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published 20/08/2014 | Nar2
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"A Cost Effective Classic, Cutlery Container!"

Addis Cutlery Drainer - many colours available but design classic means versatility and practicality are key strengths.

Addis Cutlery Drainer - many colours available but design classic means versatility and practicality are key strengths.

I cannot comprehend sometimes when I see a product that just about every home has in the UK – well, the ones I visit, seem to have them – and yet, when the product in question has never actually been added to the Ciao UK database of products, it begs me to wonder how people stack their cutlery if they have to wash cutlery and crockery by hand? If there is one generic, staple vessel that I have seen time and time again in a kitchen – it has to be the “Addis cutlery drainer.”

I can’t quite remember when I bought my first one. I may have been a teenager or a student some thirty years ago and bang in the middle of the 1980s. Even when fitted kitchens were all the rage, the Addis “Cutlery Drainer,” seems to be an implement that forms “part of the furniture,” or seen hanging around most sinks in a busy home.

Priced on average between £4-29 and £6-99, Addis “Cutlery Drainer,” is an exercise in plastic PVC form and function, with a handy five-part pull out plastic partition that allows a completely empty box with drainage holes already part of the design on the base. I have had three in my lifetime – a cream/beige one to begin with, later supplemented by a black one and eventually a metallic silver one for other uses. Mine cost around £4-99 mark although some sellers both on the high street and online can be notoriously over priced.

General Impressions & Design

The Addis Cutlery Drainer in my opinion, is probably one of the most commonly used products in the home for form and function of draining just washed cutlery after hand washing. Why it has never won a major design award is beyond me!

Made of durable non-sharp plastics and robust to my eye and in my hand, the two part design of the plastic removable insert allows this drainer to be used in a number of ways and over the years of ownership, I have used my old Addis drainer to good effect.

The general size of this product measures 14cm length by 13cm height and a general depth of 18.5cm. Rectangular with curved edges and four plastic raised feet on the base ensures that this drainer can sit on a number of different textures without damage and surprisingly, the whole box is dishwasher safe for ultimate hygiene. It has a generic high wall design all around and a raised central partition for teaspoons, away from the base.

Addis Cutlery Drainer is also heat resistant to 100°C and is made from scratch resistant high gloss plastic. The product also comes with a 10-year guarantee and has been graded as food safe.

General Performance & Downsides

When I first lived away from home, my first “Addis Cutlery Drainer,” was cream beige in colour and always showed up dirt whenever just washed cutlery was ready to be drained off and temporarily stored. I was a bit mystified how dirt could show up on this plastic device until I quickly realised that storing the item should rarely be done on the sides of a sink where dirty water splashes easily! I lived with the beige one for many years and put up with its bright colour largely because it blends in easily with a lot of kitchen décor AND does a wonderful job of accommodating cutlery.

Outwith the colour, the beauty of the “Addis Cutlery Drainer,” in my opinion, is that it’s rectangular shape and general design makes it simple to leave on the side of a plate drainer tray or even beside other areas a sink worktop nature where water can drain off easily. It may sound simple but the last cutlery drainer I lived with was a Tesco product that had a removable drainage tray but was always difficult to clean and not as capacious as this more classic design.

Secondly, the Addis design is available in many colours, not just the generic colours it is available from these days such as deep red, silver, beige (known as “linen”) and black but also other colours if you can find these caddy holders donated to charity shops = though not many are unless they are a garish colour like the beige/linen one! Over the years I’ve seen a lot of dark green colours as well as navy blue and pastel yellow but they are all far better made than the three-separate walled narrow cutlery holders that Poundstretcher or Poundland tend to sell that fall over too easily - I have these as well, but after realising how useless they are for storing cutlery, my Pound shop ones are reserved for usage in the classroom – great and cheap holders for storing pens, pencils and various stationery when classroom displays/resources are required.

Accommodation is where Addis Cutlery Drainer excels at and with very few downsides. It handles the job in my opinion, quickly, easily and efficiently. Not only can Addis Cutlery Drainer accommodate dinner set cutlery or often-bulky permanent handle style cutlery designs, I find the Addis cutlery drainer can take up to a total of 10 to 15 cutlery knives, forks and spoons PER one partition from quad design insert.

Sometimes there is even space enough or a free partition able to store wooden spoons and additional kitchenware cookware implements/cutlery. It is a pity to report that the central partition to take teaspoons can’t always provide safe storage for the same amount as the larger parts, but that’s a small downside to an otherwise excellent design.

The partition insert however simply push locks down into four nodes already built into the caddy at the top although at times when used daily and dependent on the way you might inadvertently throw a just-washed implement into the caddy, the plastic insert might fall out of its node holders and be required to lifted out and slotted in on its return.

Other Versatile Uses

In recent years I have only realised that due to the removable plastic insert, the Addis Cutlery Drainer manages to be able to accommodate three to five large bottles of “Fairy” washing up liquid without the insert in place and makes an ideal secondary sink caddy as well as able to hold additional cleaning agent bottles if required on a sink. The curved, high wall sides also ensure a degree of safe risk when the caddy offers a lot of space in such a compact design. Along with three bottles of cleaning liquids, I find I can squeeze a few sponges or cleaning brushes in as well!

In tandem, the vented base with drainage holes is a smooth, open flush design, lacking the separated walls that make “Pound shop” types difficult to clean or access. Or so I have discovered. I can’t abide perforated bases that are difficult and narrow where a cleaning brush can’t be directed around – it is pointless when a cutlery holder should allow all areas of access where cleaning should be allowed – otherwise, how can it appear as an all in one hygienic unit for storing just washed cutlery pieces?

Eventually I purchased a black one for my sink, as the beige one was just too annoying to live with. I have used my old one for storing just washed paintbrushes as well as draining off small Karcher pressure washer tools. The bonus of knowing that Addis have made the plastics generally safe to use as well as dishwasher safe means this kind of caddy can be used for any manner of things that require to be drained off.

I eventually purchased a silver one in later years, of which I used as a make shift food drainer! Particularly useful for salads (especially for Al Fresco or barbecues) or even storing fruit with the vented base, ensures air can circulate freely, but not allow foods to be tainted or extends the shelf life. The open box also be used in a fridge. There’s a bit more to the Addis Cutlery Drainer in my home!

Generally the only downsides to this product are that it will only become unstable if one or two pieces of cutlery are left in it at a particular angle at the start of a hand wash / manual washing up exercise and dependent on the weight of the individual pieces in general. Not so much your general cutlery pieces for consuming food, but I find the kinds of kitchenware cookware/cutlery like heavy spatulas, food lifters, even a couple of wooden spoons can topple the holder over. Placement is very much a trial and error process not just from first use, but also from the way the actual caddy has been placed on a sink in general.

Other Sorts & Final Thoughts

Over the years, a few other alternatives have appeared on the market, not least a few copies but made of thinner plastics and don’t have as many cutlery partitions. Though not the same as, “Addis” also sell a sink caddy that offers slightly larger access areas, but not as many partitions for cutlery and Poundstretcher/Poundland and other similar shops either sell the elevated edge style of three partition cutlery holders that are often cheap in price but too narrow to stand up properly.

Durable, compact, easy to use, efficient and well designed is how best I can describe the venerable Addis Cutlery Drainer. Infinitely practical and does the job, it is a fairly robust vessel that is largely hygienic and offers capacious accommodation for all standard cutlery. Versatile due to its dishwasher safe, food safe and thick PVC plastics, it is a humble plastic storage that I don’t think I could live without now! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2014.

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  • iamasadlittleboy published 23/08/2014
    Great review.
  • mumsymary published 23/08/2014
    I have a stainless stell cutlery drainer but I have seen many of these
  • KateHurst published 22/08/2014
    Excellent review - it is amazing how many everyday items we would find it difficult to manage without; I'm sure this is one of them.
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