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Amarula Wild Fruit Cream Liqueur

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THE ESSENCE Amarula Cream is flavoured by the fruit of the mysterious marula tree found only in sub-equatorial Africa. Many legends surround the marula tree, Sclerocarrya birrea, - they cannot be cultivated by man, so the fruit is harvested in the wild; many tribes perform traditional marriage ... Read review

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Amarula Cream - The Spirit Of Africa Review with images

AdvantagesDelicious unique flavour, suitable for any occasion, cheaper than other cream liqueurs

DisadvantagesMarula flavour slightly over-powered

"...is this character which makes Amarula Cream unique. Many animals of the African bush also enjoy the marula fruit, the most famous consumers being elephants, who charge the trees to dislodge the fruit, and munch on those already fallen which are fermenting on the ground. The herds that frequently gather around the trees, have lent their name to the "elephant tree", and become synonymous with the liqueur. Amarula Cream is made by pulping the ..." Read review

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African Alcohol

AdvantagesA pleasing taste

DisadvantagesCalories, sugar, fat

"Amarula is a cream based fruit liqueur from South Africa which is made from the fruit of the marula tree. It may appeal to those who like drinks like Baileys Irish Cream because it's a creamy drink with a warming kick of alcohol, or those who like fruit liqueurs. The marula tree grows only in sub-equatorial areas of Africa and, despite attempts by farmers to cultivate it, it only grows wild; interestingly, the male tree bears the flowers, while ..." Read review

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Discover The Heart Of Africa

AdvantagesUnique combination of fruit and cream, Great taste, Relatively inexpensive

DisadvantagesOnly if you dont like cream

"...experience of the treasures of Amarula in Africa, a continent that I visit very frequently. Amarula is an extremely unique drink because it uses the fruit from the Marula Tree, which is only found in the heart of Africa (Sub Equatorial Africa to be precise). The fruit from the Marula Tree, once ripened is a bright yellow in colour and the flesh is white. The ripe fruit is gathered and the flesh is removed from the skin. It is fermented and ..." Read review

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A cream of elephantine proportions

AdvantagesCreamy, tasty indulgent treat

DisadvantagesNot enough in the bottle

"...I am a fan of Amarula Cream albeit in small doses or mixed with other choice beverages. Of course this is a firm favourite in the land of my birth, especially with the ladies, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it stocked at the local Sainsburys. Amarula is actually a fruit often found growing wild in Southern Africa and is quite well known as being a favourite with many a wild animal. These animals tend to eat the fruit that has fallen off the ..." Read review

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AMARULA, beat the elephants to it!

AdvantagesGreat tasting warming and fruity liquer

DisadvantagesIt may get polished off by other family members.

"...has large golden print reading AMARULA and then below the depiction of the elephant/Marula fruit it reads, MARULA FRUIT CREAM. In the bottom left hand corner it states the 17% alc/vol and then in the small print below it states 'this natural fruit cream is produced from fresh cream and the unique fruit of the marula tree...PRODUCT OF SOUTH AFRICA.' REVERSE LABEL: On the reverse there is quite a deal of information about what Amarula is and what ..." Read review

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