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Alienware as brand is often featured in computer gaming magazines and websites, and is now well known for its bespoke and immensely powerful gaming Pc's and even gaming laptops. It is marketed at die-hard PC gamers, and users who require the ultimate performance computers, and it has a repuation ... Read review

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Community Level 2h4moh4mo


Independance Day

AdvantagesHugely Powerful, Latest Gear Avaliable, Gets Respect

DisadvantagesLarge Desktops, $$$

"...looking at other reviews of that a lot of people have had tech support problems and breakdown problems with their Pc's. Importantly i would like to say straight away that my PC has been perfect for over 12 months now, and i also know others with both notebooks and desktops that have also performed flawlessly for 12 months+. So therefore, absolutely no problems here so far (touch wood.) So i cannot comment on customer service, but i ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JamieJCO



AdvantagesGreat looking site, great looking products, customer service

DisadvantagesExpensive products, rumour says products are unreliable.

"Alienware is a website that sells high-powered gaming Desktops and Laptops. This is a review for the website, and that is mainly what I will talk about, as I don't really want to stray into talking about the computers themselves as many other reviews have done, although I will outline briefly the different items which Alienware sell. The website is extremely good looking, it has futuristic themes that suit the name of the website, as well as the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Shaneyb123



AdvantagesGood looking, 'High spec'

DisadvantagesEverything... EVERYTHING else... Poorly built, poor customer service, poor utilties, poor system overall....

"-- VERY IMPORTANT, MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING. -- You read poor reviews, you think; 'Ahh its a one off'. You read good reviews, you think; 'Ahh, see they are okay!' DONT BE FOOLED. I spent £2000 on my system... Thats a lot of money! Was it worth it? Basically, i'd do ANYTHING to get that money back.... My graphics card has broken 2 times, my system operates at 85-95 degrees C.. This affects gaming and causes lag. My system cant run ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Tomcoolthe...


AlienWare, by the looks of it made by aliens!

AdvantagesVery powerful spec, possibility of very fast computer

DisadvantagesAwful customer service, stay away!

" Soon after I had received the computer, it was unstable in many ways, Alienware's "online" technician encouraged me to"keep going, leave the computer on, it's problems will fizzle out" and my computer needed to do this as it was new, he also advised me not to change anything on my computer to "get the value" of what I had paid for. I ran a long series of tests to see whether the computer had sorted it's self out the next day. It had not. I was ..." Read review

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Community Level 2vkain


Good Tech Support but you'll know them TO well

AdvantagesGreat Looks

DisadvantagesTo many faults

"I'd been dying to get my hands of an Alienware PC for over year and eventually I splash out the cash for the new shape case in Feb04, it was a expensive but worth it. Alienware have a quality control checklist that they update for you so you can check the status of your system, although its not very accurate it does give you some idea about the status of your PC. Anyhow, it eventually turned up very well packaged and right on the 15th day, perfect ..." Read review

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