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... Alternative fuel? No not really, but it is a viable alternative that every one of us can use to the good right now, after all if we all switched off just one light bulb............... ... Read review

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Ultimate fuel works in practice.

AdvantagesWidely available. Excellent value for money. Kinder to the environment.

DisadvantagesLooks expensive, not all garages stock Ultimate diesel.

"...who wrote superbly on "true" alternative fuels in this category, I'd like to recall my experiences using BP Ultimate fuel over the last 15 months. You may offer an argument that petrol and diesel, however brewed don't qualify as "alternative fuels" and yes I'd agree with you. However we are in the real world here, most of us who drive have to fill our cars with petrol, diesel or, in the case of an increasingly large minority, LPG (Liquid Petrolium ..." Read review

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Alternative fuels. Hydrogen power a cleaner future

AdvantagesClean, no polution, renewable fuel and ecological.

DisadvantagesBig business and oil rich nations.

"The fossil fuel based engines are more dangerous than just speed; they are destroying everything we hold most dear. There is an alternative, but not everyone likes it. What would you say if I told you an engine could run on a renewable source and only emit what it uses? Not as far fetched as it first sounds. Examples are springing up in major car manufacturers and Universities all over the world. The drivers have come from the major countries such ..." Read review

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