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Adios is a natural way to help speed up weightloss, a herbal remedy traditionally used as an aid to slimming.

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published 14/11/2006 | mints4merlin
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"Adios Weight Loss Pills"

Moan & groan time people! The thing we know we should all do, but never have time and failing to get round to it just sends us into a further spiral downwards into depression and frumpy dressing.
Adios is quite a well known herbal diet pill. You maybe familiar with the Television advert which shows the woman throwing away her 'big knickers' and giantly oversized clothes all over her bedroom. She then turns and says 'adios' to her messy bedroom and hides her Adios Pills under some pants.
You may also be familiar with the packaging. They come in a green and yellow square box and are avaliable almost everywhere, from Asda to Tesco, from Boots to your local Co-Op.

I purchased mine from Tesco, and paid £6.45 for a bottle of 100 pills. I decided to purchase them as I had decided summer was a time to expose a little more skin and losing a few pounds wouldn't harm, but actually would help both my appearance and confidence prior to our holiday.

I hadn't heard much about these, nor had I heard anyone use them. But I was eon over by the fact that the ingredients are all natural, it refers itself to being a traditional method of weight loss, and also that the pills are suitable for vegetarians.

Come in a white circular bottle with a round flip cap on the top left hand corner. The front Sticker is a green circle with 'Adios' written on it, and the reverse label is square and white with the ingredients and best before data printed. I like this packaging as it means I can peel off the labels and carry the bottle with me when out for lunch or on the go at work or after the gym and noone will know what is inside. Afterall, nobody really wants people to know you're taking pills to try and eliminate your excess flab. Even if you're not excessively overweight, it's still something I believe every woman is concious of.

You get 100 pills in a bottle and each is a peachy pink colour. The shape is a little bit like a tiny smartie, in that it's round and domed in the center. The ingredients are: Butternut 20mg, Dandelion Root 30mg, dry extract of Boldo, and dry extract of Fucus, all coated in sucrose which makes it taste quite pleasant when placed upon your tongue.

As mentioned before the general gist is that the herbal supplement ingredients (butternut, dandelion root, boldo and fucus) that are contained in each tablet are supposed to speed up your metabolism and therefore burn body fat more efficiently so that you lose weight by doing nothing else in your life different. Fucus is a type of seaweed and is supposed to work as a mild thyroid stimulant to boost metabolism while the other ingredients stimulate the liver to increase this effect and release hormones which actually breakdown body fats in the circultory system. However it also states in the leaflet that these Adios tablets will only work as part do of a sensible slimming plan. I'll admit I did watch the calories when I was on these and so was folowing the calorie controlled rule. I ate more salads and fruit, as well as cutting back on breads, cheeses, dairy and pastas. But it took 3 months to loose 1/2 stone, and took 3 bottle of pills. This really is very slow, it's now november and I still want to loose just a couple more pounds before christmasbut don't think I'll be continuing with this method as it's really not fast and after a while you're body gets used to these sort of herbs and not longer works to produce any noticable difference at all. My advise, and is what I intend to do having just purchased my new Gym membership is taking on more exercise and walking instead of taking the car/ stairs instead of lift in order to boost my metabolism.

Side Effects:
It mentions in the leaflet that you're not supposed to take this if you have heart problems, are breast feeding, or are pregnant. I was none of these so I assumed that it'd be fine for me to take them. It also states some side effects might be incurred but it fails to mention what exactly these are.
Having researched on the internet I could find to mention of side effects for the listed ingredients alone, however I will detail my experience.
I found that after about one week I was going to the loo, alot more and required more water. I was going for a wee once every 3 hours and this includes allthrough the night, which can be quite inconvient. This is a somewhat positive side effect as I've found my skin has cleared up very well and my complexion has improved visiably and feels more supple too. However my bladder muscles won't agree as were aching quite a bit inbetween going to the loo, I'm not sure if the whole thing has actually strengthened or weakened them, but they surely do feel like they've endure a thorough work out.
The other major side effect I noticed (except of course for the gradual weight loss, which I still believe has little to do with the pills, and more to do with my salad munching), is hair loss.
I wouldn't be complaining too much if it was the hair from my legs or eyebrows that has gone, as this would only mean I had to shave and pluck less often, but it was my head hair that I've lost. And really quite miss it.
My normal hair style is long and below the shoulder. However I found that after about a fortnight of takiing these pills, 4 a day with meals, everyday as stated on the bottle, I was loosing 3 handfuls of hair every day. When cleaning the house I would find more hair than anything else embedded on the carpet. This continued throughout my course and am still loosing hair now, although it has started to peak. But am not sure as it's because I simply have no hair whatso ever left. I've had to reduce my hair to a bob-cut as it was so whispy that I measure a pony tail diameter of 2 centimeters, and I used to have really thick hair.

However I am still thankful for the 1/2 stone loss, it has helped and I have gone down a jeans size. I'd just wish I'd been warned of the side effects before undertaking the diet aid. Also, it doesn't help much, and still doubt if it was the pills at all. I'd say that if you want to loose alot of weight, and not take years doing so, try e-diets or exercise schemes as you might feel a bit better due to being lighter but I definately feel slightly depressed having lost my hair & now fashion hats or headscarfs everyday.

To conclude, I am awarding a 3 star rating for this product. Yes they have helped me loose 1/2 a stone, but I'm not sure if this is water loss or due to the massive hair loss I have endured. Each person is different and I can not be 100% if my side effects will be experienced by others, also, being vegetarian it means my fat levels are generally lower. You need the lipids in fats for healthy skin, nails and of course, hair.
I would still recommend this to any one who is wanting to shed a couple of pounds, and not stones as is fairly slow acting (took 3 months to loose 1/2stone), but I would highly recommend taking a very good Multi-vitamin supplement, especially those with folic acid, botin and complex B- vitamins to help prevent hair loss and brittle nails.

Hope this hasn't left many of you worrying about the christmas feasts that await us all. But if like me, you want to prepare for having to slip into that little black dress for new years, I'd opt for the cheaper and much healthier option of exercise, rather than pills in order to speed up your metabolism.

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  • fablauren1 published 14/06/2007
    Thanks for warding me away from these, I know that there isn't a fast track long term solution to loose weight apart from healthy eating and excercise but the latter sounds much less appealing. I must tell you though, green tea is fabulous for boosting your metabolism if you drink it every day and contrary to popular belief it is nice! Thanks! love lauren xx
  • lesleyanne18 published 29/04/2007
    i only started using them , and now i read the review about the hair loss am scred to take any more - great review - thanx for the warning
  • Abracadabra007 published 05/04/2007
    Hmm the side effects part of the story are a little bit worrying. Esp the 3 hrs break to the loo even during the night and the hair loss. Geez, I wud die if I lost my hair. Thanks for an enlightening review. Bye Bye Weight Loss Pills... cheers
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Adios is a natural way to help speed up weightloss, a herbal remedy traditionally used as an aid to slimming.


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