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Calming, Freshening Citronella At a Cost Effective Price!

Advantages: Fresh, fragrant, great for summer/getting rid of midges indoors, pleasing & strong, versatile.
Disadvantages: You'll need a carrier oil if applying to skin, very oily & can stain clothing if used neat.

It has been a long time since last I reviewed an aromatherapy oil and now that it is summer time in Scotland, the threat of wasps entering my home via open windows usually occurs if I am burning candles, both unscented and scented. The way around this is ...

Nar2 04.07.2015 · Read full review
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Review of Calmer Solutions Citronella Pure Essential Aromatherapy Oil


A great go anywhere, use anytime, oil diffuser

Advantages: Can be used anywhere, especially good for kids
Disadvantages: None that I can think of

I've been a fan of aromatherapy for several years now, so when my little boy started getting a snuffly nose and having trouble breathing, I immediately grabbed my burner and bottle of camphor oil. Unfortunately, while that did the trick during the day, I ...

dracoiratus 01.06.2007 · Read full review
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Review of Absolute Aromas Aroma Mouse