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published 21/11/2013 | carlz2001
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"Danger is real. Fear is a choice."

Last Night I watched After Earth, a film I have been looking forward to seeing for quite some time, starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden. I have to say that while it was a good watch, I was still disappointed, and I felt the film never realised its full potential. This was in my opinion one of Will Smiths weaker films.

Set one thousand years after humans were forced to leave Earth, the film focuses on General Cypher Raige and his son Kitai when they take a mission through Space (to be honest, the opening few scenes were a little sketchy and I’m not entirely sure what the mission was!). The spacecraft inevitably lands on Planet Earth, which is now unfamiliar and dangerous to humans. Kitai and Cypher must find the beacon that will allow them to send a signal to the rescue team to ensure their survival and return home to Nova Prime, the new home for human kind.

The plot itself is fairly average, worth a watch, but getting to the part where they actually find themselves on Planet Earth seemed like it had been an afterthought, like the writer (M. Night Shyamalan – also the Director) thought of a great film where a father and son fight for survival on Planet Earth long after human life existed there, but then afterwards thought ‘hang on, but how do they find themselves son Planet Earth in the first place!!’.

My major gripe with this film, was that it just didn’t go where it should have done, to me a film set on Planet Earth should have been set in an urban setting rather than in the middle of a jungle. I (and I suspect a few others too) like to see and imagine what the world may look like when humans have been wiped out. I know that not much would be left, but surely we can just play along and whack a few extremely dilapidated skyscrapers in or at least some massive piles of bricks! But no, this film was entirely set in a jungle; it may as well have been set in the present day!

Some of the editing was absolutely shocking and seemed more fitting to a low budget movie than a film that Will Smith would put his name to, one scene towards the end of the film which had been hit with the slow motion trick for effect and emotion just didn’t work. A few fairly obvious goofs too such as the shadow of the camera gear, which is just lazy!

A lot of the dialogue was very cliché and despite Will Smith being such a likeable actor, his character was the opposite, while the character was still ‘a good guy’, he lacked any emotion and I just couldn’t warm to him. The dialogue was bitty and as I said clichéd… Also, as actors Jaden and Will seemed removed from the characters and Jaden in particular wasn’t believable as the lead character. Jaden has the potential to be a great actor in the future but this part was just too big for him at this moment in time. The character should have been portrayed as older than he was, and the casting perhaps a little better thought out.

We did watch the movie with our 8 year old daughter, despite it being a 12, I checked the rating at the back and despite ‘moments of peril’, there was nothing that I felt she couldn’t watch. I’m glad we watched the film with her, as it was definitely more of a family movie than anything else. I would have felt disappointed watching this with the intentions of it being for me and my husband only.

There will be a lot of people that thoroughly enjoy this film, and I in part did enjoy it, but it could have been so much more than it was. Perhaps changing the rating to a 15, and making it a little darker would have been a step in the right direction.

With an estimated $130 million budget, the gross of $60 million two months after its release will no doubt have been disappointing to Columbia Pictures.

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    Good review
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