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Maximum strength can help speed up weight loss naturally. Adios Max is a licensed medicine to aid slimming. It is for use as part of a calorie-control...

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published 17/03/2009 | Logan33
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Pro Quick weight loss, you may even get a seratonin high due to increases of iodine.
Cons Expensive, Unsustainable diet, potential side effects such as chronic diarrhoea
Price level
Duration of treatment

"Are they trying to Fucus Around?"

I am compelled to write a review regarding weight loss pills, mainly because I get completely angered at the way they are marketed as a “solution” to weight loss, which just isn’t true. They prey on people who are sometimes at the end of their tether regarding their own battle with the bulge and are perhaps enticed into thinking that pills such as these are the answer to their weight issues. Hopefully in this review I can dissect this issue and offer informative advise to the many people who may be in this predicament. This review is not set-out to disprove the effectiveness of slimming pills and in this case Adios Max, it is hoped it can act as an informative guide, so you know the associated risks of taking slimming pills. This is an updated version of one of my earlier reviews and whilst they’re may be an element of repetition, I hope I have covered this issue in far more detail (its also a slightly different product).


Adios Max is a slimming pill which is designed to “help speed up weight loss naturally”. The cynic in me automatically has alarm bells ringing as for me a natural weight loss product is traditionally something like Prunes that help increase your digestive capabilities. Anything that’s created in a lab is really pushing the envelope of “Natural” in my book. Anyway, here’s what it contains:


1) Each coated tablet contains fucus dry extract 120m~ (equivalent to 600mg fucus). :

Fucus has been used in slimming pills for a number of years. Its main hypothesised qualities is to aid digestive and intestinal function by stimulating the thyroid. It is believed therefore to increase metabolic rate and thus increase the potential for weight loss. It does however have high levels of Iodine which has traditionally aided the treatment of diseases such as Goiter.

2) Tablet core:
lactose monohydrate: Literally just a tablet filler. Does not aid the slimming process, but if your are lactose intolerant then this could be an issue.

sodium starch glycol late: Basically included to make the tablet soluble.

calcium hydrogen phosphate dihyrate (E341), An inorganic binder which helps the flow of the tablet.

Talc: Another filler which just adds to the consistency of the tablet rather than having any nutritional impact on weight loss

magnesium stearate: Stearates are used to aid the dissolution of tablets. In laymens terms, it allows the tablet to dissolve easily

3) Tablet coating:

titanium dioxide (E171) talc: Yet more filler, gives the tablet its white colour and adds to the texture.

kaolin light: An interesting ingredient. Its main attributes are to act as an absorber (Aid the absorption of the tablet) but it is commonly used internally to control diarrhea.

Sucrose: Quite simply used as a sweetener to make the tablet taste better (hence the term bitter pill to swallow?!?!)

Acacia: It is employed as a soothing agent in inflammatory conditions of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tract, and is useful in diarrhoea and dysentery.

Well that’s what is in these tablets, mainly filler and sweetener. However the critical ingredient is the use of the Fucus. We have seen what it does (Stimulates the thyroid), but what does that mean will happen?

Well Fucus is commonly known as “bladderwrack” and for the nautical members out there, this is seaweed. Now seaweed is traditionally high in iodine and iodine is one of the essential elements used to control and regulate thyroid hormone levels. Now if you have high levels of iodine in your system, it is hypothesised that two things will occur. One it acts as an appetite suppressant due to the increase of Seratonin in the body (hmmmm very interesting) and two it can increase energy levels and metabolic state. In short, it will give you a buzz!!!! Not bad properties for its use in a slimming pill!!!

On the flip side, it also has some less attractive qualities. When taken orally, Fucus can aid digestion. This is traditionally known as having a “laxative effect” (well, well well) and help conditions such as constipation. Also high doses of iodine are not recommended as they can cause health problems of their own, symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety, weakness and heart palpitations can all occur.

As yet there are no standardised recommendations for how much Fucus is good/bad for you and the advise of nearly all nutritionists is to only use Fucus under the supervision of a medical professional!!!! This is on the packet but you’ll need a magnifying glass to see it!

So what is this pill really doing for you?


Adios Max is a stimulant "LAXATIVE", nicely repackaged so that it is not embarrasing to go to the shops and buy it. That’s it, simple as that. You will go to the toilet far more often and therefore you will lose weight (mainly I might add) through huge losses of water in your body. Will you become chronically dehydrated?....yes, will you have periods of feeling quite drained and weak (especially if you go to the gym)......Definitely. I would comment that this tiredness is sometimes counter balanced with the seratonin “High” that some people experience when using the product, but this is really a smokescreen to your body’s actual physiological requirements.

All dietary products are based around this principal. They ALL have laxative qualities to them. Take for example dietary milk shakes. Very low in fat in liquid form which are generally used to replace a meal (well its obvious you'll lose some weight if you don't eat!.........all of the milkshakes contain laxative (there are 4 different types, Bulk forming laxative, Stimulant laxative, osmotic laxatice and stool softner). Without going into too much detail, they are designed to make you go to the toilet.

The reason I write about this (as it is a strange topic). The pressure of losing weight for some people is so great, they will try these products without really knowing much about them. here is some cautionary advise...............

Using laxatives frequently, or every day, can be harmful.
For example, prolonged use of laxatives can make your body dependent on them so that your bowel no longer functions properly without the medication. Over-using laxatives can also cause diarrhoea, dehydration, and unbalanced levels of salts and minerals in your body. As stated before The effects of using Fucus based products over a long period is, as yet, unknown, but we do know that there are potential risks.

None of the products come with suitable warnings on them regarding the use of laxatives or Fucus. The official line is you should not use laxative products for anymore than 2 weeks (if not you should consult your doctor) NOBODY takes these products will have consulted there GP, which makes them slightly dangerous in my view.


more importantly here is the science behind using these products and why they are purely a "Quick Fix" to losing weight.

1) Nearly all of the weight you are losing is water. here is how your body uses water; Approximately 85% of your brain, 80% of your blood and 70% of your muscle is water. Take that away and you will quickly find that you can become tired, irritable, your sleeping patterns will become effected, you will feel weak etc etc etc (the list is exhaustive....hence why were all told to drink a minimum of 2 litres daily!

2) Many products like this replace meals. dangerous nutritionally and counter-productive to your body (and ironically your weight loss) why?
when you start starving your body of food from the normal level its used too, your body goes into something collectively known as "starvation mode". What this means is, your body recognises that you are not taking in as many calories as it is used to. Therefore what happens is, it hold on to more of the calories when you do eat (i.e the two meals of the day you do eat). Somewhat ironically in the early days/week of a diet, you oftern find people actually put on weight as opposed to losing it. However, this is soon followed up by rapid weight loss as the body (despite its best efforts) cannot continually and efficiently keep holding on to the same amount of calories. Traditionally this is called "Crash dieting" and does work......BUT and its a big one, these diets are never sustainable, you will never be able to keep the weight off, because realistically you cannot live your whole life drinking milkshakes and eating like a sparrow....your body was never designed to work like that! This is the cause of phrases such as "yo/yo dieting and the most common problem "as soon as I stopped, I piled the weight back on"

That is because they DO NOT WORK in the long term, they are most definitely a "QUICK FIX" but with potentially large detriments to your health.


I am a fan of weight watchers/slimming world as an excellent way of dieting (I use this term losely because its actually a change of lifestyle that they both promote). Dieting is nearly always about the re-education of food and exercise and once you have an appreciation of this, your efforts become more focussed and much more sustainable. They also have a support structure which is the most important feature of successfully dieting, people often feel lost in their own weight issues and need that extra support...............products like adios never provide you with this. The products are also your money into something that will help you maintain the weight you want for ever not just a quick fix (which these products always tent to be. Even joining a good gym would help as most of the trainers should have a sound knowledge of diet as well as exercise (Holmes Place employ excellent staff for this, In saying that chain gyms tend to be less supportive than private gyms, so I would point you towards a friendly welcoming private club to get the support you need).

In conclusion and before I bore you (too late!). Adios Max is a product that will work in the short term, however its impact on your body if used continually is really a mystery. The biggest mystery to me however comes on their packaging “to be used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet with exercise”. If your doing that, then what is the point of taking Adios Max in the first place!!!!!

Exercise and a balanced diet are the answer to nearly all weight loss issues. Adios Max and the like are merely a quick unsustainable fix. However If your still keen to give them a go, please be safe and follow the guidelines below. (Details taken from the website)


Can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet
Adios is suitable for vegetarians. Gluten Free

How to Use

Please ensure that the tamper-evident band on the container is intact before initial use.
For adults (over 16 years): Swallow one tablet 3 or 4 times a day at mealtimes. Adios Max should be used as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

Suitable for adults and children 16 years and over.

Hazards and Cautions:

No significant adverse effects should occur when taking Adios Max at the correct dosage. However, diarrhoea may occur particularly in those receiving high doses, or those taking too many Adios tablets. If so, stop taking Adios and drink plenty of fluids. If you have any other undesirable effects or if your symptoms persist, you should talk to your doctor or a pharmacist.

DO NOT use if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.
DO NOT use if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
DO NOT use if you are under 16 years of age.

This is a medicine. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have an underlying medical "condition, are taking any other medication or complementary therapy, or if", "symptoms persist. Seek advice before using if you are breast feeding,", "pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or suffer from allergies.",

Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.,

Price: £9/10 for 100 tablets depending on where you shop (available everywhere! (Boots/Lloyds/Tesco/Asda etc etc)

I hope this helps,


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  • Brianmini published 06/09/2010
    Great review, very indepth and detailed, should make the reader think before they buy Adios.
  • emmalouise2004 published 01/06/2009
    Great review, was thinking about trying these tablets and this has given me all the information i needed to decide to not bother!
  • retireduser published 19/05/2009
    Very interesting and well informative. ^_^
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Maximum strength can help speed up weight loss naturally. Adios Max is a licensed medicine to aid slimming. It is for use as part of a calorie-controlled diet. The product is for use by adults. (16 years and above) and the elderly. The natural herbal active ingredient in this product is fucus dry extract. The active ingredient can help you to lose weight by speeding up your body's metabolic rate.

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