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... So I decided to go to the library and get the other 2 which I rather liked the sound of, and the only one available then was this one, entitled Addition, and was labelled as a "Comedy that Counts". I was intrigued and set to reading it when I got home. Grace Vandenburg counts. She counts ... Read review
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Addition By Toni Jordan (paperback, 2008)

Addition By Toni Jordan (paperback, 2008)

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Safety in Numbers! Review with images

AdvantagesSo interesting, funny, great plot, loveable characters, a good insight into OCD

DisadvantagesNone at all

"Being an avid reader (as you can tell!), I do like it when the Richard and Judy book lists are released twice a year, once for the summer and then again for autumn/winter. They have recently released the Summer Reads 2008 list, so I couldn't resist having a look. Out of the selection, only 4 books appealed to me, and one of those I have already read. So I decided to go to the library and get the other 2 which I rather liked the sound of, and the only ..." Read review

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Didn't quite add up to a good read for me...

AdvantagesA light read

DisadvantagesHard to care about any of the characters

"Addition by Toni Jordan has one great marketing point - that good old Richard and Judy sticker on the front cover, which I am guessing makes a book fly out of the shops and the internet stores. I bought this book as part of the Jan 2009 offer of 5 Richard and Judy books for £10. I find that actually some of the selected books are very good, and at £2 it wasn't a huge risk. The book is about Grace Lisa Vandebury and ..." Read review

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A Comedy That Counts

AdvantagesWarm, engaging characters, a clever perspective.

DisadvantagesTakes a little while to find its feet, occasionally a little irritating.

"...comedy that counts." Thus is Addition dubbed - an allusion to its protagonist Grace's tendency to count. She would deny that she's an Obsessive Compulsive; she derides 'handwashers' and 'germphobes', but has an uncontrollable urge to add wherever she sees numbers - she knows how many characters make up her full name (19), how many brushes she gives her teeth each evening (160) and how many steps separate the café and her front door (920). The ..." Read review

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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

AdvantagesA quirky novel with strong characters

DisadvantagesConstant numbers in the story can be hard to get used to!

"...across this author before and Addition is Toni Jordan's first novel, I had no preconceived expectations of the book. Addition is a strange novel and to be honest, I found this book a little hard going at first as the constant references to number sequences, numbers and mathematical equations was bizarre and somewhat off-putting. However, once I became used to the writing style, the plot flowed and became thoroughly enjoyable. Toni Jordan has taken ..." Read review

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Community Level 3elliepotten


OCD and chick lit combine in a quirky little read

AdvantagesUnusual idea, amusing, sympathetic, suprisingly informative

DisadvantagesRushed ending, occasionally feels a bit flat and forced

"A nice quick little 'chick lit' read. This one sets itself apart with its unusual leading lady - an obsessive compulsive 30-something 'counter' called Grace. The gentle romance blossoming in the background takes second place to the turbulent inner workings of Grace's mind as she obsessively counts and measures out every aspect of her day to day life, from visiting the local cafe at exactly the same time each day, to making sure she knows the exact ..." Read review

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Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Title Addition
Author Toni Jordan
ISBN 0340963778
EAN 9780340963777


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