have in my house, and I have only managed to play music where the speaker control is only halfway round - it was THAT loud!! I don't know quite how loud it does actually go, but at that time, my face was vibrating to the bass, as were DVDs on the wall and my can of coke on the floor. I will find out when nobody else is in, if I can survive it.
  • Overall - In conclusion, I think that the sound quality in general is excellent for all types of music and listening. They are useful for personal use, or for parties and there is no compromise on sound quality with increase in volume. All elements of songs can be heard and sound good, meaning that listening to your favourite songs can become even more enjoyable.

I have heard from a few sources, including the acoustic energy website that these speakers are easy to install. They are like most speakers that connect to a normal stereo, a set of wires for the right speaker and a set from the left - in this case they connect to the sub-woofer rather than a stereo itself. Now I would hardly call myself an expert in this area, but I know enough to connect a few wires in some speakers. Me and my brother undertook the task together, after briefly consulting the manual. (Its one of those where it has a picture of one thing a picture of another, a set of arrows and then it miraculously comes together, like a flat-pack wardrobe!) After struggling for about 20 minutes we finally got it to work properly, with all 3 speakers playing at one time. The installation itself is a simple task, I think it is just a case of making sure the right wires are in the right holes, and we probably got it wrong a few times before getting it right. Once this is done, you simply place the 2 peripheral speakers where you want them around the room. The connecting wires are quite long probably between 8-10 foot long, so you can place them almost anywhere in an average size room, with the sub-woofer acting as a hub for the sound in the centre. Once this is done, simply plug it in to a socket and your done. You can play music through them simply enough has they come with a normal jack that connects to the front of the speakers and a connector to plug into anything else you want.

The price of these speakers, and what a price it is, is extremely high in my humble opinion
There are currently a few items for sale on ebay, ranging from around £45 (including p+p) to £130 for a new set. I think that if you hunt around a little further, you could probably find a good deal on a set that are second hand like I did.

As you can see by the offers that ciao are showing they can range up to quite a high price. Mine were purchased from playtrade, they are also used. However, due to some damaged packaging they were considerably cheaper than anywhere else. Half the price in fact at £63.00. There is no damage to the speakers themselves, so this is an absolute bargain. I would advise trying to find a second hand set of speakers if possible, as a lot of people would not be able to spend a lot on this type of thing.

My Opinion

These speakers are essential in all my music listening now, before I had these speakers I just used to listen to music through my laptop. Being easy to set-up and the sound being absolutely amazing it makes the speakers absolutely worth it. They look stylish and aren't too big or imposing, so they will fit in most people's spaces. Whether that be a living room or bedroom - which is where I have mine. I wouldn't however recommend these speakers to the casual music listener, who just listens every so often. Between me and my brother we have them on all day every day, making them worth it!

* My recommendation and final opinion on these speakers are that I would recommend them to anyone who listens to a lot of music, as well as watching films or gaming, as they are compatible with anything. The sound, especially the bass is absolutely immense, however, it can sound very "bangy" for the people in the next room/downstairs, so if you have company in the house who would object, I would not advise the strongest bass setting. If you would not use these speakers regularly then these are definitely not for you as there is no way that you would get your moneys worth on them. Overall, I will rate them at 10/10 for my usage.
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tallulahbang 25.02.2010 22:43

Bet I could manage to cock up installing them. xx

livelylad 16.02.2010 10:17

Great review.

hillhead 13.02.2010 03:20

They sound good. I could do with these. Well covered!

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