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ISBN 1904271200
ISBN-13 9781904271208
Type Fiction
Title Alls Well That Ends Ed3 Arden


Listed on Ciao since 27/09/2011

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Great funny dramatic piece, only has two main characters, shows life as it really is for some people
Hard to understand the Liverpudlian accent in some places, is more suited to older readers (*)
Very good play for studying critical thinking, still relevant today
Tragic; heavy storyline (*)
unpredictable ending, mostly well acted, keeps you thinking
uncomfortable seats, some unexplained parts to play (*)
Incredibly Funny!
...hard to get into it at first (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (A)
'nice happy' ending, Not too many characters generally an easy read
Leaves you doulting wether the [anti]hero really deserves the heroine (*)
Timeless theme of resistance to political authority, continuation of Oedipus, great dramatic language
No real 'tragic hero', not much action (*)
Funny, unpredictable and great drama
A bit too complex ? (*)
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