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Ahu Te Pito Kura, Easter Island


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Review of "Ahu Te Pito Kura, Easter Island"

published 09/07/2014 | catsholiday
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Pro Unique site with unusual stories to hear about
Cons Not hugely exciting for children but Easter Island is not really a family palce to visit
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"Navels and Boobs at this site"

This is the lady Moai - I struggled to see any evidence of boobs!

This is the lady Moai - I struggled to see any evidence of boobs!

Te Pito Kura , The world's navel

According to legend Easter island is the navel of the world and on Easter Island you can actually see this navel. In fact Te-Pito-o-Te-Henua is supposed to be what Easter island was called before it became Easter Island.

The stone believed to be the navel is an oval shaped stone not far from the Ahu Te Pito Kura and it has huge spiritual significance for the Rapa Nui people. They believe that it has great spiritual or magical powers. Some believe that Easter Island lies on a vortex and is indeed very significant.

“ Te-Pito-o-Te-Henua is not insignificant, and it is definitely not in the middle of nowhere. It lies directly in the center of what is known by many as a ‘vile vortex’ According to David Zink, this ‘vile vortex’ lies at the 47 degree Earth grid. It is the center point of five vortexes  all converging at that exact spot, and those within the center of power structures understand its significance.”

Whether or not it is of any real significance as the centre of the earth this stone has something. Our guide had a compass with him and when it is placed near the stone it spun around in circles. Around the main bid stone or overgrown pebble are four smaller stones that you can sit on and then place your hands on the larger stone in order to feel the 'mama' or spiritual force of the stone.

I am not entirely convinced but the compass definitely acted strangely and I do like a mystery. It is a bit like crop circles , the Bermuda triangle and the Nazca lines in Peru, they are all very interesting mysteries.

Near this large stone is Ahu Ti Pito Kura which is significant for a number of things. Firstly we have the navel nearby. Secondly the biggest Moai ever to be sculpted, transported and lifted can be found here. He is known as Paro and is reputed to be the last of the Moai erected on the island and one of the last to be toppled in the 'wars' around 1840. It is not upright any longer but it once stood 9.84m high and they estimate it weighs around 74 tons. Considering this site is quite some distance from the quarry that is an impressive bit of heavy moving.Today sadly Paro still lies face down. His head is broken and separated from the torso.

Another significant Moai here is the only female Moai found. I have to say you need to look quite hard and have a good imagination to see the boobs and bits but she does stand proud at this site.

Finally another interesting aspect of this site is the Ahu itself. The stones have been laid so cleverly and almost without any gaps in the joins which has been compared to the walls constructed by the Inca people in Peru. The neatness of the building has been compared to those of the walls at Sacsayhuaman in Cusco in the Andes.

Archaeologists believe that many of the walls in this site pre date the Rapa Nui people's arrival so this is yet another mystery as no other Ahu has been built in this way.

This site is a bit out of the way and to look at there is not much there but when you hear these mysterious stories the place takes on anew significance. There is nothing at this site apart from the remains, there is a stone style which keeps animals off the site but no souvenir stalls, no trees or shade of any sort. The site is on the shore and so the wind blows across the ocean and it gets quite cool there. There are no toilets either and very little vegetation to hide behind either.

In theory you need to carry your National Park ticket wherever you go on the island as the whole island is a National Park but there was no one here to check at all.

I was a bit put off initially at this site as it looked pretty boring with no restored Moai but once I heard all the stories about the different strange mysteries I was fascinated. Sadly there is not a lot written about these mysteries. In fact most guide books were remarkable uninformative too so I can't find out any more.

Well worth a visit while touring Easter Island.

Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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  • pgn0 published 14/07/2014
    Interesting and educational, and far, far away.
  • Essexgirl2006 published 11/07/2014
    It's a long way to go
  • Coloneljohn published 10/07/2014
    Excellent review. Sounds rather interesting. John
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