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published 14/04/2016 | SirJoseph
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""Combination hookah and coffee maker, also makes julienne fries.""

Aladdin (Blu-ray)

Aladdin (Blu-ray)

November 25th, 1992

I was but a 3 year old, 2 months into that toddler age but I still remember being taken to see the next Disney offering in Aladdin. Probably a bit too young for some of the scenes but it is a Universal rating, it has sing-alongs and aside from some of the barbarism in the films culture and 'mild peril' that often comes with Walt's work, I'm fairly confident it didn't scar me. It made me a little bit more of a scoundrel I suppose - no I don't steal only what I can't afford - that's everything! I just test people by saying I'm famous for voicing the magic carpet, that usually separates the sharp from the dimwitted. A close friend of my of many years proclaimed it was his very favourite of all Disney films and would often recite many of the lines, including song lyrics - unusual for him as he's usually a quiet sort. Paraphrasing, "Still I think he's rather... GAY" he'd sing, back when kids used the word as an immature insult. Now, it has been selected in Ciao's lottery, the last remaining bastion of additional funds after Product of the Week was scrapped for absolutely no reason other than (I assume) upping the management wage packet - "INFIDELS!!!" The Current Issue is also nosediving as its name sake is no longer appropriate, with only things related to products being considered. Again, likely due to a few bribes of the brands in question. "You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now you will never again see the light of day!" Ok, gripe over but It really does bother me and a few other writers on here so there we go, no.2 of 2 entries into this months Lottery for me (along with Creed)...
"You are a worthless street-rat! You were born a street-rat, you'll die a street-rat and only your fleas will mourn you!" (Story)

The beginning of Aladdin is very much Williams hogging the spotlight, the studio getting the most out of his mammoth wages or possibly just the man burning off that cocaine energy. Anyway, he swiftly narrates early on to reveal the premise of the mysterious lamp that blatant baddie Jafar will do anything to get his hands on (including sacrificing tubby little men of no significance. Cut to Aladdin, "a diamond in the rough" character who lives on the streets, a sort of Robin Hood character as he gives food he's starving for (along with monkey pal Abu) to some orphan children. He dreams of the good life, staring at the skyline of Agrabah and the palace where a romantic interest arrives in Princess Jasmine who wanders outside and the two come together under peculiar circumstances as the guard arrest him and escort her back to luxury. Sentenced to death, he escapes by the means of an old man offering his freedom in exchange for one small task of obtaining the sought after lamp. In the cave where all kinds of treasures dwell, he indeed attains the special object, releasing the Genie aka Robin Williams who grants him 3 wishes. We all know the story about wishes right? With his new buddy/slave and a magic carpet (who I voiced) he goes on an adventure to win the heart of the princess, live like a sultan and hopefully get some better clothes because his parachute pants have a patch on them and his purple vest is ridiculous.
"Jafar, Jafar, he's our man. If he can't do it, GREAT!" (Blu-Ray)

The most important aspect (for the kind of people who have 'Now that's what I call Disney' permanently in their cars CD player) is that the sound quality is nigh on unparalleled in the world of high definition - especially excellent considering how old the film is. Visually, it is decent and the environments are wonderfully vibrant but because the technology used to render the moving backgrounds in the odd few scenes, some cannot really transition well onto such high detail media. Of course, the bloody music videos are included but even better for sugar sweet hounds is the addition of deleted songs and scenes and a sing-along mode for the entire movie - joy! Everything else included is par the course with filmmaker commentaries and a short and sweet documentary/featurette about the making of Aladdin.
  • Music Videos
  • Deleted Songs
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Making Of Aladdin
  • Sing-Along With The Movie
  • Filmmakers’ Audio Commentary
"Phenomenal cosmic powers!..." (Positives)

The setting is such a solid choice as although it would've been risky to take on a culture dominated by religion, it still has a wealth of colours and designs worth exploring and showing a different place on earth instead of the usual. They've covered a kids room, Africa and under the sea, it was about time some of Asia got covered too. For the female lead, it attempts to break down a societal norm of forced marriages with a confident princess looking to marry for love, not because a religion, family or law says so. Ok she's still looking for a man but she goes out of her way to escape the enclosed life of royalty to see the world, not just get married. Some of the scenes were created using computers instead of traditional animation methods such as the tiger cave motions and the subsequent escape scene - both done... "Rather well..." to my eyes anyway. The sign of a good family animation is the appeal to both children and adults but what makes the film even more special is that this "wish fulfilment" is in the form of just one character - the Genie. Robin Williams is so on point that his noises and on-screen character antics are enough to sway the kids whilst the majority of his words cater to the older in the audience. It's very much a case of what his character said in Mrs. Doubtfire - I can't remember the exact quote but it was about not talking down to children. I had a laugh thinking of the quotes in this film to scatter in the titles but the best one is reserved for this section as it probably got some of the men nudging their women in cinemas with: "You're speechless, I see. A fine quality in a wife." Disney villains are just awesome! However they'd likely receive complaints in the current climate. Sad.
"...Itty bitty living space!" (Negatives)

Speaking of sad, the 'Diamond & Platinum' blu-ray versions are blatant cash-ins for the already well off company. So prices and availability of the blu-ray version will vary wildly due to this marketing strategy aimed at collectors rather than the parents of kids wanting a copy. Singing. The goddamn singing. I disliked it throughout my childhood because it was hella annoying as characters randomly felt the need to burst out in song when often inappropriate and also puzzling as for the duets, they both know the all the words, melody and harmonise without practicing! That and those around them don't act confused at these clearly insane people expressing their emotions through the mediums of dance and music. Yeah yeah, cartoons ain't supposed to be realistic but you gotta admit the singing is to reign in a certain young demographic, to get music sales and fill up some time otherwise the film would only be an hour long. The sequel Return of Jafar is most certainly not worth your time however as the key man in Robin Williams is no longer available (replaced by Homer from The Simpsons) in the direct-to-television feature. The animation is really dreadful too so the whole visual splendor of the original is forgotten and it's somewhat like a different world. All that quality and richness of colour gone the way of the lost treasure. Still, Aladdin remains a classic among the franchise and if you're that into it, there was always the tv series that aired on the Disney Channel to satisfy and lingering cravings you may have.

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  • justarube published 04/10/2016
    Very well reviewed
  • lozzywallace published 10/05/2016
    Brilliant review!
  • mumsymary published 16/04/2016
    I hope you sat still and did not get ice cream down the neck of the person in front of you at the cinema
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