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...That brand is Aiwa. I use my mini disc for editing interviews for my student radio programmes and the nudge edit facility on this machine means I can edit in the field, on the train or on a bus to a degree of accuracy as good as a full size mains operated domestic machine. Whilst Panasonic ... Read review

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Community Level 1farankie


Aiwa FM-80 portable mini disc recorder

AdvantagesFine editing with a rehearse option and programmable playback of tracks

DisadvantagesCan be hard to find, needs a padded carrying case

" minidisc and take my Aiwa portable with me. Using a mini jack to phono lead I connect to an input on my mixer, turn up the volume out on the Aiwa, programme the track and play it without worrying that it will run onto the next track. Just as if I was programming my CD players. I don't why you can't do this on other machines that cost as much if not more than this Aiwa FM-80. Like any other portable mindisc recorders The Aiwa FM-80 is fragile ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mburden


not quite perfect..

Advantagesrecordable, cheap if you look around

Disadvantagesno belt clip, earplug longevity?

"i bought an aiwa amf-65 from big for £117 it was in my mail order catalog for £199 so with it being a quality make like aiwa i thought it was a bargain, it was but not much longer than a month later the left hand earphone stopped working i contacted big save and they said instead of me sending the whole unit back the would see if aiwa would send me a replacement. aiwa sent an amtrack van to pick up the earphones but didn't send a replacement ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sniper


AM-F65 is good but mine died :(

AdvantagesGood features

DisadvantagesRecording mechanism broke

"I got my Aiwa AM-F65 soon after it was released. A year ago it was relatively cheap (£170), and had all the features of the most expensive minidisc recorders, such as a 40 second anti-shock memory, 10 hour battery life for playback (most new players are much better), excellent sound quality, and all the usual track editing. The multijog dial makes entering track and disc names much easier. It's also one of the only players on which you can start recording ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hirennaik


aiwa minidisc player

AdvantagesCheap, good, and strong

Disadvantagesbulky, old

"this minidisc player is excellent. All the features are there, it comes with all the cables, and is very robust. I got this for £200, and even at that price it was a bargain, now its even cheaper. I've dropped it a few times with no problem, its been excellent. The playback quality is cd perfect and the mounted jog dial allows for easy volume control and easy input of track names. The only problem with this is minidisc system is, there is no title ..." Read review

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Community Level 2millec199


The only thing missing is the Sony badge

AdvantagesSmall, Recordable, Solid Build

DisadvantagesNot as Small as others

" This player / recorder is a very solid peice of equipment. It has sustained over a year of use in a collage environmant where it is dropped and banged quite a few times, but it is still going. As for the spec the only thing missing is the remote (avalible on the AM-70) but with 40 seconds antishock and full recording and editing features it is one of the highest specs around. Only one thing which makes this a slightly less attractive bet than ..." Read review

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