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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

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published 16/09/2015 | Secre
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Pro Looks smart, protects well, wears well, no distractions from reading...
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Smart, sleek and no scuffs

Smart, sleek and no scuffs

Having a Kindle comes with great responsibility; after all, the worst that happens if you drop a book is that it bounces into a puddle, get it wet and the pages warp. A Kindle though…now that’s a completely different kettle of fish. Particularly with a Lissy in charge of it as I have a nasty habit of dropping things, smashing things, scratching things and generally destroying things. A cover was a necessity. And having spent a hundred quid on a Kindle I wasn’t going to destroy the look or the functionality by buying a cheap cover that would barely last a couple of months under my tender care and affection.

What first drew me to the cover was admittedly the choice of colours and the fact that it was Amazon designed and approved so specifically designed to fit the Paperwhite. The online look of it seemed sleek and smart and I wasn’t being confined to basic colours like black, white and beige. I opted for the Royal Purple which is a deep, dignified purple but other options include a flurescent Fuscia Pink, a vibrant Persimmon Orange, a deep Ink Blue, an oddly vomit like Honey Yellow and the more traditional Tan Brown and Onyx Black. All of the colours look perfectly smart and decent apart from Honey Yellow which reminds me more of some of the small peoples more odious discharges. And possibly the Fuscia Pink which is too bright and girly to be smart or decent but hey, that’s just me.

The Kindle slotted neatly and firmly into the cover without any straps or other such nonsense dangling over the front and because it’s a custom fit, it’s in no danger whatsoever of falling out. It will come out if you put your fingernails between the cover base and the Kindle and push/pull, but it’s a safe and firm fit otherwise. The lack of straps is a bonus as far as reading goes as well; there is nothing on the cover to distract or to get in the way of your reading and because it fits straight in, the entire thing is remarkably slimline even with the Kindle inside. Going with the slim-line design that fits easily inside a handbag is the fact that it’s lightweight and can easily be held in a single hand without tiring; the front cover even folds back to allow this more easily and is showing no signs of wear and tear at the crease mark.

Other small aspects of the design features also stand out; the genuine leather is finely textured rather than shiny and slippy like brand new leather. The stiching around the sides is clearly machine done and neat and unobtrusive. Even the small metal clasp on the front with the Kindle logo inscribed gives it a sense of minimalistic class whilst being magnetic allowing the cover to stay closed in your bag or pocket. The inside cover is a soft felt like material with a larger logo; seemingly made to be protective and scratch free for the Kindle itself. The colouring is dark but not black; effectively unobtrusive so you can read in peace and quiet with nothing drawing the eye with lurid colours. Everything is designed with looks and functionality in mind.

In honesty, they clearly really did think about what the average reader really wants when they made the cover as on top of being sleek, light and smart without any dangling bits or random strap distractions it also has a way of waking your Kindle up and sending it to sleep automatically. When you open it the Kindle awakens and when you close it the Kindle goes to sleep sparing you even the extra hassle of pressing the button on the bottom of the Kindle to do this manually. It’s rare this function fails and on the couple of occasions it hasn’t woken my Kindle up, it’s been because I’ve opened and closed it too rapidly and clearly confused the device. And for additional bits of practicality, there’s a gap in the bottom to allow you access to the charging port and power button.

This isn’t the cheapest Kindle cover you could buy for the Paperwhite at £29.99 from Amazon at the time of writing, but it is certainly one of the best. It has clearly been custom designed with the Paperwhite in mind by Amazon and it shows. I have seen cheaper covers ranging from £10 to £20 but none look as smart, seem as light or functional; all seem bulky or of a lesser quality. The cover fits like a glove, is light, smart and practical and I wouldn’t ask for more. Additionally, I have owned my Kindle for over two years now and I have never replaced the case and can’t see myself having to in the near future. It’s magnetic closing still works well, the wake up and close down function is reliable and best of all it shows virtually no signs of wear and tear despite having been dragged around by the most clumsy and careless human being in recent history.

Effectively, you get what you pay for when you buy this case. And if you’re protecting a device that cost over a hundred quid you are probably willing to pay that little bit extra to get the quality you require. On top the obvious protection, you are also getting a cover that won’t interfere in the reading process and that in itself is something I’d be willing to pay for.

Do I Recommend?

Yes, indeed I do. The biggest tell is perhaps that if I require a new case for the Kindle for whatever reason then I would re-purchase this style case without a seconds hesitation. I don’t need to shop around, I have found the product that I believe works best. I honestly believe though that I won’t need to replace the case until I replace the Kindle, and the only reason I would need to replace it then is that I will likely go for a smarter and newer model which this case won’t fit. My eye is on the Voyager but I see no reason to buy yet when my current Kindle is perfectly usable. It is worth noting though that this case will only fit the Kindle Paperwhite.

So, yes, a full recommendation from me whether you are looking for a case for a new Paperwhite or looking to replace a tattered, clunky or distracting case that you currently own.

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