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published 29/01/2017 | euphie
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"Lovely Lacura"

Aldi Lacura 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes

Aldi Lacura 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes

We don't have Aldi stores in Northern Ireland although there are branches south of the border, although my closest store is about 40 miles away. My mum had been talking about visiting Aldi for a few things so I offered to drive down for some shopping, including some grocery shopping in Aldi. I picked up a packet of these wipes as I find wipes very handy when I am wearing makeup and come home late and at 79 cents a pack, figured that if they weren't any use, at least I hadn't wasted much money.

The Wipes

Unlike most wipes that I have bought in the past, there are 30 wipes in this pack so you get an extra 5 in a pack compared to some other brands. Each wipe measures around 200mmx200mm and are a pale colour with what looks like a slightly raised lattice effect on each wipe. Despite these being cheap, each wipe was very moist and although these aren't as soft as some brands I have used in the past, they are not so rough that it can irritate my skin.

The wipes that I bought are for normal skin and are a 3 in one wipe which are said to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin. The wipes are said to be soft and soothing on your skin and contain extracts of aloe vera and Allantoin which helps to soften and protect while actively soothing skin. Allantoin also stimulates cell regeneration promoting healthy skin. 


These wipes look quite plain to be honest and didn't really stand out for me, my reason was more because I had heard such good things about the Lacura brand and decided that a few cents for some cleansing wipes was worth a gamble. The green and white colour scheme does seem to imply that these are soothing though and the packaging does even mention the soothing properties a few times as well just to bring the point home.

I have found that with some cheaper wipes, the sticky closure isn't great and the wipes soon dry out no matter how carefully I close them. However, I was quite surprised with these wipes as the closure is very sticky and doesn't lose any stickiness over time. The last wipe is as fresh as the first one and the closure didn't seem to lose any stickiness over time which was another bonus for me. This also meant that the last wipe was as moist as the first one.

My Thoughts

To be honest, I didn't expect much from these wipes and as soon as I first tried one, I noticed that they were thinner and certainly not as soft as some of the more premium brands that I was used to such as my my previous No7 wipes. However, when you considering the price difference, I was happy to try these. Despite these being rougher to the touch, they didn't feel rough on my skin and rather the texture just feels as though it is giving my face a really deep clean. You can stretch each wipe slightly and they don't fall apart easily either.

I was worried that these wipes could be dryer than the wipes I was used to but these did seem quite wet to the touch.  I hadn't expected much of a scent from these wipes either and was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that these had a very pleasant Aloe Vera scent which was quite soothing on my skin. The scent does stay in my skin for a while afterwards which adds to the sense that these are soothing to my skin. I don't suffer from sensitive skin but I think that in general, aloe vera products are gentle so unless your skin is very sensitive, these wipes should be okay and at a couple of pence a wipe, are certainly worth a try.

I decided that I would test these wipes by using them one evening after I had been out and had a lot of dark eye makeup on. I have had issues with some wipes not removing all of my eyeliner, particularly liquid eyeliners and was amazed when one wipe was enough to leave me fresh faced. As anyone who has read my previous beauty reviews, I can find that some cosmetics irritate my eyes but I had no issues  with these wipes, even for removing my eye makeup. A couple of wipes with these means that all of my eye makeup is removed so I don't have the soreness than some other brands of wipes can leave me with when I try to remove eyeliner.

While I find that most wipes so dry out my skin slightly after I use them, and these ones are no exception, some moisturiser afterwards is enough to leave my skin feeling very soft. These do claim to moisturise skin but I think that unless you are very tired, an application of moisturiser after these wipes is advisable so as not to dry your skin out too much. Suffering from very oily skin, I don't mind that my skin is slightly drier after using these but someone who already has dry patches might find that they need a good moisturiser after using these wipes. I won't knock these wipes for that reason though as I find that I have slightly drier skin with any wipes so I don't use them daily. It takes around a minute afterwards before my skin doesn't feel damp to the touch but it means that if I come home after a night out, I can have my makeup off, moisturiser on and in bed in a matter of minutes and not worry about my skin suffering because I was too tired to take everything off properly. My skin does tingle slightly after using these but I find that happens with most, if not all wipes and I think that it's partly because I feel that these are quite a deep clean on my skin.

Aldi's policy in the UK and Ireland is that all own-label cosmetics, toiletries and household products and their ingredients must not be tested on animals.

Unlike some other brands, there is no recommendation note on these wipes as to how long you should keep these wipes for but most wipes are around 3 months and I try to use any wipes within this time frame just to be on the safe side, especially for a product that I use on my eyes.

Price and Availability

As these are an Aldi own brand product, they are only generally available in Aldi. As we don't have Aldi in Northern Ireland, my closest one is in Donegal in Ireland and so my price was 79 cents for the pack (around 65p) which I think is a fantastic price for some wipes that I feel, while not as soft as the ones I normally use, certainly fulfills what I need from a wipe.

From my searches online, it seems that these retail in the UK for around 79p a pack which is slightly more expensive but I think it's still cheap for what are decent wipes.

Summing Up

I had quite low expectations for these wipes which was maybe a good thing as my expeditions were more than exceeded and I felt that these wipes are as good as, if not better than some more premium brands. Ok, they're not quite as soft as some, but for a lot less cash, it's not a deal breaker. Despite the quite basic packaging, my wipes didn't dry out and the last one was as moist as the first one.

These left my skin feeling very refreshed and removed even my eye makeup with one wipe so they get a great recommendation from me, and at the price, I will definitely buy this brand of wipes in the future, just wish there was an Aldi closer to where I live! I am planning a visit to my friend in Dublin shortly and I think that a trip to Aldi to get some more of these will be part of my plans for when I am down there and I also want to try more of the skincare from the brand as well.

For the price, they are certainly worth a try and I definitely recommend these wipes as they are as good, if not better than some others that I have tried in the past.

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