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published 28/02/2012 | jimmychoogirl
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thanks so much for all the reads/rates/comments, I'll always do my best to return! :) x
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"A little about me!"

I've been writing on here for a while now, so thought is may be time to answer some general questions about myself! I'm not really sure what questions to answer so I've looked around a few other members 'reviews' on this (it seems wrong calling this a review!) for some inspiration and hope that you may find it a little interesting!

1- How old are you?
I'm 17, I think I first started to write on this site when I was 15 or so, so I'm hoping that my reviews have improved!

2-Who do you live with?
I currently live with my Mum, Dad and Brother, however 3 (or occassionally more) nights a week my niece and newphew also stay with us. I personally really like this as it allows us all to really bond with them and grow closer as a family. I think I particuraly like this as when I was growing up we were never 'close' to any of my grandparents, aunties / uncles as such and when we see them there isn't that relaxed environment you should have with family and sometimes as if they are stangers (which I know sounds horrible), so I really hope it will be different for mu niece and nephew.
Though, despite saying this I am currently *trying* to save up for a deposit / rent on a flat. I know this won't be anytime soon, however, I have been trying to save for about one and half years now as I know how hard it is for young people to get on the property ladder, so I want to be in the right position in terms of money before I do so!

3- Are there any illnesses in your family?
My Dad and Nan both have Hungtingtons disease. I think, despite all our struggles as a family this has been the hardest. I think I was 13 or 14 when I was told and at the time, it wasn't that I didn't care, I just didn't really want to know so never asked what it was, etc - I think I was a little bit scared and just wasn't prepared to except both my Nan and Dad were 'ill'. Though, when I was 16 I became more 'interested' in what it was and wanted to know what to expect in the future, as over this period of time I had notice change in my Dad, he seemed to have a lot of mood swings or his temper would go at the slightest thing or he would be tripping over more often, all of which my Mum would always 'he can't help it' or 'he doesn't mean it' to. I was too embarrassed (I don't know why!) to ask my Mum about Dad's illness and my Dad was still in denial himself (denial is a part of the illness) so decided to research it and watch some videos on youtube. I wasn't at all prepared for what I saw that day and I cried almost all day thinking about Dad would be like in the future and couldn't help thinking that he wouldn't be the same, he wouldn't be my Dad and that with this illness he wouldn't be able to love us in the same way.
Over the course of the year between my being 16 and turning 17 Dad became progressivley worse, yet was still in denial and was refusing to take any medication to help control his mood swings/temper and this led to a lot of arguments within the house. It was really upsetting for me and my younger brother and often meant that my elder sister and niece and nephew wouldn't visit because of it. Instead of Dad going to the doctors, he would blame it on everyone else and say that it was everyone else making him this way, things got so bad he said he was going to leave my Mum and that he didn't want to talk to any of us (thankfully, this never happened) and although we didn't want to bother them as my Nan was going through it herself we eventually told my Grandparents who sat down and talked to my Dad. After this converstation my Dad begun to take the tablets, and although these won't cure him and certainly won't make him better, they have controlled his mood and our house is much happier and it is almost as if we have our old Dad back!
~sorry for writing so much on this one, once I started I just kept going and could have probably have written more! I found it very therapuetic as I find it hard to talk to my family about this!~

4- Where was your favourite holiday?
I have had a few holidays abroad, though my favourite holidays I find are always spent with the family outdoors in a tent! I know many people hate camping, however, I love it! I love taking books to read, making a fire and just generally spend time with my family! My favourite one of all was actually on a camping trip to Weymouth (which I think proves you don't need to spend a lot of money or go abroad to find something memorable!) in which I went camping with my family, including my cousins and Aunty. I think the reason why I loved this trip so much, was as I said I have not spent very much time with my family so the idea of going on holiday with them was lovely and I think we were really able to bond and become a family again over this trip! What's more, is my Mum's Step-Mum and Dad, who we had not had any contact with in 10 years also turned up! This was a complete and utter surprise and at first I found this a little awkard and wasn't too sure how to act, however after a while things became much more natural and I just really enjoyed spending time as a 'family'!

5- Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods?
If I had been asked this question a year or two ago, it would have definitley been sweet, however not it is definitley savoury and there aren't actually that many sweet foods I am fond of! Give me a packet of crips over a chocolate bar anyday!

6-Do you any have tattoos or piercings?
I currently have no tattos, but cannot wait to get one! I don't want many, only 2 or 3 little ones, which I hope will have some meaning to me, but if they don't then thats fine, because there must be a reason behind my getting one whether I know it yet or not! Many of my friends hate tattoos and say stuff like 'What about when you're old and you have a tattoo?', I have thought about this, though, when I'm older I'm sure I'll have bigger things to deal with like the possibility of kidney failure, illness or even the possibilty of myself having Huntingtons disease myself, so I'm sure my tattoos will be the last of my worries!
I have/had a few piercings. I have had 3 lobe piercings on one ear and 2 on the other. I have also had my cartilage pierced. I did have my nose done, however the piercing kept falling out and once it gave me a nose bleed and I honestly htought I was going to faint as I am rubbush with those sorts of things so took it out straight away! I also went in to have my tragus pierced, however got told that that was too small, so never have! :(

7- Have you ever broke a bone?
Yes, and in the most silliest of ways, which probably wouldn't cause most people more than a grazed knee! I was 9 when I first broke a bone and that was my foot, I have 2 very small steps in my garden and as I was walking down them I tripped and broke my foot! I really have no idea how I did it as they were literally were the smallest steps ever and I have been going up and down them ever since I can remember!
The second time was when I was 11 and I was round a friends house. I was on a trampoline and was just bouncing on it and when I landed I suddenly heard this 'pop' and 'crunch' and for some reason at first I broke out hysterically laughing...and then the pain kicked in! This time I have broken my other foot in two places, along with a couple of broken toes and torn the ligements and the doctors later told me that it was tearing of the ligements that was the most painful - and believe me it was! As soon as I went into the hospital they told me to go straight to a bed and I was immediatley put on gas and air and har morphine! To me, it was worth it though as I got to have a pink plaster cast ;)
Touch wood, no breaks since these!

8- If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
Hmm, I think it would have to be Johnny Depp - but only as Jack Sparrow! For some reason I find him much more attractive as Jack Sparrow to Johnny Depp!

9- What is your biggest fear/phobia?
I think my biggest fear is failing. I've done it plenty of times and hate the feeling and the idea of others being dissapointed with you - it is much worse than them being angry with you! As far as phobias go, I am terrified of heights and sometimes it is much worse than others! Occassionally I find it almost impossible to walk down my own stairs and have to scoot down them on my bum! I have missed out on several school trips because of it and when we go to the shopping centre we always have to park on the shop level as I hate the stairs there! They are the ones with the 'gap' inbetween each stair and also a drop where you can see all the way to the bottom!
The strange thing is though, is that I am not scared of high rollercoasters or flying - infact I want to be an airhostess, so I guess it's more when I'm 'physically' there?!

10-Do you prefer reading or watching films/tv?
Definitley reading! I can read almost anything and probably find something interesting / useful in it! Whether it be a book, magazine of just on the back on a container! My favourite book I have ever read is a close call between 'To kill a Mockingbird' and 'Wuthering Heights' - I love the character of Heathcliff, I find him so interesting to read about! Despite these being my favourite books I also love the Harry Potter series and love leading Autobiographies too - I guess that it just the nosey side of me!

11-Do you have any regrets?
I have many and would be lying if I said I didn't! However, I am also a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why I did certain things, or why others did them and believe that we make mistakes to learn from them, in order to better ourselves!

12- What is your favourite number and why?
My favourite number is 2, but I have no idea why! I also like numbers is they have a 2 in them! Everything I have (such as laptop brightness, phone sound, t.v sound) has to be on an even number also - I hate odd numbers!

13- What is your favourite quote?
Ahhh! I have so many! One of my favourites is from one of my favourite books though and is 'It's never an insult to be called what somebody thinks is a bad name. It just shows you how poor that person is, it doesn't hurt you' - Atticus Finch
The reason why I love this one is because I think it can apply to almost anybody, everyone has been called something, or been bullied, I know I have, yet this quote teaches us to rise above it and that we are better than that.
There are two others which I also love (along with many, many others), though these may be slightly different as they are both from movie characters within the same film!
One is by Albus Dumbledore- 'It is our choices that show show we really are far more than out abilities'
This one, because it shows that no matter how clever we are, or how much we know, it does not matter if we make all the wrong choices. I think it almost the making between 'good' and 'bad' and how we are each able to be either, yet it is our choices that reflect what we are. This is just what I think and I know quotes mean different things to everyone!
The other is be Harry Potter - 'I love magic!'
I know it's very simple, but I don't take it terms of him loving magic, I take it in terms of the pure appreciation he has for it and what he has in his life. I am sure we each have something we appreciate in our lives and belive that this quote is able to reflect that!

14- Are you supersticious?
Yes! Very! I am not sure why, I don't believe in God or spirits, etc, so I guess it's just something to 'believe' in. I cannot walk under a ladder and actually cried once when I broke a mirror which I know many people will find stupid, but we're each different!

15- What are the colour of my eyes?
I have always had quite pale, yet vibrant blue eyes, however in the past year or two they have changed colour - I am not sure whether this is normal?! But they are not a very bright, yet dark grey colour, I know most people don't really like grey coloured eyes, but I have always wanted them! I always thought them to be dark and mysterious, which now I have got them I have realised they are not, but hey ho!

16- What was the proudest moment in your life?
I don't think I've ever felt 'proud' as such for my own achievments, but feel proud for others with theres. I was very proud when I recieved my GCSE results, epecially given the year I had had at home with my Dad, however, felt much prouder of my Dad for eventually realising his illness and wanting to do something about it, or for when my Aunty did something about her depression (something my Nan never did). I also felt extremley proud of my cousin one time, I don't really want to go into it, but she had to give evidence for something at thae age of 13 and I was so extremley proud of her as I am sure it would have been much easier on her to not do it!

17- What is your dream job?
I'd love to be an air hostess! I am quite a shy person, so know that dealing with people every day would challenge me and I think that in order to enjoy a job you need to find it a challenge! I know not many people would think of this as a dream job, but to me it is! I would not like to always be this and would not see it as a career, though would definitley like to give it a shot! I am currently doing A Levels, however HATE them, so am changing my course in September in order to train to be one!

18- Who is your idol/someone you look up to?
I know this may sound odd, but I really look up to J.K Rowling. Not because she can write amazing books or is now a millionaire (though, I do really congratulate her for this) but because of how she completley changed her life around! She was left with near nothing when she left her abusive husband and could not even work because she could not afford child care costs, yet she devoted her time to something she really believed and she is someone I look up to purely due to the fact she believed in herself when so many others were telling her she was wrong!

19- Have you ever moved house?
I have never moved house and although at times I get bored of my house I love it! Although I am wanting to move out, I would hate it if Mum and Dad sold this house as it has so many memories here of my childhood, I don't think we would ever move now though! Even if we won the lottery! Mum and Dad have lived here for over 20 years and it is a very old cottage, so despite this time it is still not finished and it something we all like to call a 'working progress'!

20-What are your hopes for this year?
2011, really wasn't my year! I listened too much to what others thought about me or the way they thought I should live my life! It got me down a lot and I wasn't really happy with myself, alongside this I lost my Grandad (which although the fact we aren't close, when it is a family member you cannot help but being upset), had much to deal with with Mum and Dad and had to help my cousin through counselling! So, this year I just would love to be happier and I'm going to start to do what makes me happy! So one hope is that I'll be happier! Another is that now Dad is on medication, that our family life will continue to grow stronger! Though, my biggest hope is that I can go to Africa and help children that are orphaned or cannot read/write. There was a tript put on to do this whilst I was at school, however I could not afford the costs and since then it has always been something I wanted to do- so me and my friend have been fundraising to do this ever since and if all goes to plan we will hopefully be going sometime in the summer!

So sorry for this being so long, but if you didn't learn anything about myself, I guess you learnt that I can ramble a bit! I am shy, so often find it hard to talk to people about what is going on in my head and find it much easier to type so thanks so much to anyone who bothered to read this!! :)

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  • Absinthe_Fairy published 29/02/2012
    Interesting read and hope you have a better year in 2012 than in 2011 x
  • catsholiday published 28/02/2012
    Hope you have a great year in 2012 and that you do get to Africa
  • dawnymarie published 28/02/2012
    Hope you get to go to Africa ;)
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